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Why people fear what they don’t understand

Monday, February 19th, 2018

For ages and centuries, people who are different have always been treated bad. Deformed or disabled babies would be left to die out in fields, blacks have been used as slaves, Native Americans were treated as animals and non human, we had circus freak shows because we decided to turn deformed people into a display for everyone to look at. Now people still judge others who are different and still criticized something that is different or shun awkward people even though they are “normal” and judge them and single them out.

Why do these things happen?

My speculation here is we are animals. Animals fear what is different than their own species so they run away and don’t let you near them or they attack when feel threatened. That is how they protect themselves because they don’t know if you will harm them and that is how they protect themselves from danger, they stay in their own pack. Us humans are the same way because we are animals. But because we are animals, people get this irrational fear about other humans who are different and don’t act like them. So their brain sees danger and instead of running away or attacking, they judge and criticize instead and find the person weird. That is their brain telling them danger, keep away, stick with their own kind, reject.
But we are human and we can think, humans over the years have taken time to try and understand those that are different like black people or Native Americans, obesity, transgender, homosexuality, disorders, mental illnesses, deformities, diseases. because humans started to get more understanding, slavery ended, mental institutions got phased out, people quit going to freak shows so those phased out, parents started to quit putting their handicapped children in institutions, there were actually humans out there that wanted to take the time to learn and understand, other animals don’t have that cognitive ability but we do.

It is still frowned upon to want to know why people do evil things or why people believe in disturbing things like the Holocaust hoax or Hitler being a good man or obesity being a good thing, why parents abuse their children, why abusers abuse their partners, why do people dismiss abuse, why do people think rules don’t apply to them. If anyone asks why any of these things happen and why people believe in this stuff, they don’t want to know the answer because when you answer it, they think you are defending them. But when I ask, I want to know these things. Why is it in some countries getting raped is illegal and why is it the woman’s fault?

I always try to make sense of things like why do people always assume the parents are abusive when the kid is abusive and a bully? My answer to that is because kids are seen as innocent and most of the time kids have behavior because they are abused, small percentage of them have a mental illness eg. sociopath RAD, ODD, Conduct disorder, Bipolar, read that somewhere online. Also another reason is because people who say these kids are victims, they were abused themselves as children so they also had behavior and their parents played the victim and painted them as monsters and out of control kids and said they were pathological liars so the doctor would end up being manipulated by their lies so of course they would automatically side with the kid and assume the parents are lying.

I still remember at our 2002 family reunion in South Dakota, they had this drought going on in the Black Hills so they banned campfires. Well my family always had a family reunion tradition, campfires every night and they sit around it and chat and visit and even roast marshmallows. But we couldn’t do one but that didn’t stop us from doing our tradition so they would put a lantern in the middle and everyone would sit around it. They would even have it lit up and everyone would sit around it and talk. Strangers walking by would look at us and question us or even criticize us and we would tell them it’s our campfire since we can’t have one. This happened every night. People were like “WTF? What are those people doing sitting around a lantern, that isn’t normal, what is wrong with them?” My relatives kept saying to the same people it’s our campfire. Me as a 16 year old couldn’t understand why this was a big deal. It was just a lantern and we were just visiting each other and talking and that behavior is normal. But apparently sitting around a lantern is not but Dr. Phil defines normal as a behavior that does not interfere. This was one of them so this was normal. But other humans had objections do it because it was different.

If you do anything different, someone will notice and make a big deal about it. Asking is one thing but making it a big deal tells me they are intolerant to differences when the behavior is harmless. I remember back when I still lived in my apartment, I don’t think my son had been born yet but I was at a bus stop outside my work building and I was reading a newspaper. I didn’t want ink all over my hands and then get it on my face when i scratch myself there so I wore rubber gloves. This lady noticed it and asked me why I had on gloves so I told her it was so I wouldn’t get ink on my fingers and then get it all over me but instead of just accepting my answer and moving on, she started to make a big deal about it and kept questioning me about it and then repeating to herself about me wearing them and it didn’t take me long to feel annoyed by it. I already wanted her to shut up but thank goodness she was only a stranger and I wouldn’t have to deal with it long. the bus came and we both got on and she still made a big deal about it and thank god she sat in the back. Then it was all over. It felt like being in elementary school again where being different was not allowed or else kids thought you were weird and didn’t like you and you were a target for teasing. That woman was just immature because another adult would have just moved on from seeing something different.

