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Nintendo Switch

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

My husband decided to get me one for my birthday but it turned out to be a scam because it said it came but it said it was delivered in another state so I had Amazon call us and my husband talked to them and they sent the seller an email and said they would refund us if he didn’t respond in two days. I was then disappointed because my husband had also gotten me a Zelda game and I wouldn’t be able to use it. My husband was so sorry I wouldn’t be getting the system so the following day I was on Reddit and then I see a post saying Nintendo Switch $299.99 Prime only. I click on it and go to the website and they are in stock for preorder so without thinking I preordered it knowing it will be gone quickly if I didn’t act now. I ignored my husband telling me he wanted to get our money back first before buying one. We did get our money back two days later and it cost us $229.00 this time because we saved $70 dollars because we were Prime members. The Switch did come quickly when they came in their warehouse and they shipped it out the same day it came and we got it a day earlier than I expected. So we saved money when we got another Switch because the last one was over $400 dollars and I thought he had bought it from a scalper and my husband didn’t know Amazon had 3rd party sellers. But sadly there are Nintendo Switch scams going around and Amazon is a prime target for it so beware when buying a Switch from sellers. Only buy from Amazon and make sure it’s them selling it, not a 3rd party seller. Also do not buy one that is below retail price. Just be patient and keep an eye out for a Switch.

So the system came and my husband had opened it and set it up for me and I created a profile and started my Zelda game. It’s very different than the other Zelda games because it’s open world and you can do anything in the game and there is no order. Also weapons break so you keep on collecting them and enemies stay dead until the blood moon rises. Instead of collecting heart pieces, you get rupees instead or other items and you only get heart containers from completing shrines to get spirit orbs and you go to a statue to pray and you can trade four orbs for a stamina vessel or a heart container. Also they made the game more realistic. Link uses energy when he climbs or swims, weapons break, Link freezes to death or burns to death, he can’t swim in cold water or it’s death, when he gets hit, he falls down and it takes a while for him to get up.

There are some annoying enemies in the game because they are hard to beat or impossible for me to beat and it makes me waste weapons so I try to dodge them. I will go around them and if I don’t feel like fighting enemies, I will try and kill them cowardly by tossing bombs at them from above and I keep on doing it and watching them fly around and I sometimes will shoot arrows at them and they die instantly. i have killed a few Wizzrobes that way too. They get confused and just stand still for a few seconds so that gives me a chance to shoot an arrow at them. I do it from far away where they can’t see me and they are confused about where the arrows are coming from. I have also found ways to get on towers avoiding flying guardians and I have managed to climb Central Tower avoiding getting hit by a guardian. it took me like 20 minutes to get to the top. I just had to be patient and I had enough stamina to jump as I climbed up the tower and they get to another platform to rest and the guardians could no longer reach me or see me. Then I would climb more and they would aim at me again and I would be rushing to another platform. Then after the last platform they no longer aimed at me so I guess Nintendo decides to give the players a break after making it that far up. But once I start gliding from the tower, they aim at me again. And I would save every time I would make it to a new platform so that way if I died, I could load from that point. the game allows you to save any time and there are places where you aren’t allowed to save and start from where you exactly left off because you then find you have to start from the beginning despite saving and there are some places where you can’t save at all.

I told my husband about dodging enemies in the game and avoiding them and going around and also killing some of them cowardly and he laughed and said that is what Nintendo intended for me to do. It’s a strategy game so it makes you think and find a way to get to places. I spent most of my time climbing mountains and being a climber and gliding than taking pathways because they are mostly filled with enemies and that was how I reached towers that way too.

Now that I have done most of the Shrines and now I am at a point where you need to do Shrine challenges to unlock them and also I did all the dungeons so now I have the castle to do and I have collected over 100 Korok seeds and now I have lost interest in the game so I am not playing it much anymore. Just those guardians freak me out and there are too many of them in Hyrule field and in Hyrule town and Hyrule castle. Plus lot of tough enemies I have always dodged in the outer world. I even climbed up the wall to get to the castle and there were two guardians. I have ancient arrows though and I discovered I can use stasis to freeze them and then attack them. I also got the master sword. I have used it on Ganon in the dungeons and used them on mini guardians in shrines until energy runs out. Now I might just climb one of the pillars and then glide to the top of the castle and just go to Ganon so that way I am skipping lot of stuff and skipping all those enemies. But I have to make sure I get strong weapons first which can be found in the castle.

