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“It’s not the same”

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

I have been obsessed with fat people lately so I have been reading about them online and watching youtube videos on them and people ranting about them and also reading about fatlogic and fat acceptance. My husband decided to be with me in my bedroom and I was watching a BBC documentary about obesity that was made in 1999. I saw it on TV in 7th grade. But anyway they were talking about the cause of it and talking about genetic defects that cause them to be hungry all the time or more often so that was why they were overweight. Overall, they eat too much is why.

My husband who was there said to me he didn’t like the shows I watched and I asked him what was wrong with this one and he said it was upsetting. I asked him how so because they were talking about science of obesity and he told me it brings him back bad memories because he was teased about his size as a child so hearing about obesity is a trigger to him. He felt fat shamed even though he doesn’t get offended if my kids call him fat or me or the time I told him he couldn’t sit in my aunt and uncle’s camping chair because he was above the weight limit or when I said I wasn’t attracted to fat people so he decide to lose weight. But anyway I told him I don’t understand why that show would offend him if they are talking about facts because it would be like autistic people getting offended by shows about autism and I don’t get offended by that stuff and he asked me if I was teased about being autistic and I said no but I was called retarded and slow and teased for that. He told me that was why, I was never teased for autism so that is why I wouldn’t find the shows about it upsetting. Then I tell him I don’t get upset about watching retarded people on TV and he told me I know I am not retarded so that was why those shows also wouldn’t upset me.

I can’t really relate to my husband about being upset about TV shows that talk about your condition because do smokers get upset about shows about smoking or cancer people getting upset when they see TV shows about cancer and he told me again the shows about obesity just bring him back bad memories is all. He knows they are not saying anything bad about them, just only the cause and the reason behind it. But another video I was watching where a young lady was talking about facts of obesity she pulled from the internet and talking about how it increased, he thought she was a bitch and then I was watching another video by her and she was talking about them smashing scales and then my husband put on another video because he couldn’t stand her and this time it was about fat people talking about clothes they bought and trying them on. He thought that video was a lot better but boring and he left my room because he said that one girl upset him too much because she was a bitch and it was her tone and how she said it and she wasn’t a doctor and had no right saying those things. He said if she wanted to help people with obesity, then be a specialist in it or be a nutritionist but ranting about it on video isn’t helping them, she isn’t a doctor. If obese people want help, that is what doctors are for, people go them. I also asked him if people are not allowed to talk about obesity and say facts about it, how else will anyone learn about it and he said “doctors.” I told him how will thin people learn about it if there were no shows about it, should we all be ignorant about it. Then that was when he told me it was her tone and how she said it.

These were the two videos my husband got really upset by by this lady:

This video I was watching that also brought back bad memories:

I told my husband no matter how you say it about obesity or what you say about it, some people will still get upset and feel fat shamed even if you tell them to lose 15 pounds to bring their high blood pressure down or cholesterol problems down because the doctor might want to see if weight loss will help with it. I told him a story about on a forum when some guy was looking for adult ABDL diapers that fit him in XL and I started to give him weight loss advice by talking about myself and saying he doesn’t need to join a gym and he can work out at home and youtube has workout videos and he can work out 25 minutes a day five days a week and that is what I do and I drink water instead of calorie drinks and I have smaller portions and eat less and he then deleted his comment saying he was called a lazy fat slob. I never called him lazy or a slob. My husband agreed that man was sensitive and told me how I should have responded when he reacted that way. Then I told him some people will always take it the wrong way no matter how you word it.

Of course when I watched the videos and the reason for over eating is due to not knowing when they are full or being hungry more often because of a genetic issue, I always think, so don’t eat on hunger and only eat on schedule and eat on portions. My husband told me you are starving all the time and it never turns off so you feel hungry all the time and always feel like you are starving. I told him I am sure there are pills for it.

