My daughter is sick

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

I now know why my daughter has been acting up and been so ruley lately and naughty. She was sick. I feel like a bad mother sometimes because I can’t even read these cues about how a child is feeling like if they are in pain unless they do a pain cry or if they are sick or what. I just cannot tell. But my husband made the appointment for Friday that same day and after I went to work, my mom took my husband to the appointment with my son and daughter and they were in the office and she was not happy. She even hit the doctor. It turns out she has two pink eyes and a ear infection and was given medicine for it. It was my mother who said she might have a pink eye and to make an appointment so my husband came and got me and I looked the number up online for the health clinic and my husband called and I gave him the health insurance card for my daughter.

Good thing I have other people around because I cannot imagine what would happen if my kids got sick and I couldn’t tell because of their lack of language skills to tell me. My son can talk but would he be able to really explain to me? My daughter isn’t able to tell me her eyes hurt or tell me her ear is sore and tell me how much pain she is in. I would end up neglecting my kids unintentionally and that is a form of abuse so it would have been accidental child abuse.


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