This is the reason why kids with disabilities, transgender kids, homosexual kids are more likely to be bullied in school. They are all different and not “normal.” You have to be really different to not get harassed but if you look normal and act different, you get harassed.

We’re all animals but we are animals that can actually think and have the cognitive ability to learn and understand. Sometimes I wonder if some humans really don’t have this ability or if they are just willful.


My dieting

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness coach nor a nutritionist, I am just someone who reads.

I often hear from HAES and fat activists that dieting doesn’t work and they cause eating disorders.

I diet but I don’t use diet pills or use slim fast or use fitness bars, I don’t use any fad diet stuff. I am no fool, those have calories too so I know eating those is not going to help you lose weight or help maintain it. Eat too much of them, you will put it on. I also don’t fall for the “lose 20 pounds in a week” because I know that is bullshit and not healthy to lose weight that quickly. Companies like to pray on people who want to lose weight so they scam them and even food companies will mislead people too who also are trying to lose weight so they mark it as healthy or call it a fitness bar. Also don’t forget those TV dinners that claim to be lean or healthy. Calories people, and TV dinners are always unhealthy because they ate processed. Of course they would be labeled weight loss or fitness or lean or healthy because they are trying to trick you, they want to make money. I don’t bother with TV dinners or any fitness bars, or Slim Fast. All I did was eat less and had smaller portions, I didn’t start going on a diet. Well I did but you know what I mean right, I didn’t go vegan or go variegation or cut out foods from my diet. But I did cut out calorie drinks and only had it sometimes. I drank water instead.

When I lost 14 lbs, I lost weight very slowly, I let my self still eat and didn’t eat less everyday to drop the weight. I took it slowly and let it happen on its own. As of July, I weighed 127 and by October, I was down to 120. In March last year I was 134.

What exactly is dieting?

To me dieting is eating healthy, watching what you eat, eating food in moderation, eating sweets and junk food in moderation. It is also paying attention to calories so you can figure out how much you can eat or if you should pass. It is also watching what you drink and you drink calorie liquids in moderation.

Why do people gain it all back?

Diets are a permanent change in your lifestyle. It is not a temporary fix to your weight and then you go back to your old eating habits when you are satisfied at the weight you are at. It will all come piling on again when you go back to your old ways. When you lose the weight, you are eating less and watching what you eat and then the next step is to maintain the weight when you are happy at the weight you are now. You now have to add more to your diet and then once you see your weight is staying consistent, you keep that diet.

Another reason why people gain it all back, people can’t keep the change and they slip back to their old habits so their weight comes piling on again. It’s hard to keep that fitness attitude so people lose interest and they gain their weight back.

Do diets really not work?

My opinion why they don’t work, people try to eat healthy so they fall for all those weight loss scams about losing weight quickly and they buy “healthy” food and eat it not even realizing it has a lot of calories and they wonder why they are not losing any. They do not know about calorie count and lot of people underestimate how much they have. Most people do not pay attention to what they eat. Can you remember what you have had today, from morning to bedtime? What did you eat on Friday? It’s all about calories in and calories out. All you need to do is consume less calories than your body uses. It doesn’t matter how much healthy food you eat, it’s all about calories in and calories out.

Also same as my last question, people think diets are a temporary fix to weight loss. It’s not, it’s a lifestyle change. If a man stopped lifting weights, he would eventually lose his muscle mass. If I stopped working out, I would lose mine and my figure and eventually my weight would also pile back on gradually as my muscle mass decreases. Muscle uses more energy so the more you build, you higher your metabolism is. That would explain why I was losing weight while exercising and eating more food and still losing weight but very slowly. If I stopped working out, I would lose my muscle mass and I gain weight again and then the work outs have failed and how I eat.

Do diets cause eating disorders?

I looked it up online and couldn’t find any clear answers to support the claim but found these:

Dieting may not be the actual cause of eating disorders, but it’s clearly the number one cause of the onset of an eating disorder.

Claiming to be “on a diet” is a popular excuse given to cover up the presence of an eating disorder.

So do people with eating disorders call their unhealthy eating habits a diet? Do people with eating disorders create unhealthy eating habits and follow it?

The second link describes the difference between dieting and an eating disorder.

