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Small Dog syndrome

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

I came across another interesting post in Lucky Otter’s Haven about dogs having personality disorders. She also posted the url for where she got the article from. A poster commented and she mentioned Little Dog Syndrome so I looked it up to learn more about it. This part reminded me a lot about Squeaky because he wouldn’t go outside and preferred to go in the house. He never went in other peoples homes because he didn’t go to other peoples homes, he only had our home and he loved to pee up in the rec room or in the basement. My dad called it marking his territory.

Does she pee all over the house? And this isn’t just your house; it’s any house she visits. The floor, the couch, the walls, the bed—nothing is safe from her piddle practices. This isn’t about housetraining; it’s about control and dominance. And she’ll do it everywhere—except outside.

He even peed on my dollhouse once and I was pissed because he had just came inside and he goes straight to the basement and does it. Then another time he did it right by the stairs in the basement and then I found out he had been doing it upstairs on the floors. Of course no one would believe me and kept dismissing it as him being just a puppy and being a male dog. But he had started doing this before I went crazy so I will never know for sure what the heck happened but I know it wasn’t me or else he would have started this after I went crazy. But I wouldn’t have gone crazy if he didn’t do this. He was maybe confused because we had brought him home from the pet store and he probably had it backwards about his toilet. So basically it was caused by the owner’s behavior, my dad buying him and bringing him home and my whole family having him run around the whole house and all he saw was all these spots he could pee in when the correct training was keeping him in his crate or in a small spot in the home that is his own bedroom until he is house trained. But none of us were ready for another dog and I didn’t even want another one. My mom didn’t want another one either so she was upset when she saw my dad had gotten a new dog and his reason was “They were all on sale so I just had to buy one and look, he is a Miniature Schnauzer. Pure bred and they are around $800 and this one was only $264 because they wanted to get rid of them.” But then again none of us were willing to watch him and I didn’t want to give up my hobbies to watch him like a hawk before he does his little crime.



A Creepy video

Friday, October 16th, 2015

I am calling it creepy because they say dogs are not capable of revenge but how do we explain this? Was it a big coincidence?

I also looked around online for other sources about this and apparently it might be real. What if dogs are really smart than what we give them credit for?

My husband told me a story about his Rottweiler he had. She pooped in the house so he picked it up and had her sniff it, he took it outside and put it in the ground and had her sniff it, she never did it again. She was a very smart dog so she somehow made the connection with her behavior and the poop. I hear dogs can’t do that because their brains don’t work that way, they are too concrete and in the moment. I will hear stories about people rubbing their faces in their pee and then putting them outside. I used to leash my dog up whenever she chased deer or after a car and she somehow learned to not do those things so she also connected her behavior with being leashed up. But I always did it whenever I caught her. My dad also used to do the rubbing in faces thing too and also would do a slap when he caught them in the act. But one guy at work told me that doesn’t work because they don’t connect their behavior with the mess they did on the floor when you show it to them. All they know is you are just hurting them and they don’t know why you are doing it. They can’t understand human language but our tone. That is probably why some people say dogs are stupid. I hear it’s easier to train a bigger dog than a toy dog because the bigger the dog is, the smarter they are. My dog was medium sized but she was a mixed Lab and she was very smart because of how she can learn. I hear Chihuahua’s are stupid because their brains are so small. Squeaky was a Miniature Schnauzer and so was Yawnie but Yawnie was able to house train within a month after we got her. She also came from a pet store and each dog is different so she might not have been confused and she was younger too. She could have also been smarter than the other one or because my family paid closer attention to her and she didn’t run off to pee and also because she was female and males mark their territories so they will run off and find a spot to do it while she would do it in front of us. I have always liked female dogs because they don’t spray so we have always gotten female dogs, only time we had a male dog was when dad got Squeaky and when couple of our female dogs had puppies. That was also why I had a female dog. I was never fond of male dogs. I am sure they can be trained to not mark their territories in the house but one thing for sure is they always wander off when they sense a female is in heat. One of our puppies always took off and he was named Pancake and one day he took off and never came back and my dad was pissed. He always wore a collar but one day this woman that had him who we let her keep gave him a bath and she didn’t put the collar back on him so he took off and never was found. My dad warned her about him taking off and told her to always leave the collar on him. But of course Yawnie training got me really convinced that Squeaky was just evil and that he was just a stubborn animal who wanted to pee in the house which is why my therapist said “Oh you thought he was defiant.”

What if Squeaky really was just evil?

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

I have already written about our puppy we had I didn’t like because he wouldn’t quit pissing in the house and how i thought he was just evil and then thinking he was probably just confused so he may have been an innocent animal. Now I am not so sure anymore. What if I was right the whole time that he was evil?

Sometimes I will type in random things like just now I typed in evil dogs and came up with weird pictures and then I typed in “dogs who like to pee in the house on purpose.” As I was typing that in, the results “on purpose” popped up so I knew I was not the only one who has tried doing some reading about it so I selected those keywords and found this:

But the responses are interesting. People are trying to see from the dog’s perspective about why he is doing an evil thing but whenever I read the OP’s posts, they are creepy about her dog. The fact that the dog has never done it before she said and is all of a sudden which is very scary. yeah i can see why my anxiety was high when i was sixteen when Squeaky was doing it. But if kids can go backwards in potty training, why not puppies?

Also Bella5’s response was also interesting. Maybe there are evil dogs out there. I could have been right that our dog was evil.

I will conclude I am not the kind of person who should have a dog because what if the dog is “evil” and I may have been lucky having certain dogs that happen to go outside especially my mixed Black Lab I had. She was a such a good dog and people would comment how good she is. I trained her to not chase after deer on the land and she knew to go outside because I kept her crated and took her outside a lot and would give her a treat right after she would go and I always watched her if she wasn’t crated. then once she showed me she was potty trained, she had my trust. But right now I wouldn’t want a dog because I am not willing to house train it because I have kids and it would be too much and I wouldn’t want my house to smell like piss. Luckily no one else in my home wants a dog but my son but we won’t give him one. But some dogs are not right for everyone.

Or what if their behavior is all just a big coincidence?

But all these scary stories make me not want to ever have a pet despite that when we had some, they were never this bad except for Squeaky and my cat started to piss in the house so I kept her outside often. She was even peeing in the storage spaces in my parents house so they kicked her outside. But now we live in the city so things are different now and I don’t know if we could keep a cat outside all the time. But we have a big yard.

But science say animals are not capable of spite and revenge so what if their behavior is just a big coincidence? Or what if my intensity was making Squeaky pee in the house more? Then it was just going back and forth because him peeing in the house was giving me tremendous anxiety and that anxiety was making it worse for him so he was doing it more so that is why we should have gotten rid of him in the first place because it was not the right time for a new puppy because no one was willing to watch him so they could train him properly and that would have eased my anxiety and I wouldn’t have gone crazy and be heading for psychopathy.