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Your neighbors might be hearing you

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Do you live in an apartment? Do you have sex? Someone below you could be listening to it. I used to wake up to it too from the neighbor below me to a pounding sound because she was also having sex so early in the morning. Do you mind if someone knows you having it?



500 Miles Parody song

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

This was one of my favorite songs when my favorite movie was Benny & Joon and I also love parody songs and I found a song that does a parody of it.

I found another but this time it’s a Minecraft version

The laughing is really distracting in this

Pokemon Go version

Hitler version the politically incorrect one

Another Pokemon Go version

And there are many others on youtube.

Tickle Me Elmo song

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

This song is not by Weird Al. He is misscredited as doing this song. This song always made me think of Jungle All the Way because people are going after a Tickle Me Elmo like Howard and the postman were doing with Turboman.




What snow does in my area

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

We got hit with snow this week when we were expecting freezing rain and the forecast changed the day before but everyone went on with their day despite the warning. Now the school districts regret not cancelling that day because students were stranded at school and buses had a hard time getting to the schools and bringing home the students. Because it doesn’t snow often here, our town isn’t equipped for snow and because they don’t do anything to the roads to make them safe to drive on, it’s unsafe to drive and our area is full of hills. Luckily where I live there are no hills but I had to drive up a hill the other day when I took another route to avoid traffic and I did get stuck a few times but was able to keep moving and no one slid down the hill close my my house. but it took me nearly 45 minutes to get home when in fact it takes me twenty minutes. Traffic had just gotten bad around 3:30 when I was coming back. So that day I decided to take the train to work and left early and got there in time for work and I was so glad I didn’t drive because the freeway was all backed up and I heard about a bunch of collisions happening and people leaving their cars because they got stuck on ice. It took my brother three hours to get home from his work. Now it’s snowing again and we are supposed to have our employee Christmas party but I see it’s melting now because the ground had warmed up and the new snow is melting. But here are some videos.

102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue

Monday, November 14th, 2016

I played this game a lot in high school when I got a Dreamcast right after they stopped making games for it. I remember I bought the system along with two games and one of them was 102 Dalmatians. But apparently the music for the PSOne and Dreamcast are different. I was playing the game again last night for the first time in six years.

Now here is the Game Boy Color version and this was the first 102 Dalmatians game I played and I beat it so many times.

These two games are totally different from each other.

What’s real?

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

One of the things I struggle with is knowing what is real and what isn’t with my thoughts and perspectives. I will get a thought in my head and I will have no idea if it’s anxiety or not. Anything I do I have no idea if it’s anxiety based. Sometimes I realize it was just the anxiety when it blows over or when I am feeling better. My husband will sometimes reassure me everything is fine regarding money and he will remind me it’s just my anxiety that is making me think that way.

Just at work I was feeling bullied and harassed and Tuesday the co worker came back from his trip and he was all friendly with me and helpful and I realized I imagined the whole thing and that was just my anxiety making me worried. But my boss came in the break room and I asked what to do about the white sponges and he told me I use those for the sinks and I said it had cleanser on them and he goes “you use them for the sink” and I go “Wait, I thought we weren’t supposed to be using them for the sinks, only for the toilets” and bam I had found out the co worker was wrong what he told me and my boss told me I was doing it right the whole time and he told me I could use the orange or green chemical for the floors. The co worker had told me to only use green. So I ask my boss about the odor bottle and he told me to only use it for the urinal, you don’t spray anywhere else with it. I couldn’t believe the co worker gave me false info so good thing I asked my boss the following day about sponges. I don’t know if the co worker was trying to trick me or if he was confused. The boss thought he was just confused. I also told him about the restrooms and how customers use them after I clean them because they work out and then use the restrooms and I have been getting accused of not cleaning them because of lack of common sense about customers using the restrooms. Luckily the boss had the common sense to know that and understand. Then when I was in the basement dust mopping, I over heard the co worker on the freight elevator telling our other co workers “Don’t tell Beth things” and he laughs and then starts talking and I couldn’t make out the rest he said. I had no idea if he was joking or making fun of me. I figured he was talking about telling me the wrong stuff because they will get caught. Maybe that will fix the co worker issue.

