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My son said something intellectual

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

I picked my son up from school and we were listening to the Rugrats Christmas album. He asks me about what was it like when Tommy had no friends. I tell him there was never a time when he didn’t have any. He asks me about his age and when they first met and his birthday. I tell him Tommy turned one in the very first episode and all the other babies were there and Angelica and she always wore diapers over her pants. I never underdtood it but she doesn’t wear them anymore in the later seasons starting with the second one. She also has a birthday in the later seasons around season 3 and she turned three so that would have made her two and a half in the early seasons. But I never understoid diaper over her pants part and everyobe always said it was underwear. No it wasn’t because it was a diaper.

Now here is the good part, my son tells me diapers are a type of underwear. I play dumb and ask him “Who told you that?” And he said he just knows. I say I didn’t know that and he told me babies wear underwear but that is their underwear.


I thought I got another speeding ticket

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

I got the mail today and I saw one addressed to my dad’s retired business. I knew there was something coming in the mail for it because Dad told me. so I open it and it’s a speeding ticket. I thought “it looks like I got another ticket” and I look at it and wonder when was I going fast and I look at the location and the date and time and I told my husband about it. He asked me “Where were you going on October 19th at 12:44 PM?” and I had no idea. I then look at the ticket again and the cost and then look at the other paper and I see a photo and it’s a red car and another woman. I look at the ticket again at the car type and the year says 2015 so I knew it wasn’t my ticket. The car belonged to my brother and it’s under my dad’s business name so I figured it was his girlfriend in the photo and she had her face covered. There was no indication she had something in her hand and my husband said she was scared and was trying to hide. I look at the ticket again and see it’s a speeding ticket and she was going 45 instead of 30. I told my husband that road used to be 40 MPH but they lowered it to 30 MPH and I have seen cameras on that road and lighting flashes.

So I had to call my brother to let him know about the ticket and he said he would get it tomorrow when he drops off the white truck. I was relieved because it wasn’t my ticket and I didn’t have to worry about having another ticket and paying and it wasn’t me that did the speeding.

My husband was worried it was his sister but I told him the Saab is a ’97 and this car is a 2015. I bet he was relieved too because his sister is poor.

Those idiots at work

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

I knew about the alarm testing they will do today but they never said anything about testing elevators and I didn’t think they would make them all out of service when us janitors have a job to do. I have to go on different floors for my task and they shut down all the elevators while I am heading to second floor so my cart gets stuck on second floor making it impossible for me to do my composting and recycling. I tell the elevator testers I have work to do and I need my cart and I need to do the daycares and I get off at nine and don’t have time to wait until eight. They are like “we are trying” and I decide aw screw it, I will just grab all the trash liners I need and bring them with me so I bring all three roles. I do the trashing and then I have to do multiple trips to the basement to dump the trash in the dumpster. Then the elevators are back in service again so i bring my vacuum up to the second floor to get my cart but they go out again so I carry the vacuum and the big trash bags to the first floor to the other daycare. I was fuming about all this because how could they be so stupid and not consider people are still working and leave one of the elevators open for us. So I do the other daycare and I carry the trash again to the basement doing multiple trips and then the elevators were back in service by the time I was done but I had no time to do the composting so I just clock out. Also worst of all, they decided to shut down elevator A and my cart was on there so I leave a note on the door telling them my cart is there and I have anxiety and will freak out if I don’t have my cart the next day because I need it to do my job and change is very hard for me to deal with. I also wrote to put the cart in the janitor closet on the 5th floor. I tell the security about it as I leave the building and told him I left a note on the door about it. All he said was he will see what they can do.

I hope my cart will be there when I get to work or otherwise my job will be nearly impossible to do correctly and it will sure take me a hell lot longer to get my work done if I have to do multiple trips to the basement and go around carrying the compost or bringing down recycling and then going back and putting the liners in the bins again.

If my boss tells me how I “forgot” to do the composting and recycling, I will tell him I did not forget, those dumb people decided to shut down all the elevators trapping my cart on the second floor and then in the elevator when I tried to bring it to the 5th floor when they were in service again and they decided to shut down elevator A while leaving the others working again after their testing. And I ran out of time when I could do the composting because it was time to clock out by the time I got done with the daycares and it took me multiple trips to bring the trash down there and that is how much time I lost doing it because of no working elevators and no cart.

