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“That’s cheating.”

Monday, May 1st, 2017

That is what my six year old son said when I told him I used the walkthrough to find all the chests and Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild.  But how is him asking me for help in the game any different than consulting a walkthrough? You’re still getting your answers but because we have internet now, we have no use asking someone for help in the game if you can look it up. I spent most of my time in the game treasure hunting and looting chests and getting Korok seeds to build up my inventory until I maxed them out and I did Shrines to get spirit orbs so I could trade them in to get heart containers and stamina until I maxed that out. I just wanted to be prepared for the final battle and I got over my fear of Guardians and they’re easy now to deal with because I am equipped now. I have good shields and stronger weapons and the master sword and I parry to defeat them. I can’t do that with wooden shield but I can with medal ones that are strong and ancient shields.


I know it’s possible to beat Ganon in the castle with three hearts and no armor and no good weapons because there have been videos about it from players doing it but they are so good at playing they can do it without needing any armor and other gear when going to the castle because they get it all there and defeat Ganon without any armor and they do that in a speedrun and plus some people online have said they “accidentally” beat the game when they were exploring the castle and they ended up in the battle room so instead of resetting the game, they decide to beat Ganon and then they are out in the field and then they defeat him again as the beast and bam game ends. My son wants me to get him to the castle but I tell him I can’t do that because he isn’t equipped to go there and he will die from all those guardians and enemies and he doesn’t have the Master Sword and he only has four heats. He isn’t good enough either to do the castle with very little hearts and lack of armor and lack of meals. if I can’t do it, neither could he because he isn’t good at gaming either. But those people who “accidentally” beat the game without doing any four of the dungeons must be good at playing too or they would have died in the castle with very little hearts and armor and items and no Master Sword and strong weapons because the enemies would be too strong and there are a bunch of guardians. I see the game has made this for all levels like for beginners and intermediates and experts players. The experts can do the castle first and beat Ganon so they are able to do the speedrun. Some even manage to explore the castle first before playing the rest of the game and I wonder how they even survive the place so they must be expert players too. I would have been dead from all those beams and enemies with their strong weapons and having lot of health and my weapons would have been too frenzy to defeat them and they would all break before they’re dead. But I am sure some do it later in the game when they have more hearts and stronger weapons and more items and meals and better armor. I waited until I maxed out my weapon and bow and shield stash and max out my meals to do it and I had 24 hearts and had Ancient Armor that was Guardian Resistant but I was missing the head piece so I had the bottoms and the middle but not the top. I waited before I felt equipped to do it. I always like to be prepared for everything because I don’t know how hard it’s going to be.

I wish I could get my son to understand this about why I won’t help him with the castle and why he isn’t equipped for it. I tell him I am not good at it to do it like some people are because I will just die in the castle and so will he. I will even die before I even get there because of so many guardians. I wonder if Nintendo did that on purpose and it was meant to keep players away until they have more armor and weapons and more hearts and stamina but some have managed to get though there with three hearts and no armor and very little weapons. But you can get in the castle through the back by using cryonis to get across the moat to the underground of the castle where the docks are and some have managed to go up the pillars but it’s very difficult to do that because you can’t climb them. But then there are a bunch of skywatchers and guardians at the castle on the outside.


My Mario Maker 3DS review

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

My opinion about this game:

I think it sucks you can’t use the same game cartridge on multiple 3DS systems because it makes you erase the current memory to create the new memory for your SD card. What is the freaking point in cartridges if you can only use it on one game system and lock the save data to that game system than in the card only like it’s always been? So i can only play it on my son’s system

Also the levels you get from other users are all from 2015 and you can’t view profiles on it and you don’t even ahve your own. Also you can only exchange levels you made through streetpasses. Also the game doesn’t mark the levels you played you complete or played. Also you can’t even star a level. It’s not like the WiiU version. You can’t even search courses either.

So is it worth getting this game? It’s up for you to decide after reading this review. My son still likes it. He only cares about playing levels and creating them.

