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Are You Dating a Narcissist or a Borderline?

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Perhaps you have been involved with someone who appears to be seriously interested in the relationship but who sometimes goes emotionally off the rails, lashes out at you, and becomes over-defensive. And what if they also have an exaggerated need for…

Source: Are You Dating a Narcissist or a Borderline?


The rules about silent treatments

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Apparently it’s not always wrong to do one and not always narcissist.

There is just a right way to do it and I learned that the rules about it are:

The silent treatment must not last no more for more than an hour

You must talk about whatever had upset you that made you want to do it

You cannot do it all the time

It must not be used as a punishment

The article tells you how to do it appropriately.

Break up over the phone, okay or not.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

So I found out when I was 20 that it was wrong to break up with someone over the phone. I had no understanding of it but my mom’s reaction to a guy breaking up with Gracie hart in Miss Congeniality 2 made me think I really shouldn’t do it or else I will be a jerk too.

So break ups over the phone was a no no but she never said anything about emails or IM or online messages so when I was in a relationship with my first boyfriend and I wanted to break up with him, I really wanted out and he was not home and I didn’t know when he would be home but I wanted to move on and be single because I had discovered I was happier being single. So I got online and got on Myspace and broke up with him there. Dick move I know. My dad thought it was wrong but I told him I didn’t break up with him over the phone, I only told him I didn’t think I wanted him living with me anymore and he said okay and then I got on the computer and broke up with him there since it’s rude to do a break up on the phone. This is how my brain typically works, you tell me something, I do something else because you didn’t say explicitly I should not do that. But lesson learned. Now I know you only do it in person, not through text, emails, IMs, phone conversations, PMs, nothing, only in person. I don’t think my mom thought to tell me all this because I didn’t have a boyfriend then so it was irrelevant for her to tell me nor was I dating then. That is the rule we have in society and even my own Fun Facts Coach game says it’s a cowardly thing to do. That game is not politically correct because it actually used that word.

So I was on Reddit and someone asked if we think it’s ever acceptable to ghost on someone. Someone responded with “Not unless you have reason to fear for your safety if you upset them.

It’s not that hard to send a text that says, “Hey, it was great meeting you, but I just don’t think we should see each other again.” Sure it’s uncomfortable, but if you’re mature enough to be dating, you should be mature enough to be straightforward with someone.”

I responded to it saying break ups over phones is a no no and it’s just a etiquette rule we have and she responded back with how if you do long distance relationships it’s impossible so it seems kinder to do it over Skype or phone whatever than flying across the country to do it.

Okay I remember eight years ago I posted a question on a forum about if i should break up with my ex on the phone because he is never available and I can’t even get a hold of him and I got told I had to do it in person. What do you know, I was trapped in this relationship and I couldn’t get out of it. I wanted to move on, I wanted to be single since I felt single anyway and I didn’t like how things were going between us and I was tired of how he treated me and how I felt in it and I didn’t know at the time he was abusive. There were just things he did I didn’t like such as procrastinating and his willfull ignorance and his homophobia and his closed mindedness and his bigoted views, and he was way too judgmental because he seemed to have to form a negative opinion about everything and make it be his own business like it;s his problem and I didn’t want to have kids with him and have them learn to be bigoted like him and hate gays and he had money issues too because he was a spender than a saver so he was always broke and plus he had no empathy and anything I did was never good enough for him and I was having lot of anxiety in the relationship and he was cold hearted so I just wanted out. We were not compatible.

I also thought what if you had a long distance relationship or your partner moves away temporarily and you want to break up later, I guess you are screwed because you have to do it in person and if you have no way of seeing them just to break up with them, you’re trapped in the relationship.

I was trapped, stuck so it was as if my ex wanted to keep me by doing the silent treatment but he was wrong when he saw I got a new boyfriend. I have thought what if he thought I was abusive so he went silent on me but because he had contacted me twice about my new boyfriend, I don’t think so. I don’t think victims would contact their former abusers and ask them about their new partner. In fact they would be more likely to contact the new partner than the abuser.

