About Me

My name is Beth and I have been happily married for seven years years and I am a mother of two.

My hobbies are computer and I also like video games and I like to write and have returned to it. I also love to clean and it relaxes me. I also like to listen to music on youtube.

I am also an opinionated person so I have unpopular opinions and point of views so it makes me look like a jerk or judgmental or come off as a troll. My husband likes to describe me as having mean views.

I like to write about anything what is ever on my mind so I started this blog here and I included the category Politically Incorrect because I know I will write things that are not popular or that will offend due to it being controversial or simply because it’s a unpopular view. I also blog about my conditions sometimes and I have been diagnosed with so many labels it’s a possibility I am just a fuck up because no one ever knew what was wrong with me. Nothing ever fit. It’s a possibility I might have a condition that hasn’t even been discovered yet. I am just Beth so I suffer from Beth syndrome which I why I don’t do blogs on any specific conditions but not limited to autism spectrum disorder, ADD, OCD, anxiety disorder, adjustment disorder, dyspraxia.


Disclaimer: What I write here is just my own opinion, my own perspective, I am not a doctor or a therapist or a medical student, I am not an autism expert or an expert in personality disorders, etc. So take what I write here as a grain of salt.



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