My husband is also one of those people who would not want to pay for an extra seat so I told him he thinks it’s okay to put his body in another person’s seat, that is pretty selfish and he told me he would do anything he can to fit into that seat and not spill over. I told him i would be pissed if someone put part of their body in my seat and I probably wouldn’t be nice about it but there are assholes in every group so it would still be no excuse to hate on fat people because there are assholes in every group and he said “yes.” It would just mean I ended up sitting next to an asshole who was too selfish to buy another seat. Not because he is fat. People out there will use justification to hate fat people when in fact they only dealt with an asshole who just happened to be fat and sadly they probably stand out more so it will seem like they are jerks who are not considerate of other people and their things or their space while other fat people will be thinking about their bodies and making sure they are not in someone’s way or crowding someone with their body and making sure they do not spill over in a plane seat or just buying another ticket of they are not able to fit into one seat and also being cautious about sitting on other peoples furniture and making sure what weight it holds first before sitting.


My Offensive Comments Collection part 2

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

I am back and have abandoned this section. I have offended some more people online:

Someone posts about their kid and this mom adopted her son and he acts like a Kevin. Ever seen Let’s Talk About Kevin, this was her post:

As the title says my son hates me. I know people are going to tell me that this is a phase but it has been going on since he was an infant. He is now going on 5. I know that the post is going to make me sound like a terrible person. There is nothing you can say that I haven’t already thought about myself.

I am a single mom by choice. I know I know. That makes me a selfish bitch but I wanted to be a mom. My son was placed with me at 4 months. I am a working mom (again I know what you’re thinking) and had to put my son in daycare. He did well at daycare but did nothing but cry at home. Nothing I did worked. Someone else would take him and he would shut up. I took more parenting classes and tried those techniques. They rarely worked.

Then he became a toddler and the behavior continued. His preschool teachers have never had complaints but he is a terror at home. For a while he was potty trained at school but not at home. He sat in time out at school but screamed at home. I followed the same routine but he would kick me and punch me if I tried to put him in time out. He would run from me at stores and in parking lots. He stopped eating dinner for a week because I wouldn’t give him hotdogs.

His behavior has started to turn more violent. He hits me a lot and doesn’t listen to a thing I say. We are working with a therapist but she doesn’t believe all of his behaviors because he doesn’t act that way in front of her. He is an angel at therapy and in school. They don’t see it. Our last two therapist didnt either. He loves guns and they tell me it is normal boy behavior but they don’t see how he plays with them. He plays differently there. He is obsessed with death and tells me to die. He knows what it means.

He is very smart. He is acamdeically ahead but socially behind. He can talk to kids but prefers to be alone. At home he doesn’t let me play with him. I hear stories of kids who don’t let their parents be alone and I wish that was us. He doesn’t care that I’m even here. He rarely lets me hug or kiss him. He doesnt mind hugs or kisses from other family members though. I think he knows that he can manipulate people and I’m sure he hates me. I don’t know why. I know I’m not perfect but I have always tried. I’m tired of trying. I take the long way to his preschool and think about running away from all of this often. I love my son but he hates me. I don’t know what to do or how to repair our broken relationship. I get all of the blame but none of the help.

Some comments imply she is to blame for her child but this mom is trying to bond with her kid and get him to love her and according to her responses, he does not have RAD. This looks a lot like Let’s Talk About Kevin. I remember in the movie the mom tries to bond with Kevin but he pushes her away and he also refuses to potty train. He acts normal with everyone else but his mother. The more she tries, the worst he gets and then at the end, she doesn’t try anymore and guess what, she finally gets what she always wanted. So all she had to do for all these years was not try and bond with him. But was it her fault? No because she was doing what most moms do and they try everything to to get their kid’s attention and to love them and to bond and she did try to raise concerns but no one would believe her so the mom would blame herself and question herself, talk about gas lighting everyone was giving the mother. Taking him to a psychiatrist would have been useless because they would have seen a normal child and the mom would have come off as someone who is trying to get her kid labeled.

So I said in my comment:

You got a Kevin. Maybe try not bonding with him and see how that goes. If you have seen Lets Talk About Kevin, then you know what I mean. It felt like I was reading about the movie.

-12 downvotes it has as of right now.