But is it ever okay to break up with someone over the phone and whatever if it’s impossible to do in person? I guess I could have driven to Jerry’s work and broken up with him there in front of everyone which is what I wanted to avoid then because I felt it would be asshat of me and probably humiliating. I once drove to his work just to return his son’s GBA SP that got packed with my games accidentally because he wouldn’t pick up his phone and I knew where his workplace was but not his parents apartment where he was living. I didn’t remember the route to get there. I did it in the middle of the night using my own spare time when I should have been sleeping or on the computer and watching TV or listening to music which was my routine. My mom seemed pretty surprised I actually did this and I told her he wouldn’t answer his phone so that was the only way I could return his son’s gaming system. She thought that was very honest of me. It was his son’s so of course and I thought it had nothing to do with honesty, it was his son’s and it wouldn’t be fair to him if I kept it as hostage because his father was being an asshole. But I guess this was one of his abuse tactics. I wouldn’t stay with his parents so he found another way and that was a red flag there that it was getting worse.

But lesson here is if anyone goes silent on you, move on an assume you are single again and they silently broke up with you. That will spare you the stress and anxiety.

My answer to that Reddit question was ghosting is fine after the first few dates but in a relationship, no unless it was abusive.

So I could have ghosted Jerry and it wouldn’t have been cheating if I was dating other guys and got a new boyfriend.

What if an abuser wasn’t an abuser?

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

I had been reading about narcissism for the past month or two and I have wondered if it’s possible for a person to not have a good perception of themselves. Let’s say someone tends to say things that are hurtful and rude and harmful, they are demanding and bossy and controlling, they also lose their tempers and get upset easily, they have a selective memory and tend to twist things, they can’t even remember what they say and do and promised. Then one day they read about on narcissism and signs of an abuser and the description seems to fit their ex/partner so the person thinks “ah ha, that explains it, I was a victim of domestic abuse. My partner gas lighted, deliberately not do things, denied ever saying anything, he was controlling, twisted what I would say, was always too sensitive, made me second guess myself and I thought I was crazy.”

This is what I wonder sometimes about victims, is it possible to think a partner was abusive when they weren’t and we were the ones with a problem all along? I keep wondering sometimes if my ex was just innocent and I was the one with the problem and he just happens to fit the descriptions of an abuser. I am not the only one who sometimes second guesses themselves.

I was on Wrongplanet one time and I wrote a post when someone wrote about their narcissist mother. I related to it about how my ex would twist what I would say and it was like I could never say anything right. I used the macaroni and cheese as an example because that is one of the few things I could remember about him when we would have communication issues and I felt I can’t even talk right without it implying anything else. He makes mac and cheese, he all of a sudden says “God damn it” and I asked him what was wrong. He told me he had spilled some in the sink. To cheer him up I say “At least that is less calories for you to have” and he says “You called me fat.” The response I get to this post from another member is “I think that is logical for him to come to that conclusion.” Then the person whom I had replied to said to her she was thinking the same and said about her abusive ex how she had a bag of chips once and her husband said he was going out for a walk and asked for her to come along but then said “To burn off the bag of chips she had just had.”

This part made me look crazy like I was the abuser and the crazy one and my ex was all innocent. If people think there was nothing wrong with what my ex did, what other things have I said that he interpreted the way others would have too, they might question my stories about the fact I was once in a abusive relationship with a narcissist. But they were not there when it happened.

I have talked to one of my online friends and I asked her if she remembers when I was with Jerry and she said she did. I asked her if she can remember what I have told her about him when we were in a relationship together. She said I told her that she was weird and very controlling.

Very controlling. Holy moly. I don’t remember him being very controlling.

I talked to my mom too and the topic of Jerry came up. Mom’s perspective of him was that he was crazy, hated women, had no respect for them, he was beyond help and she told me how when I would talk to her on the phone, we would argue in the background and him yelling at me and I started to hang up on her when he was around so he wouldn’t get upset and she said to my Dad “it’s starting” and she told me the time I called her once on the phone and I was crying and I was in the car I said and he was inside a store, then he came out and I said “I have to go, he is coming or he will get mad” and I hung up. She then told my Dad he had to come out here and get me and have me move in with my aunt and uncle. I remember when she and Dad both came out to visit but she told me it was to get me away from him but they lied about their reason for coming out and it was a harmless lie, a lie that wouldn’t hurt me because if I knew what they were doing, I would have just stayed. This tells me I am not exaggerating and the relationship must have been that bad I don’t even remember. It’s always good to talk to other people like friends or family and ask what they remember so you know you are not crazy or exaggerating or that you have created a memory and you believe it.