Do people even think when they decide to do tests and stuff? Leave one working elevator so people can do their job and get it done. If I knew about all the elevators shutting down, I wouldn’t have brought my cart up and if I knew they were going to shut down elevator A, I wouldn’t have put my cart on there too leaving it.

That was one bad day I had at work so in protest I just didn’t do my whole job or else I would have had a meltdown and panic attacks because of the change and it was a lot of change in my routine. I haven’t felt that mad in a long time and I wanted to yell at everyone about it.

Edit: I went to work and my boss was there after his trip and he didn’t say anything to me about not doing the composting and recycling.


They did something with those trees

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Remember when I wrote about the trees blocking the stop lights in the right lane. I voiced my concern to the city and this weekend I drove by there again and I could see the stoplights and I noticed the bottom of the trees had been trimmed and there were more cars in the right lane now. I felt proud of myself for making a change. I couldn’t see them full view but I knew they were there because I could see the arrow light and the other stoplight and there was enough time to notice them to stop when the light is red or yellow.

Never go to Goodwill

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

This year I decided to save on Halloween costumes by not going to Spirit Halloween and spending 50 bucks on a kid’s costume or even going on Amazon and spending that much so I went to Goodwill. I had my daughter pick out a costume and it was a Frozen costume and my son already had a costume he picked out few a month back and we bought him the hat for it at Spirit Halloween which was only 15 bucks.

I went to Goodwill today with my kids and ended up buying other things because it’s so hard to resist not looking at other stuff and buying it. I got Wii Fit Plus for ten bucks and I got a unopened building set of Shopkins and found a Barbie set never been opened, and found a Disney Princess Leappad 2 and got it for my daughter and it included the carry case for it, I also found shoes in my size with rollers on it and a dumbell I needed for work outs so I wouldn’t have to go to the gym for it anymore and I got spider webs and it was two for 99 cents. I also got a Halloween decoration for two bucks and three Ty Beanies. I ended up spending 75 bucks. I also got a leapad game too and I am not sure what happened with it but it was only two bucks and it’s probably still in the bag.

Never go to Goodwill if you don’t want to spend more money than you are there for. And the good thing about it is when they have unopened items because stores sometimes get over inventory and they donate the rest of it to Goodwills here, and you also sometimes find vintage things or old unopened items and when buying used items, you’ve got to be careful. I saw a Wii remote with corroded batteries in it and I won’t buy any electronic devices that has corrosion in it. I also check board games for missing pieces if I am intending on buying it.  I also open games or DVD cases to check for scratches and missing discs or game cartridges. I love Goodwill because I can look for things I need and save money but I always end up buying more than I intended because of what I can find there. It takes will power. But I do not like the outlet stores.

The narcissistic psycho bitch

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

I have always liked Gale Weathers. So pretty and I just liked her. People also had a hostile attitude towards her when she would try and do her job and then she quits her job as a journalist and I would too if I kept pissing people off with it.  But I rewatched the movies again as an adult and I had a realization. She is not some innocent news reporter as I thought. She was all for fame, she didn’t care about anyone but herself, she had an agenda. People were not hostile with her just because, they could see right through her and knew she had an agenda. That is what made her a bitch, that is why they were reacting negative towards her, that is why Sydney had assaulted her twice. I realized she was a narcissist. She was so self absorbed and she wanted to be admired and only did things to get fame. She did not save Sydney because she cared and wanted to help, she did it for her fame so she can write a book about it and be a hero and be admired. She sees niceness as weakness so she puts on this bitch persona. But Dewey could see right through it and knew she was not this cold hearted lady and incapable of empathy. He saw her as a lonely lost girl. That sounded condescending when he told that to Jennifer Jolie. I see that meaning as Dewey sees her as a child and has emotions of one and she does what she does to get the attention she needs just cause she is lonely and all she needs is someone to notice her and like her for who she is. Jennifer Jolie saw her as a narcissistic psycho bitch and of course Dewey defends her by saying he doesn’t think she is that and thinks she has a good heart and she is a lonely lost girl and sees niceness as weakness and doesn’t want anyone to see that in her. I even wonder if Gale had some fucked up childhood it made her the way she is and someone did do a Fanfiction about it where they had her tell Dewey about her childhood and it was horrible. Was an accident so she was unwanted, got raped and it was blamed on her by her own mother, and was always treated horribly by her family and then she goes off to New York and goes to school for journalism and decides no one will ever see the true her and she will get fame and be admired. Of course in the movie Gale has let her guard down and actually show empathy when Dewey would give her attention for her as a person, not because of her fame and what she does in her career, and when she would want to solve the ghostface murder and she wasn’t doing that for fame. I do not think she has NPD and her character has evolved throughout the franchise and in the fourth movie, she has moved onto fictional writing no longer writing about the ghostface killings or the Woodsboro murders. But this is only Hollywood where you can actually cure someone by giving them what they need and bam they stop being this bad person. That is why I say she didn’t have NPD.

