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Update on my toenails

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

Awhile back I posted this

This is what my toe nails look like now:

It no longer hurts and I feel nothing on it.


Broken toe nails

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

I have two broken toe nails. The right one gets sore so I feel pressure down there under the nail and around it on the right side. Last time I had split toe nails was three years ago and one of them eventually fell of while I was in the shower and it was on my right toe. The other one I used toe nail clippers to cut it off. This time I had an infection near my toe nail on my right toe and I had my mom look at it and she said something got inside and it got infected and told me to soak it in hot water. I did just that. I did tear out a piece of skin so it got infected. Then it treated it and then it got this stuff built up around it and it would get all pussy when I would pick at it and then it would smell. Then eventually another toe nail started to grow under the current toe nail and then it eventually started to lift it up and I noticed the split at the bottom when I looked at it because it felt funny. But the other one feels fine. Here are my broken toe nails.

Right toe:

See the dirt trapped under the nail at the bottom right.

Left toe:

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