No more My Nintendo sort of

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Their prizes their suck. They have sucked since the place had opened. They don’t offer good prizes and the games they offer I already have or don’t want, especially the discounts. The only good prizes they have offered so far was the Zelda Picross so I worked hard everyday earning points to get it. They sometimes offer Mii outfits for Miitomo but if I am not going to be playing the game very much, I don’t care about the outfits and hats. It’s a new month now and they still didn’t offer any new game selects. The only good game discount prize I see is Star Fox 64 and I hadn’t gotten that game yet so I have until December 1st to get it.

New Music Obsessions

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

I go through cycles of favorite songs where I play a same song over and over. Here are the ones I have been listening to lately:

For some reason as young teen, this song always annoyed me because the game played it too much. But then again they played lot of the songs too much it was like they couldn’t come up with any other songs for the game so they reused them for their levels. Big Boo’s Haunt was the only level with its own song.

For some reason the beginning of this song sounds like it’s farting. But it was one of my favorite Beach Boys songs when I was seven.

Things I am already tired of in Mario Maker

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

This is the game I have been playing and I have been playing it everyday and have uploaded some levels and deleted a few because I didn’t really like them. One of them was my son’s but it’s just spammed with platforms and enemies and items. I never liked his course TBH. My best ones so far I have created are Mario Bros retro and Vine to the Exit. The rest I have made are not really my favorite so I am trying to work on a cool level and I hope people will like it and it gets lot of stars. I will download other levels sometimes to see how they created them and the homes or buildings. Now on with what I am tired of already.

Automatic courses:

This is so boring now. I want to play the level, not watch Mario beat it on his own. It’s a waste of my time and these levels do come in handy for 100 Mario Challenges. But I decided to start skipping these levels.

Just run courses:

This is also getting boring so I am going to start skipping these soon too because they are also like the automatic courses except you hold down the run button and the D pad to make him move.

Musical levels:

I want to play the level, running across the bottom of the screen while enemies hit the note blocks to make musical notes is not playing the level if there are no enemies or obstacles. I did come across one of them where you had to jump at the very end and I thought that was clever. I should have given that level a star for the creativity and original work.

Australia is a bad place to live when you want to get games from the eshop

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

I found out that Australia has very limited releases in their eshop while Japan, North American and Europe have all these game selections in the eshop. People in Australia would use the UK eshop for gaming selections before Nintendo changed it.

You can find their eshop game listings here:

I feel sorry for all the Nintendo fans in Australia. I know they find ways around it like having a European 3DS so they can use the UK eshop but that means they would have to buy European 3DS games. I don’t know what they do about their WiiU now because Nintendo also changed that loop with their system update. It used to be they would switch regions with their eshop and then Nintendo did an update where your system locks with a region and you lose all your games if you bought them in a different region so if I were to use the Canadian eshop and bought a game from there and then switched it back to my US eshop, I would lose the games i bought from the Canadian eshop. Your system locks when you select a country with your Nintendo Network ID and you need that to download demos and to buy games and to participate in Miiverse. I guess Nintendo did this to avoid the region exploit. I remember when I connected my Network ID I created on WiiU to my 3DS and then it showed the games on my wiiU wishlist in my eshop on my 3DS system and also when I add funds, it also shows in my WiiU eshop so that way I won’t have to add any separate funds. That makes it easier. But I cannot change regions or I lose all my stuff. I have probably over $300 worth of games I have bought including the Ambassador NES games I got for free and DLC games I have bought and that includes the MewTwo I got for free from Club Nintendo and other eshop games I got with my coins from it.

But I still can’t stop feeling sorry for those Australians and anyone who lives down there.

Song sampling in Nintendo music?

Monday, September 28th, 2015

I sometimes think Nintendo uses music sampling for their songs in video games. I know they use sounds they find  in the sound library and put them in their music like they did with the chanting for the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time and it can be heard in other games too as well.

This song here sounds like it’s from Baby’s Day Out when it gets to around 0:14 and it’s only the beginning music.