Another thing I have gotten at work is I will be doing my tasks and then all of a sudden I start getting complaints when I hadn’t before and they are almost daily. Then the boss moves me to another floor or gives me different tasks to do. I have wondered if I was being bullied by customers. I know it can’t be the boss or else I wouldn’t have been moved to another floor or being given different tasks. I would have been written up and then fired if that were the case so it had to be the customers. But then again I have no idea if this is just my anxiety or if this is real. Why else would I start getting complaints when I hadn’t before? That part is real but what I think is going on I am not sure about.



Woman arrested for domestic abuse

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

You don’t hear this often about women being arrested for abuse, you only hear about the guys being arrested. Sadly as a guy, you need to have actual proof you were the victim so this guy had his phone on record for the whole thing and it was enough for the police officers to make an arrest.


They call him Chucky

Monday, September 12th, 2016

I think I am going to start posting videos and news articles of violent kids. I am glad some people are aware of it already. Maybe if more people make documentaries about it, people will get more aware and maybe more help will increase for these families and parental abuse will be taken more seriously.

They call him Chucky. I think it’s an exaggerated term they are using because the doll was out killing people and this boy doesn’t kill anyone nor does he injure anyone. He just terrorized his family and his 16 year old sister moved out and the parents were upset about it. She had to see a therapist to cope with his abuse. The parents have four children together. They said he is only violent at home but baloney because he has been kicked out of several schools for attacking other kids there so he now had to attend a special school for kids with behavior disorders.

They are able to seek the child help and then they finally threaten to put him in a home and that fixes him for the most part. He still had his moments but only rarely now. Gee what took them so long to come up with that threat?

Reading the youtube comments, it’s weird how many people think whooping him will solve the problem. Ironic that they think solving violence with violence is the answer. But perhaps they are talking about self defense here. Maybe they mean while he is abusing them, not after. But the mom seems to know how to fend for herself against him. She can hold him down, grab his arms to keep him from hitting her. She can wrestle him too.

Let’s Talk About Kevin (my thoughts)

Monday, September 12th, 2016

This post contains spoilers:


I have heard about this movie and it’s used as a meme online by saying “Kevin.”

I finally watched it on Netflix and the Kevin was obviously disturbed from the very beginning from birth. People have bashed on the mother saying she is a terrible parent and that she is the cause of how her son turned out. I disagree because she did try to bond with him, she did what all mothers would do. She held him, trying bouncing him, playing ball with him, teaching him words to talk, reading to him, teaching him to count. He was obviously intelligent because he knew lot of stuff already like he could count to 50.

Kevin took a dislike to his mother right away because he wouldn’t act “normal” to her. He bonded with his father and doctors said he was normal when Eva (the mother) showed concerned and thought he might have autism but Kevin responded to his doctor and didn’t ignore him like he did for Eva despite not saying a word in the office.

Kevin also refused to toilet train to egg his mother on as I read in one of the comments on IMDB and after pooping his diaper twice, Eva snaps and tossed him on the ground breaking his arm. Kevin surprisingly covers for her by making up a convincing story that sounds true . That part confused me there. But maybe he did it so he could torture her more because if he had told the truth in the hospital, they would have called CPS, Eva would have been arrested and he wouldn’t see his mom again so who would he go after next? His dad? But I am thinking of adult logic here instead of kid logic. Would any kid that young be aware what would happen if a parent hurts their child?

Kevin always ignored his mother except for when he was sick and then he pushed his father away and the kid liked to terrorize the mother and verbally abuse her and not treat her with respect.

Then finally he gets to his teens they and they are bonding a little bit but there is still no emotional connection between them and no conversations between them, only a few sentences and words and that’s it.

People say how the mother ignored the problems, she did try to get her kid help I but got shot down for it by her son’s doctor and husband. But when the dad did finally know, why didn’t they take him to a doctor is beyond me. But even if they did, he still would have manipulated the psychiatrist and he would have turned out to be “normal.”

The mother also seems emotionally distance herself and seemed to not also be able to bond with anyone but could with her daughter but you could tell she still wasn’t all there.