When I had an eating disorder, I did not get it from a diet. I developed unhealthy eating habits and it started out with my low self body image and not liking how it looked. The legs were too big, my butt was too big, I looked fat in the photos, my tummy is too big, my arms are too big, my thighs are huge. I did not like those at all so I tried to change it with weight loss than trying to find the right work outs to tone my body so I look good. My mom thinks I used food for control because I felt I didn’t have control over my life so I used food and it wasn’t about my body and weight. But that is her opinion. Did a diet cause me to have body image issues?

There was one autistic person who once wrote on Wrongplanet how she decided to eat healthy so she started to restrict food and do fad diets like cutting out certain foods and then only eating certain foods and before she knew it, she had become an anorexic and hadn’t realized it. It was her autism interest in health she started eating differently and instead it got her anorexia because she lost too much weight. Does that mean Autism causes eating disorders? Does OCD cause eating disorders too? Does body dysmorphia cause it too?

I don’t think rather dieting causing eating disorders or not should be an excuse to over eat or eat unhealthy but that is their business how they want to eat and how much they want to consume or what eating habits they have. My family doesn’t have the best eating habits either and I have days where I just eat lot of sugar and then it brings my weight back up to 120 again and I maintain it there with sugar. Without it, the weight just drops and I just eat more food again to keep my weight maintained in the 117-120 range. I have kept it in the 118-120 range lately since the holiday because of being around too much sweets and candy and I have a sweet tooth. But that is my own business too how I am eating. But we still make sure our kids eat healthy so we buy fruits and yogurt. The rest is just processed or meat products or bread products or pasta or fruit snacks or some sweets and chips. My mom buys healthier because she cooks it while my husband buys things he can cook quickly because of his feet and I don’t know how to cook. I say I try to eat healthy and I don’t like to buy sweets often or else I will just eat it and it will be the first thing I eat when hungry or when it’s breakfast or lunch time. I call that my diet. I know I have a sweet tooth and know how tempting it would be so I just don’t buy it because I know my limits. My husband will buy it and hide it and I don’t know about it. He doesn’t want to not buy it because of my lack of willpower so he hides it because he is being supportive about my weight and diet.

This girl explains why diets fail and it’s fad diets that don’t work:

Jump to 9:31.

My first audition

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

On January 27th I went to my first audition. I was nervous and the main person of the theater talked like MichaelAngelo. Other actors showed up and their ages were all over. I overheard a young guy say he was on a short film. I then knew he was an actor and has more training than me. There were lot of auditions and it was a cold read.I watched others auditions and I did too and had lot of fun. I did as many auditions as I could and we heard from the directors we are all good. I asked if I was good and they said I was. That is a comment I want to hear.

Then at the end they all got together and looked at our forms we filled out and they spent all evening picking roles and I got an email and was told I didn’t fit any if the roles but told me I was very friendly and looked easy to work with. That is something I want to hear and I got told theory next audition will be in May. I may not have gotten a part but I still got to experience an audition and practice and watch other actors and see their crafts so I get an idea what else I can do for acting. And I also got good feedback. You would not want to hear you are unfriendly, hard to work with, can’t accept critcism, think you know more than the casting directors and other actors when you are new to the business. No one likes know it all and arrogants. You certainly don’t want to be told you are temperamental or defensive or arguementative.

“Why don’t they cast autistic actors.”

Monday, January 29th, 2018

This question got asked on r/Asperger’s regarding The Good Doctor. Every time they do a TV show about an autistic character, they always cast a neurotypical to portray the autistic person.

That person got responses like there are more NT actors out there than there are with autistic actors and others said autistic people wouldn’t be able to be actors because of poor social skills.

After studying acting and taking classes, I have learned things about it. First of all acting is not just learning lines. Also actors have to use theory of mind and imagine how the character they are playing is thinking and feeling and what their motive is. Autistic people have difficulty with this.

You also need flexibility, you can get a call for a call back so that means drop what you are doing and go in and do the audition again. It is unexpected. Autistic people have troubles with sudden change and interruptions. Also being on the set, you have no idea when you will go home or when you will be done with the scene. You could be on it for 15 hours and still haven’t gone home yet. It’s unpredictable. Autistic people have troubles with uncertainty and their routines being messed up and different.