Also in the Lon Lon Ranch song, part of it sounds like “Silver Bells” where we sing “City sidewalks, busy sidewalks.”

You can hear it at the part, 0:09.

Even if it’s not called a music sample, they sure seem to use the same tune, just only a little part of it for their songs.

The chanting song

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Remember when Nintendo released Ocarina of Time, people got offended by the chanting so they had to recall all the games and remake the song and release the new copies? That was what they did before they went digital so now instead of recalling all the games and having everyone send their game back and sending them a replacement of the game, they can now fix the bugs or fix anything errors they missed in the game and now all we have to do is download the update and sometimes it’s automatic or the system doesn’t let you play the game unless you do an update. The con part is it takes up memory.

Here is the original of the Fire Temple song people took offense to. I always thought it sounded Native American.

Here is the politically correct version:

Why were people offended by the chanting? According to the youtube comments about the original version, it had to do with the translation of the chanting and with Muslims and with religion.

But Nintendo had decided to speak up about it in 2012:

So apparently what I heard about their reason for the removal was untrue because Nintendo had created both versions before the release and they did it to avoid controversy, they didn’t make the change after the release and then fix the issue due to public outcry.

But I no longer have the cartridge with the original because I recently traded it in because I was going to get it on the 3DS which I did.

You know what sucks?

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Losing a Zelda game. I had just gotten Majora’s Mask this past June and I was at the Water Temple and then I just stopped playing it shortly before our trip. I thought I had it in my game case with my other games I keep in my purse and then I discover it’s gone. Last time I remember my son was playing it so I figure he probably lost it. I know it was in my room and I remember the time he dumped all my games out on the floor and I made him pick them up and I told him that is not how he treats my games or otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to play them anymore. Then later I saw my daughter with one of the games so I took it from her and put it away with the rest of the games. I cleaned my room looking for that Zelda game thinking it was laying around somewhere when my son dumped them out but i didn’t see it. I was a little upset and I figured, “oh well I will have to start all over with my quest when I repurchase it again.” That is what happens when you have kids, things get lost and I have lost several of my game files through my son already including one of my Zelda files or two from the DS games and he erased my Super Mario World file that was complete 100% and the special world was completed, my first boyfriend did that. Then he erased the file again when I had to start over so I told him i was done with that game I won’t play it ever again if he is going to be deleting files and not listening to me. I know it was an accident but I was teaching him a lesson about not listening. I can be all or nothing person, if something bad happens, I am done and won’t have anything to do with it again. I had to think of a harsh thing, not let him play any video games with files on them until he can read. I wish we could put in a PIN number before deleting files so that will make it a lot easier for us parents. Maybe that technology will come soon. I had even decided to not let him play my Majora’s mask game because I don’t want him to accidentally delete my file on it too after I tell him what not to push and where not go to and he still does it anyway sometimes. But what if he did play it anyway and he accidentally deleted my file and he panicked so he hid the game and now is saying he doesn’t know where it is and last he saw it was next to his 3DS in my room? Which is why I won’t let him play that game and say it’s my game only and he can play it when he is older when I buy it again. But if the game does show up again, then it can be his to keep and will be only his and I wouldn’t have to worry if he accidentally deletes his own file or my old one.

Yeah I know, do not let your illiterate kids play with your video games that have files on them. Even if you tell them what not to push and where not to go and even if you are careful, it can still happen. It would be nice if we could put parental locks on deleting files. Kids don’t always listen. But I pick my battles, if I hadn’t played a game in for so long for years, then it’s not too big of a deal that he accidentally erased it. Or if I haven’t played the game because I got stuck on it because it got too hard so I lost interest, not a big deal. But it still frightens me because he could do that to my other games I am still playing and he could do the same to those which is why I have to make a big deal about it than brushing it off.

One of my other favorite Kirby songs

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

I first heard this in Kirby 64 and I enjoyed the song.

The original:

Here is the second version. It almost sounds as identical to the first one.

Final one:

Too bad they didn’t do anymore of these.