Also the reason why Sydney was so hostile towards Gale and wouldn’t talk to her was because she wrote about her mother in her book and made up stuff based on her theories and made money off of it than sticking to the facts. Sure other journalists and investigators have written about murders but they stick to the facts and respect the victims families and change their names and facts for privacy and I doubt they all do it for money and they only do it because they know people will be curious and want to read about it. Gale only did it for fame and to make money and she made up stuff in her book and didn’t respect the victim’s family. Sydney could see right through it and now I understand why she assaulted her when she told her “I will send you a copy.”


Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers. Even she thinks her own character was a bitch and very manipulative and she had to work very hard to get the part. I can’t believe she was my age when she acted in the first movie.


Saturday, September 16th, 2017

I emailed the city and they got back to me a day later saying the area I reported was in another town so they gave me a number to call. Here everything is conjoined so it’s hard to tell when you enter a new city and where the city boundary line is. It took me about a week to call them because I hate making phone calls. But it turned out well and they are going to take care of those branches that block the traffic light from the driver’s sight.

Also yesterday  I was on my way to the gym when I accidentally took the usual route I always took to get there I have been avoiding. I had been avoiding going that way because of the school zone. But I realized I was going that way so I remembered there was a school zone there so when I see the 20 speed limit sigh, I noticed the words “when flashing” and there were two orange lights above it not turned on. I was so happy they had finally changed it. It used to be Speed 20 school days 7AM-5PM and it would be very confusing. Okay I see cars there so does that mean they are having school? My son doesn’t have school today so do I still need to go 20 and are they having school? When does their school start again? This is what I mean by how confusing this all was until they changed it to lights and now you only go 20 MPH when the lights are flashing. That makes it a lot easier and not so confusing. Plus that takes care of autopilot so no more forgetting to slow down and worrying about forgetting to slow down. That was why I was avoiding go by that school because of speed 20 school days 7AM-5PM sign. I wonder if someone also reported it and they changed it to only when flashing. Now I can go through that area without anymore worries.

I can now see why my mother hated this show

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017



When I was 11, my mom tried to get me to stop watching Rocko’s Modern Life and all those years I just thought it was because she didn’t like the show. Just recently I discovered it on TV again and it’s on Nick Splat so I like to record them to watch later. The first episode I had watched when I started seeing it again was where Rocko wakes up one morning and finds his dog Spunky missing. So he is looking for him and then he hears some squeaky sound in the kitchen pantry so he opens the door and there he is with his mop and a white puddle on the floor. I knew what the white stuff was and I knew what he was doing with the mop. But my kids didn’t pick up on it and I wouldn’t tell them. I totally understood now why my mother hated this show. It had adult content in it and this was something kids would not pick up on. They would just think he likes the mop and uses it as a comfort object and his owner is trying to take it away from him like how a parent tries to take the comfort object away from the child. Still I don’t understand the fuss my mother made about the show, did she think us kids would pick up on this stuff?

We watched the whole episode and it had adult content in the whole thing and I knew the mop was more than a comfort object and the pet psychologist was having sex with it and fell in love with it too and took it out on a date while Spunky finds a female dog and falls in love but at the end of the episode it turns out it wasn’t the female dog he was staring at, it was the fire hydrant. I was surprised they would put that on a kid’s show but that also tells me they did that to also entertain adult audience because they figured parents would be watching it with their kids so they will mind as well entertain them too. But I have not noticed any other adult content in any other episodes other than seeing a clip on Nick Spat facebook page about the show and it was where Rocko’s car calls him from the car yard where it got impounded too saying she needed him to come and bail her out now and there was another car saying something to her. The words for the video was how many of us missed this as a kid and I was still confused what I was missing so I read the comments and learned Rocko’s car was about to be raped by the other car and they were making a jail reference because inmates rape other inmates in the cell.