Now last week on Valentine’s Day on Twitter, I believe someone I am following posts something fatlogi. It was a retweet and it read “Dear struggling teen, The problem is society, not your body. We see you. We’re here for you. There are entire communities who’ll love you exactly the way you are. @weightwatchers is not the answer. #wakeupweightwatchers. There was also another one I saw in the comments when I looked at the thread and it read “Teens, the problem is not your body pr the way you eat. The problem is society & the way it views bigger bodies. There is no wrong way to have a body. You are perfect just as you are, don’t let profit driven diet companies tell you otherwise” and it has the hashtag again and weightwatchers.

When I read those comments, I saw them as telling teens it’s okay to be obese and promoting it. I wrote “fatlogic, being too skinny and too big is unhealthy” and the person I was following asked me excuse me so I clarified what I meant. I said the tweet was promoting people to accept any body even though obesity causes medical issues and people who have lost weight have actually felt the difference in their feet and how much easier it is to go up and down the stairs. The I added in my new comment since Twitter only has limited characters that being under weight was just as bad too and explained the medical issues anorexia causes and how people have died from it. But the person did not take it well. While she clarified what the tweet meant, and she said thew tweet was actually meant, she accused me of fat shaming. All she had to do was clarify the tweet and leave it at that and it would have been the end of it. If anyone knows me, I do not like false accusations so I will get defensive and defend myself. Some people get enraged when falsely accused, I just get defensive. I told her I wasn’t fat shaming and explained I was pointing out the medical issues both obesity and anorexia face. I also asked her if she ever saw TV shows like Mr 600 Pound Life and saw how debilitating it is for them and asked if she promoted that. Instead of answering, she told me she promoted everyone accepting and loving their body and everyone but the person in that body keeping their opinions on that body to themselves and then said she was blocking me as she doesn’t accept fat shaming in her tweed. There she went accusing me again of fat shaming so she was one of those people who dismisses medical facts about obesity but doesn’t dismiss medical facts about eating disorders and anorexia. I have been checking out the fat acceptance community and I already wrote a post about it last week. But I did see posts at Tumblr and the fat people were spreading misinformation and also telling everyone how saying medical things about obesity is just a disguise to look like a health concern to fat shame. I also saw other tweets telling everyone to block anyone who fat shames and does “health concerns.” It is possible this person fell into that bullshit and now believes their conspiracies. Look, I have fat family members, my mom is fat, my in laws are fat, my husband is fat. I have relatives who are fat. They all know obesity is unhealthy and it has risks. Of course none of them are obese but my husband is considered obese but he just looks fat. He does not get offended by medical information about obesity and call it fat shaming. Even other fat people out there think this whole movement thing is bullshit and they know it’s unhealthy so they are either trying to lose weight or they don’t but they know it’s unhealthy. It’s stupid to hate them of course, it’s stupid to not treat them as human. If I hated fat people, I wouldn’t have married one and my husband was a lot bigger when we met. This person who blocked me isn’t even close to being fat or even obese. She might be overweight but she still looks normal. So why would she get offended is beyond me when I made fun of no one and didn’t judge anyone or give out any unsolicited advice on weight loss because that is just rude if I did that. It’s not like I wrote, “Attention fat people, time to put down the coke and burgers and stop eating junk food and start walking and quit eating all the time and stop being lazy slobs and get off your fat ass.” That would just be judgmental and implying all fat people eat like that and never work out and they love their soft drinks and fast food and anything processed and sugar.

Smoking is unhealthy
Skinny fat is unhealthy
Eating junk food is unhealthy
Drinking is unhealthy
Drugs are unhealthy
Being obsessed with a person is unhealthy
Addiction is unhealthy
Emotional eating is unhealthy

See what I did there? Where is the shame?

Now I was never fond of any diet programs and find them a waste of money and WeightWatchers have this point program and I am not sure how it’s supposed to work because some health foods have no points but how does that work, you can eat too much and still give yourself the same amount of calories you body uses. Then they weigh you every week and you are supposed to drop the pound and if you don’t, you are kicked out of the program if I am remembering correctly. To me that is like too much pressure and demand. Plus it costs money to join. I am too cheap to pay money to lose weight so I’d rather do it on my own, eat less and work out and drink water than calorie drinks. If this program is causing eating disorders like the modeling industry was causing, maybe they will change their way like the modeling industry has.

