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Sorry, Trump supporter, I can’t be your friend anymore.

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

I also feel the same way. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt but now either you are an idiot or you just are a hateful person.

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Cartoon Credit: Unknown.

A few days ago, I unfriended an old Facebook friend because I couldn’t handle her constant pro-Trump memes and posts anymore.  Later, she asked me why I unfriended her.  I decided to be honest.  She replied that she thought I was being silly for unfriending people over something as shallow as politics.

But she missed the point.   I didn’t unfriend her because I didn’t agree with her politics.  Because it’s not about mere politics.  It’s not about Democrat vs. Republican.   It’s not about liberal vs. conservative.   It’s not about right vs. left.

It’s about good vs. evil.

It’s about whether you’re on the side of the bullies and sociopaths and applaud their scorched earth terrorist tactics vs.  being a decent fucking human being.  It’s about whether you’re on the side of a wealthy group of selfish criminals vs.  the average Joes and Janes just trying to get…

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My son refusing to read and do math

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

My son is always finding shortcuts or the easy way out. He can read and knows his alphabet and sounds but his reading is at the kindergarten level. He is going into the second grade and I am, worried about him. Second grade has a lot of reading and once I started it, I picked up on reading quickly because lot of subjects required reading despite my poor reading comprehension so I always got Cs, I would be lucky if I got a B. But my son is so willful. He will not read at all. He won’t read a book, won’t do math work he thinks has a lot of problems. I have tried paying him to do it, I have tried rewards, I have tried to take away electronics and all privileges and nothing works. He just mopes and acts up. I have tried computer games, tried this circus game the eshop has on the 3DS and he just doesn’t like to think hard. I caught him doing the easiest levels in the game and I told him that didn’t count because it was just giving him the answers and that isn’t teaching him to read or do math. Also when he does decide to read a book, he keeps picking the same ones he’s already read and he won’t read any new books.

I wonder how he is going to survive second grade when there will be lot of reading and writing and I might have to hold him back or move him to the first grade but then that means he will be eight in first grade.

My son also wants to be perfect and not make mistakes so he refuses to read new material saying it’s too hard. I tell him he is going to mess up and that is okay because it’s part of learning. He is going to say words wrong and mispronounce them but that is part of learning to read. That is how you get better and it becomes easier and easier.

Right now my son is doing literally nothing because I tell him he can’t do anything until he reads a book he hasn’t read yet.

I wasn’t this difficult as a child, when my mom told me to read a book, I would read a book and I also had to pick out a book I had not read yet. When she would have me do a workbook, I would do a couple of pages and I would be done. I didn’t fight it and I would be done in like a half hour. But not my son because he makes it last all day until i go to work because he fights it. Then he blames it all on me because I “wasted his day.” I have even tried books that were his interest and that didn’t work either, “too much words” even though the book is level 1. I even tried the library and he was enthusiastic and said he would read books he checks out but he then didn’t want to read them when I brought them home. Instead he only wanted to read the baby books his little sister checked out and then only wanted to read those because they had very little words each page.

I refuse to give into my child and I won’t let him cheat or take any short cuts. Even ABC Mouse doesn’t teach him to read because all it does is read to him, it doesn’t make him read the words nor does it teach him sounds and spelling. All it does is teaches him subjects. Not reading or math.


Sunday, June 10th, 2018

It’s been a while since I wrote a post here. I just got through reading a book I checked from the library and it was called iDisorder. On the cover is a photo of a smartphone with a person behind the screen and it makes me think of the Poltergeist title

The book is about how obsessed we have gotten with technology and how people can’t function without their phones and how they mimic mental disorders like OCD. “If I don’t check my messages, I might miss something important.”

But here is something I disagreed with, if it’s not phones people are obsessed with, they would be obsessed with other things, people text and drive, well they have been talking on their cell phones long before there was texting, people have done other stuff too like read books or do their make up or taking off their coats or sweaters looking at their road maps while driving. Before smartphones, parents were just reading a book than texting. Parents would just stand around and talk to other parents or to their friends than watching their kids, I remember those days. Smartphones are not really to blame, they are just something people are fixated on. I don’t get anxious if I don’t check my Twitter or my Facebook or my text messages. I am still old fashioned and I don’t spend hours texting or compulsively checking emails. I will do it when I have the chance, not be a prisoner to my own phone. But sadly I think it has come to a point where we are all expected to be be glued to our phones and compulsively check our messages because of what has changed. If you have a job where you need to respond quickly to your boss or co workers, you have to check your phones whenever you get a text or an email because it could be from them.

I don’t think kids need a smartphone and I don’t plan on giving our kids one until they are teens. I can just call or text the parents if my children were at someone’s house. Yes I have had to go to my son’s school to get my phone when i left it there than getting it the next day because I need it for work and to contact my boss and because it has his number in it. But kids don’t need to check their phones all the time because one they are not employed and two, they don’t have a demanding job where they are working on projects and have to keep in touch with their co workers and boss. Before smartphones, we had pagers and used those. Before texting, kids did note passing. This is nothing new, we have just evolved. Instead of reading books, people do it on their phones now because we have ebooks. Before you could put music on your phones, people used ipods or had walkmen or a CD player. Before smartphones, people were playing their Gameboys or anything electronic. Before smart phones and watching TV on them, kids were already planted in front of the TV set.

I think the author was just blaming phones too much on how society is now and I wanted to tell him what people were doing before smartphones but now we can all do them on the phone now. Hey before smart phones, people were doodling, now they have their phones to mess around with. As technology evolves, so do humans. Take away all the phones in the world, people will just find other ways that will impair them. Before GPS, I was just writing down directions on how to get to places and looking at the paper while driving by glancing at it. Now it’s the GPS to look at.