Why did Kevin pick his mother to be his true self around is beyond me.  He also did his “school shooting” but used bow and arrows to kill his dad and little sister and then kill students at his school locking everyone using the same method. Then he turned himself in.

He picked his mother to be alive by not killing her so she would suffer more. The mother also punishes herself by taking abuse from her neighbors and still sees her son in prison and makes a room for him for when he gets out.

I found this movie to be disturbing because Eva loses her whole family so I can understand why she would still have Kevin in her life because he is all she has left for her family and the fact how manipulative Kevin is and how charming he is and how he treated his mother. People harp on about how she did nothing about it but IMO that is irrelevant because he would have just manipulated the doctors and there wouldn’t have been anything the mother could have done to help her son. Instead she would have looked like she had Munchhausen Syndrome by proxy.

The movie did make me wonder if this is how parents of school shooters are treated.

But this was just a movie so it was meant to be a thriller so I don’t think anyone is going to take it seriously and parents still got blamed about Kevin go figure. He showed no signs that he was going to kill anyone (except the fact he got a bunch of bike locks and took them out of the box for his parents to see but how would anyone know what he was going to actually do with them?) nor was he violent except the fact he causes his sister to lose her eye by pouring some chemical in it. He might have been if his parents tried to be actual parents to him so that part is also irrelevant. According to peoples opinions online, the more Eva tried to bond with her son and kept on trying to show him love, the worse he got. So the mom was just being a “normal” parent and did what she was supposed to do so I can’t blame her there. How was she supposed to know it would make him worse?  But then at the end she finally figured out she had to be distance to her son and not bond or show love and that got through to him. But sadly she was too late.


9/11 Anniversary

Sunday, September 11th, 2016



It’s been 15 years since the planes have hit the Twin towers and crashed into the Pentagon and in a  field in Pennsylvania. Pretty much everyone knows where they were on that day and what they were doing when the plane hit the first tower.

I remember I was in bed sleeping when my dad comes in telling me they were talking about planes crashing. I  of course got annoyed with him because I was not interested in hearing about a disaster that happened somewhere in the world. That was his way of getting me up that morning. I remember he came in again a few more times and with my bitchy teen attitude, I yell at him about it saying I do not care.

Then I am out of bed and I get dressed and I see the towers are on fire. Oh pitiful. But I still don’t take notice. I have breakfast I remember and then I remember Dad taking us to school and then I go to choir for first class and there it is again. The TV is in the room and it’s turned on and there is the Twin towers again burning. Instead of warming up and singing, we have to watch this on TV and listen to the news anchor people talking and watching the video of the burning towers. I learn in that class the planes were actually hijacked. What’s hijacked? It’s when you take over the plane. How do you take over the plane, what happened? Oh the terrorists got control of the plane and flew them into the towers. Oh they did it because they hate us. Oh our country is under attack. Kids are excited about World War III had started, I get upset and scared. My aide decides to take me back to the resource room.

All day long I am in there because the teachers have the TVs on in there and have everyone watching it.

I still didn’t understand the big deal and why everyone was obsessing about it. Had everyone gone OCD this day and I was nor the normal one?

But lot of the kids didn’t seem to care either and were also sick of hearing it. I could remember them complaining about it and one girl got sick of hearing about terrorists and them going to attack our country.

Our Culinary Art teacher was stuck in Mexico for a few weeks and I had lots and lots of computer time in the resource room because there was no school work thanks to those darn terrorists. Also our school principal made the Freshamn take down the Twin Towers from their homecoming float.

And I remember being called cold hearted for this day. Lots of teens this day were all cold hearted so I don’t feel guilty. I assume this must have been a kid and teen thing. I did 9/11 jokes back then and I saw them on Reddit yesterday.

This was the song my school played for this attack and we heard it a lot.

It’s been 15 years and over 3,000 people died. Families lost their loved ones, parents lost their kids, kids lost their parents,.people lost their friends and it’s now a nuisance to get through security in airports and what you can bring on the plane and you can no longer go to the gate with your family or friends when they take off. You can no longer go and watch planes land and take off.

RIP everyone who died on this day.