What is it with telling everyone to love their bodies, what about anorexics or obesity? Some anti fat acceptance fat people have explained loving your body just means you love it enough to take care of it and to make changes to be the healthy weight. Now that makes more sense and all you have to do is clarify that if I misunderstand it. They also said it means to accept any flaws or any burns or amputees your body has but not anorexia or obesity.

Now the next one I offended. I posted a thread on Wrongplanet, everyone misunderstands it because I didn’t know how to articulate it. Then when I try to clarify it and then asked if they got it now, someone took offense to it and accused me of being patronizing and wrote they don’t think they would be responding to my posts anymore.

There was another one I posted but I posted about it in my other blog and it was called weight loss is a sensitive topic
Okay is telling someone to put on weight thin shaming? Basically what I did would be called fat shaming by the fat acceptance because I gave the person weight loss advice when he complained about adult baby diapers not fitting him. They have other ridiculous things as fat shaming like weight loss or mentioning your weight loss, not wanting to be fat, and that one video I saw of these two doctors giving an autopsy to an obese body that was donated by the person who had died and that was considered fat shaming by them. See they dismiss science and the doctors did prove how unhealthy fat was and how it wraps around your organs and she did indeed died from heart disease and they showed the damage the fat has done to the liver because it had creases that was done by the body fat and they said it was doing damage to the liver and could tell by the creases. Then at the end they sewed the tummy back up and zipped the bag back up with the body. If anyone is curious about the video, her it is:

But in the comments people were focused on the doctor who was also overweight and couldn’t be focused on the body and what obesity does. I just wanted to tell everyone “who cares about his size. The video is about what obesity does to your body, not what size the doctor has.” My husband weighs more than this body. Oops did I just fat shame my own husband? Last time I checked what fat shaming is, it’s ridicule and belittling and making fun of someone for their size. I only stated a fact, not say it to make fun of him.

Your neighbors might be hearing you

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Do you live in an apartment? Do you have sex? Someone below you could be listening to it. I used to wake up to it too from the neighbor below me to a pounding sound because she was also having sex so early in the morning. Do you mind if someone knows you having it?


What snow does in my area

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

We got hit with snow this week when we were expecting freezing rain and the forecast changed the day before but everyone went on with their day despite the warning. Now the school districts regret not cancelling that day because students were stranded at school and buses had a hard time getting to the schools and bringing home the students. Because it doesn’t snow often here, our town isn’t equipped for snow and because they don’t do anything to the roads to make them safe to drive on, it’s unsafe to drive and our area is full of hills. Luckily where I live there are no hills but I had to drive up a hill the other day when I took another route to avoid traffic and I did get stuck a few times but was able to keep moving and no one slid down the hill close my my house. but it took me nearly 45 minutes to get home when in fact it takes me twenty minutes. Traffic had just gotten bad around 3:30 when I was coming back. So that day I decided to take the train to work and left early and got there in time for work and I was so glad I didn’t drive because the freeway was all backed up and I heard about a bunch of collisions happening and people leaving their cars because they got stuck on ice. It took my brother three hours to get home from his work. Now it’s snowing again and we are supposed to have our employee Christmas party but I see it’s melting now because the ground had warmed up and the new snow is melting. But here are some videos.

Woman arrested for domestic abuse

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

You don’t hear this often about women being arrested for abuse, you only hear about the guys being arrested. Sadly as a guy, you need to have actual proof you were the victim so this guy had his phone on record for the whole thing and it was enough for the police officers to make an arrest.


Favorite Holiday Songs

Friday, December 25th, 2015

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and these are my favorite holiday songs by the exact same artists and it does mater who sang the song because of the way it’s composed and the voice and the sound of it.



More PC crap

Friday, December 25th, 2015


I have no idea if this is for real or a joke. But it’s more PC stuff again. The guy from the news station goes around a college campus to get students to sign the petition to ban “White Christmas” on the radio.