Good attitude, yes you basically need good social skills to handle conflicts and difficult people and not react to how they are treating you and the unfairness they are giving you. It can reflect badly on you if you react badly and destroy your acting career because then casting directors wouldn’t want to cast you. yes the word spreads in the industry.

Are there aspie actors out there, of course but there are far more normie actors out there than there are with autistic actors. I am guessing they handle all these things or otherwise they wouldn’t be in the industry.

Also how casting works is casting directors look for actors who they feel fit the role. If an autistic person doesn’t fit the role of another autistic person, they won’t cast them. Also they use professional actors, they are not just going to do an open call for all autistic people in the area to portray an autistic character because they want professionals. No one is going to cast a beginner actor with no acting experience in a lead role for a movie or a co star role or even a guest star. The business doesn’t work that way. It takes about ten years to get that far in the industry after you begin acting according to Wendy Alane Wright. I am sure that depends on how serious you take it and how hard you work.

Kids that star in TV shows usually started acting in commercials in their toddler years or they started taking acting classes at a theater at a young age and did some plays there before going to film.

I have learned that things we read in the media about actors don’t tell the whole story because they always make it look like there is this one normal kid and bam he just got a role in a feature film as the star. No it didn’t happen like that. Or when someone gets discovered and they begin acting, we don’t hear that they took acting classes or workshops. Only time this ever happens is if you are a baby. They are cute, they don’t need to act. They just use them for film. For small children, they don’t really need to craft, they are just cute. Then to maintain their acting career, they take classes and do training to keep on doing it and to keep being casted. As you get older, more gets expected out of you in the business. For kid auditions, all they need to do is answer questions you give them like their name and date of birth and about their general life and you send it in. For kids to start acting, all they need to do is recite a commercial and the parent mails it to a talent agent and if they liked how the kid recited it, they represent them. But that doesn’t work that way for 18 and up. I think it’s easier for a kid to start acting than it is for an adult. You don’t just go in and say “I am Beth and I have always wanted to be an actress so i would like to be in a movie please.” No, they would just see me as a wannabe actor and send me away politely. I would be seen as an amateur. If I want to act, go take classes, (Wendy says go to theater school) go to workshops, go practice, do plays and community plays, do indie and student films, study. Wannabe actors want to do none of that, they just want to go in and just be handed a part and then bam they do their lines and act, it doesn’t work that way. That is what actors call being lazy. Wendy compares that to walking into a hospital and saying “Hi I have always wanted to be a doctor, what floor can I work on to be a doctor, can you put me to work now?” and they had no training in being a doctor and never studied it. Only time you can be on film with no acting experience is being a background actor but guess what, that gives you no acting experience and it won’t help you become an actor. You’re just treated like cattle and not considered part of the group like actors are. you’re just there and then you are shuffled away and put in some room until they need you again. You are not allowed to interact with the actors or any of the crew people. Though i have heard of stories about actors interacting with background actors like Rosie O Donnell kept the extras entertained between filming on A League of Their own set with puppet shows and stuff she did so they wouldn’t leave and the crew decided to just pay the extras so they wouldn’t leave because it was so hot out. I just read online extras are not allowed to ever leave the set but these people could for A league of Their Own production? I guess every company is different. The one here that casts people for extras is very strict and does not allow it or else the charge you $100 and deactivate your profile. I am not sure if that means they delete you and put you on their blacklist.

It’s rare to just sit back and not be doing anything when you get discovered by a casting agent or a talent agent and you just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I read you have a higher chance of winning the lottery than this happening. Most actors have to do the work themselves. But back in the days it used to be if you wanted to be on film, all you had to do was go to the agency and they would sign you in and do a contract and they would cast you and give you training, they don’t do that anymore. If you look at old film from the 1930’s and 1940s and 1950’s, you will see how different acting was then, look at how they craft and express themselves and how they express fear and anger. Now today that would be considered bad acting and not be used for film. It wasn’t serious then is why. It was the same with singing too, you want to be a singer, just go in to the talent person and they will put you right to singing. Now you have to do your own work.

So that is why autistic people do not get casted for autistic characters. it doesn’t work that way. Is it possible to get casted as an autistic person for an autistic character, yes it is because it’s happened before.