Now I am back to my Nintendo 3DS and I can get back to my story which I was supposed to finished before Easter and release on my forum for anyone to read. I had been so focused on it I didn’t do anything else online except using the walkthrough and watching some videos about how Ganon is defeated or how to do the Shrines or how to get rupees since you also don’t just get them from smashing things or killing enemies or cutting grass or bushes. There are only a few places like Goron village where you can get rupees from smashing jars or there is a certain enemy you can defeat and they always drop rupees and mighty bananas after you kill them. You just don’t find rupees often but I found most of them from treasure hunting and from selling rocks to a Gerudo in Goron Village and from completing some quests. There is no rupee limit either. There is also no item limit but there is a meal limit because after three pages of it, you can’t carry more. There is also a weapon limit and you collect Korok seeds to allow to carry more weapons or bows or shields.


How do they know?

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

How does someone know they are asexual than knowing they haven’t met the right person yet or haven’t found a way to enjoy sex yet or because they are a late bloomer?

How does someone know they are gay/lesbian than because they are also a late bloomer and haven’t gotten into girls or boys yet?

How does someone know they are transgender than knowing they don’t want to follow the gender norms and because they just wish they were a man or a woman and want to have the same privilege of another gender?

How does someone know their brains or wired differently than thinking others struggle as much as they do?

How does someone know they are different than lot of people than knowing they only feel that way because they don’t have anything in common as their peers or the same interests?

Some people just know they are asexual or homosexual or transgender or bisexual or even know they have something like a disorder or a disability and some just know they function different and not like the others. Some even know they don’t want kids and knew that from a young age, not because they have no developed that interest yet and some just know they want to have kids because they want to, not because society tells them to and they are expected to have them. My uncle knew he liked boys when he was around eight years old. But he also knew it wasn’t “normal” so he kept it to himself and even tried being straight so he married a woman he loved and then she died from cancer and he decided to come out and started dating guys and met my uncle. Also how do some know being a man or woman have a feeling so they feel like so they know they are agender because they don’t feel either? Even some parents are naive to think if they can convince their children they are something, they will believe them and grow out of it and not live that way. Some even think they can keep their children from knowing they have something so they keep on telling them they’re normal and treat all their children the same so the child will never know they do have a disability and that they are different. My mom did that but yet they still know because I did. I still knew as a child and I guess my parents thought if they kept telling me I was normal, I will believe them and stop thinking I’m different. That didn’t work because I wasn’t dumb. Kids are smarter than adults realize. Kids know more than a parent realizes. I call that naive of what parents do. They think they can control what their kids can think but sometimes a child is smarter than that. A parent might try convincing their transgender child there is nothing wrong with them and they are a girl, not a boy but the son still knows he is not a girl despite what body he has. A parent might think if they let their “daughter” be a tomboy and do boy things and not not do gender norms and let their kids play with either boy or girl toys regardless of what gender they are, “she” might get over the fact that”she” is a boy and just accept “her” body. I have actually read that in articles about transgender and parents saying they thought if they could do this, their kid would get over it and they said they didn’t know because they thought it was a phase or thought their kid felt that way because of gender norms. Yes I call that naivety. It’s only transphobic if the parent was aware of the whole transgender thing and it appearing in young children but they ignore it and not consider it for their child so they stay in denial and just lie to themselves because they don’t want a transgender child. But for my parents I am sure they were only doing it to make me feel better than being abliest but I was too smart for it. Also my mother might have had her own definition of the word normal and a parent on youtube called her autistic child normal. She said he is normal but his brain just works different.

I was right

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

So in my last post about the “offensive” comment I had made, not too long later the mother decided to give us in update with her situation so she posted that she had talked to her brother and his wife and to their five year old and it turned out he did it on purpose. The brother said they will leave and then the mother was unsure if she should take her kid into ER or not when she was showing worse symptoms. Then all the parents are saying in the thread how they should rush her into ER and don’t just sit there and wonder. Also others are telling her to kick the family out now. But yet not either of them knowledge how correct I was and didn’t even apologize for their down vote. So everyone is now acknowledging how the kid does have problems and needs help and to kick that family out now and she must protect her daughter. Well isn’t that what I had posted about in my “offensive” reply when I said I wouldn’t leave my kid alone ever and I would have kept everything locked away?

People are weird and rarely will anyone admit you are right and apologize.