But yeah kids do not notice these things and I still don’t understand what parents worry about so they feel the need to ban shows in their home.

Boy how scary

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

I was driving home from Goodwill after returning something and getting other things in exchange when I get to the stoplight except I couldn’t see it because the trees were blocking it. The reason why I knew the stoplights were there is because I go by there all the time and I saw the red arrow light for the left only turn lane. But it made me concerned about another person, someone else could be driving through there and not know the section well so they might not know there is a stoplight there and by the time they see the light finally, they might not have a quick enough reaction to stop and they would have to slam on their breaks to not go through the red light and that can also cause a collision too if the driver behind them also didn’t know there was a red light. That also made me think someone coming from anything ave could get hit by someone running the red light because they didn’t see it in the right lane they were driving in. Plus even if you know the area well, you don’t even now if the light is red or green if you are in the right lane and you have to look at the arrow to determine what color the light is.

So I contacted the city by emailing them because I couldn’t figure out what number to call. I couldn’t find a number about stoplights or signs being invisible from the road. Also i am not even sure what town this was in because where I live has a bunch of cities in one area and they all conjoin so it’s hard to tell when you have entered another city and where the city boundaries are.  Like do my kids see their doctor in another town or in the city we live in now? I have no idea what town their hospital is in in what city boundary.

But that section sure concerned me. Someone might not be paying attention so they don’t see the arrow light from the right lane or they might not have a quick enough reaction to slam on their breaks and that can also cause them to be rear ended. If I am coming from any Ave, I will mind as well treat that area as a stop sign in case someone comes zooming through the light because they didn’t see it due to the trees.

So glad to have my own room again

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

It’s like I got my old room back. I remember when my mom moved my husband to the basement and have it meant to be a family area too for our kids and she moved me into my husband’s old bedroom and they moved into my old room from the basement. I realized the bedroom was bigger than the room down in the basement because they could fit all their clothes in there and their stuff than having half of it in the laundry room.  Then when my son turned five, I got moved to the basement and my son got his own room. He moved into my new old bedroom. that was once my husband’s. But for the past year I had been sleeping on the couch in the living room because my husband snores and it was like I didn’t have a bedroom. I got used to not having one because I didn’t need one. I only needed a place to sleep. All my clothes were in the laundry room and my stuff was in the basement too and some of it was in the living room. My mom felt so bad I had to be on the couch but I told her I didn’t get kicked out of my room, my husband just snores. So now I am back in my room and my parents are still moving out of there. All my clothes are up there and my dresser and the TV and my Amiibos and ROB and I have my WiiU in there and the game chair and my Wii and WiiU games and the Wii Fit board and the yoga mat and the Wii controllers and accessories and my Shopkins and keychains. but I won’t get both closets back because my parents will be using one of them for their clothes because they have so many they can’t fit them all out there in their dresser and RV and storage bins. Plus I think they will leave their chest in there and they left their big bed in there. They also left two of their dressers in there so I was able to fit my clothes in there and blankets but I had to put my jeans on the floor in my closet and some shirts because my mom still has her clothes in the bottom drawer and she doesn’t want me touching it. She is someone who likes her things to stay where she has them and not have them moved to another spot for her to go through while my Dad doesn’t mind tossing things into boxes just to get them out of there and go through later. I am the same way. I also got rid of some of my clothes too while moving them all upstairs. I also have too many of them but my mom has more than me. I also got rid of my nursing bras because they got too big for me. I mostly wear sport bras now and I have C cup bras. Nursing shrunk my boobs. Now they are deflated and saggy and when I lay on my back, I look flat chested and they feel like skin when I touch them and squeeze them.

My husband is thinking of moving his computer upstairs to the living room and I told him he better not bring his mess up here. We could move the computer desk up here too and the basement could be his bedroom now and a game room for the old games but I might move the little TV up to my room and maybe one of the IKEA shelves. I am still moving in my new bedroom.