But I still wonder how we know this was all intentional than someone just having problems so they don’t mean to do it? Don’t get me wrong, I think abusers have problems too which is why they would do these things. Jerry had problems and I am thinking my mom could have been right that he hated women. I think he often projected, whatever he thought, he assumed others felt that way too. I can remember him telling me that lot of men hate women and I asked him why and he said because women can just lie in court and say they were abused to get custody of the kids or to get them locked up in jail so all I have to do is tell the judge he beat me and bam he will be in jail. He made it sound like it was that simple to get a guy put away, just lie about being abused. But I am not that kind of person to lie to get someone in trouble. I wonder if this is how he feels about women so he thinks lot of men hate women because he does? He even wanted to be a lawyer and go back to school so he can defend men in court against women who lie. But I looked on Facebook and saw she didn’t proceed with that dream and she went for computer design or something. I don’t remember exactly.

But why would someone want to be with women if they don’t like them? Supply of course. He was a narcissist and I was his supply. Also if lot of men hated women, they wouldn’t even be dating them. Projection I call it.

Sometimes every now and then, another person online will make me look crazy and that my ex is all innocent by defending him or saying there is nothing wrong with a certain action a person does such as trying to get their partner to cut off contact with all their online friends who are not the right gender. They make it out to be that I am the defiant one and have no respect for boundaries so I call everyone controlling if they dare to tell someone to not talk to a person online just because they are the opposite gender.

I decided if people have to defend abuse, they are probably an abuser too and would also do that exact same thing. But I sure would hope it was a misunderstanding first. You know, give them the benefit of the doubt.

Also my husband has told me I say lot of things I don’t mean and he doesn’t take offense or have it hurt his feelings because he knows I don’t mean it. He often doesn’t say anything. This makes me wonder what if my ex wasn’t manipulative with his emotions and his emotions were real when he would cry because I always hurt his feelings. He was very emotional. Also the mac and cheese incident, what if that part was legitimate and I am assuming it was one of his games he was playing just because I had read about abusers that they will twist what you say and make you look like the crazy one. But I will never know and it’s probably irrelevant because he wasn’t a good person to be with and his behavior was toxic and I was depressed and had low self esteem and I was having a lot of anxiety in it so I was regressing and he was not helpful at all and used it against me so rather these were legitimate or not doesn’t matter. It’s tough to tell when someone is toxic. But if someone is a good person and you are happy, then something happens, you give them the benefit of the doubt. For example, my husband and I were in bed and he had a good sense of smell and we happened to be on a topic about sex and then he made a comment about a smell and I couldn’t smell it so I told him he was a dog. That actually hurt him and I couldn’t understand why it upset him so much and he told me what a dog meant and I told him what I meant by that term, dogs have a strong sense of smell, he smelled something I can’t smell so I called him a dog, and he said he knew what I meant but it still hurt because of the topic we were on. I still didn’t understand but he told me they were just his feelings. Okay I am not going to assume he twisted what I said and that he is doing fake crying to get his way because he is not an abuser and he understands me. But if he was like Jerry and this incident happened, then I would assume this was one of his games. And this thing between my husband and I only happened that one time, it wasn’t all the time so there is another clue there that this was not intentional. But even if my husband is a good person and he was still as emotional as Jerry so lot of things I said always made him cry, then I would assume this is all unintentional and there is something wrong with my communication. But I didn’t think Jerry was bad either and I thought he was a good person so maybe I am kidding myself. The abuse was so subtle because he was a convert narcissist and that is harder to spot than regular narcissism. If my husband cried all the time and was always hurt by things I said and did, would this also be a hint he is an abuser and he is just playing with me to make me question myself and think I am crazy and I am the one with an issue? But like I said in the first paragraph, what if a person always said and did hurtful things so it hurt their partner a lot so they always cried and they were not aware of this about themselves? This is how abuse victims feel about themselves, they think they are the one with an issue so they tip toe and walk on eggshells and keep things bottled up. But what if the partner was truly sensitive and always took things the wrong way, would this still be considered abuse even if they didn’t do it on purpose?

