How to get misdiagnosed with BPD

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

I read that women are more likely to be diagnosed with BPD. I have thought of something.

What if Jerry ghosting me had traumatized me so much it made me fear abandonment so I was clingy to my husband and very needy and always wanted him around and never liked to let him out of my site. I always had to call him to be sure he was around because I was so worried about being ghosted again. Then let’s say I was seeing a therapist for this problem. I tell her this and then I tell her about my history. Psychologist visits always go over your childhood and history.

So what if I had said how suicidal I was in my teens and in 6th grade and always talking about killing myself and even threatening it and wanting to punish my family by wanting to kill myself so they will be sorry. Also what if I said I always talked about killing myself whenever I got mad at myself. Then what if I had talked about my self harm I did when I was 16 and show my three scars on my left hand. Then what if I had talked about the time I had nearly burned down the family barn because I was so upset because I lit the trash on fire next to the rotted wood from the rotted corals my parents had torn down. The trash and the wood had burned and then the grass burned too and it got near the barn and didn’t go any further.

What if I had also said my mom and others would say how I didn’t care about others but myself. The psychologist would see lack of empathy in me and me difficulty feeling it for others.

Now does this sound like BPD so far? Can you see how a therapist might think of me as having BPD and also the fact I am a female?

Also I can understand now that one website about how not to get diagnosed with BPD and how to get a different diagnoses instead. I think it could have been talking about how to avoid that misdiagnoses because it can look that way sometimes so hence the misdiagnoses.

Also I was very mad in my junior year of high school and hostility is one of the symptoms of BPD.

Also what if I had expressed how I fear rejection so I tend to avoid making friends and approaching people because I fear I would not be liked. This could be seen as a symptom of BPD for fear of rejection and fear of abandonment. Also what if I talked about both relationships I had with Jayden and Jerry, both were bad and unstable so that would be another strike against me leading to the diagnoses.

No doctor should be making a quick diagnoses and this is why. But the thing is I display none of this now except for fearing rejections and having two bad relationships and I didn’t need treatment for this to go away. So what would have happened if I had gotten diagnosed with this? The label would have followed me and it would have affected my doctor visits in the future because it would have been in the system about my list of disorders I have. They would have looked at me differently and affect how they approach me and maybe take me less seriously thinking it was the BPD talking. I think that is what that one article may have actually been about for how to avoid a BPD diagnoses. Plus if any doctor is quick you slap a diagnoses on you, find yourself a new doctor.





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