I took a test somewhere online asking if you can spot emotional abuse and I took it and I got 60% and it said I couldn’t tell the difference between emotional abuse and legitimate behavior and it may be hampering my relationships and how I get along with people. I can’t remember the url or what page it was. I asked my online friend what that result meant and she told me it means I won’t be able to tell if something is abuse so it makes me more vulnerable to it. I would have to agree. I am that sort of person who believes anything (not literally since I won’t believe you if you told me you killed someone and spent a week in jail, I don’t think anyone would be that dumb to confess and besides if you killed someone, you wouldn’t be in jail for a week, you would remain locked up) and I can’t tell when someone is lying or playing games with me. I would think they truly believe that or feel that way and I often think someone is being honest. Which would be why I was with Jerry and then I was tossed out like trash which became a good thing despite it being hurtful.

Okay one thing I remember from the test was the final question was if it’s emotional abuse to wear make up and you know it bothers your partner and I answered no. People are entitled what they want to wear right and if a woman wants to wear make up, she may and the man can’t dictate what she can wear. But the answer was Maybe. I wonder how it’s abuse to wear make up? What if me playing video games bothered by husband? Should I stop playing them? If that was all I did so I was neglecting our children and him, then that wouldn’t be abuse, he wouldn’t be saying I couldn’t be playing them at all, he would be saying to be a parent and pay more attention to my family and do the video games second. An abuser would be saying you can’t play them at all. What if I was delusional so I thought he was being unreasonable saying I had to cut back on them and not play them all the time anymore so I felt I was being controlled and being told what to do? I can imagine that person would be claiming abuse and claiming to have a controlling partner. Then you hear their partner’s side and I automatically think the “victim” is delusional. I don’t think s/he is lying, I would think delusional and don’t have a touch on reality. As the saying goes “there are two sides to the story.” But I still wonder how wearing make up would be abusive. I assume it’s regular make up my mom wears or most women. Not make up that is heavy and makes you look like a hooker and you have so much on you have a clown face. But would that still be abuse? Unless the question meant it was a guy putting it on and he knows his partner doesn’t want him using her make up so instead of going out and buying his own, he uses hers and he does it to piss her off or because he doesn’t respect her personal space and thinks she is unreasonable and hey make up is cheap, more can be bought.

My Ex-Boyfriend’s Karma

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

It took me eight years to realize he was a covert narcissist. When we were together, he treated me horribly. Made fun of the music I liked, my AB/DL side, called gays faggots, and told his son everything about me as a way to make fun of me and humiliate me. He also complained about how homosexuals shoved their “lifestyle” in his face. He was also controlling and he was not a good person. There is more.

Now fast forward eight years later, I look on his Facebook page. I see she is a woman now so she had transitioned. I figured that was part of the problem in our relationship, she was trans so she didn’t accept herself and it affected how she behaved. But I read her page and I see her life had not turned out good. I also look up her new name and see she is in a group on Facebook and here is the ironic thing, she is fighting for LGBT rights and wanting to be accepted but she got rejected by her own uncle and he wouldn’t give her her grandparents house like they promised back in the year 1999 because she is trans. Back when we were together, she didn’t like the homosexuality rights movement and called it shoving it in her face, here she is doing the same thing with her transgender, “shoving it in our faces” and she also claims to be bisexual and lesbian. I find this all ironic and I bet she sees now what the gay rights movement was all about and how homosexuals just can’t date other genders. Another thing, she is also suffering from Multiple Scoliosis so she can no longer work and back when we were together, she told me how being homeless should be illegal and they should all be put in jail. I told her making it illegal wouldn’t do any good and I bet homeless people would be happy to be in jail because of shelter and free food and anyone can get homeless and I explain why. She tells me I am self centered and have to be right. Here she is now homeless so she has to live with her father now. If it weren’t for him, where would she go? The streets? Also she said she is so lonely.

Looking at myself, my life turned out good, I met a great guy, got married, had two children and what does she have? No one and unemployed and no custody of her son.

My husband sometimes teases me about getting revenge on her and I tell him I don’t need my revenge, I already got it. She got karma and I got a good life. Of course she might find a way to make it not be so good if she knew. She always found a way to be negative. Sometimes I do wonder if she ever still reads my posts online or has ever came across my other blog or ever seen my Facebook. But I have never had any contact with her in eight years.