Refund hassle

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

It has been a while since my last post. Last month I bought 9 Shopkins Kinstruction sets from Toysrus on ebay. It said it had been shipped so I wait for them to come. Knowing toysrus, they are slow with shipping and I never hear a doorbell or knocking from delivery men. But around the 14th, I check the tracking and it says they have already been shipped and few of them said they went to a nonexistent location with a Vancouver, WA zipcode. The others say they were delivered to my home but I never saw any packages and I checked my front door every day when leaving for work. I think they got stolen with my gift exchange package. I only received two of my Shopkin sets from ebay. I did file a dispute on ebay for all seven items and I called them and they said they would reship the items. A week goes by and I call them again and they say the items were out of stock so a refund had been issued and it would take 5-10 business days.

So I wait and today comes and it’s been that long and still no refund. I am not paying 35 bucks for items I never received. It was 42 total. Not even. Plus when toysrus did respond to my open dispute they said they had issued a refund and I would received an email 2-3 business days for my refund, that never happened so why would I call them again to say I still haven’t received my refund? I was sick of their bullshit so I decided to have ebay step in thinking they handled it like paypal. So I have them step in and guess what, they closed the cases because all they did was looked at my item transactions and looked at the shipping and they closed it without even talking to me about it first.

So next step is paypal resolution. I go there to file a dispute there to get my refund but they make it so complicated because they changed it. I look up the paypal number and call them. I did try to call ebay first but but voice menu and I couldn’t get to a person. But I call paypal and give them some information and they transfer me to ebay and this time a real person picked up the phone than their robo. I give the lady some information and I felt like I was being gaslighted. She said my items were not showing up or my claims so I tell her some of the claim numbers and I told her I have talked to toysrus and they said they would reship the items. I call them a week later for tracking and they said a refund had been issued and it would be 5-10 business days. I waited that long and nothing.

Then she finally saw the items and told me they couldn’t be held responsible because it shows they have been shipped to my address and were delivered and told me I need to call the shipping company. I tried to tell her they shipped the items individually because that is what they always do. I also told her some of the tracking numbers say they went to a nonexistant location and told her the fictional town it said. I couldn’t find those items again on my ebay page but the ones I never opened a case with. Finally I find it but their layout and them changing their website made it all confusing.

She did tell me for a one time thing and for courtesy they are refunding me and I decided next time I will write down the tracking numbers and complain to them if it says it has been delivered and since this was the first time, this is just a courtesy.

Ebay told me it would be 24-48 hours for it to process and it it showing up on my paypal account but the balance is still showing on my paypal credit balance. Hopefully that balance will go down once the transaction completes and if not I decide I will call paypal and tell them and see if they will take it off because eve if I did pay that balance, I still am paying for the items I never got and that refund was nothing so it would be ebay basically paid for it for me and I still never got my money back.

I did leave negative feedback for one of the items and I was going to leave more later but the feedback got removed because it said I did receive item. I wonder how others were abale to leave negative feedback as well. They did say this was a rare thing for me when i talked to them and I said I am not someone who just makes bogus claims to get free stuff because look at my feedback, I have left positive feedback for others and never opened any claims. They said they reversed it but I am not going to bother with negative feedback since they say they are not reliable. I just won’t use online toysrus again. They are very unprofessional, poor communication, broken promises, and if this is what they do on ebay, I won’t trust their retail site either. With their stores, you just go in and buy your item and you have it.

Now I am kind of worried about using ebay again and having the same problem again with another seller. I know people have complained about it and never used it again because of a buyer who scammed them and ebay taking their side and this time ebay took toysrus side just because they had a tracking number for my items.

Actually this wasn’t the first time. I once bought a game and it was damaged and I contacted the seller and no response. I couldn’t figure out how to contact ebay so I filed a dispute with paypal and the seller responded but I didn’t know I had to have paypal step in so the case closed saying it couldn’t be resolved so I let it go and ten dollars I lost. It was only ten so I let it go and decided I won’t buy from sellers with 0 feedback. I also couldn’t leave negative feedback because I couldn’t find the item due to the seller deleting it.

Also maybe I shouldn’t purchase anything online during the holiday season and if I do, use a local fedex office or ups office and stuff and use amazon lockers or request a signature from the seller. So several lessons here I have learned. Ebay determined the items were stolen during delivery.

Good thing for my good feedback and buying stuff on it a lot when I was younger and my honesty.

My husband was scanned on it once and he also didn’t do anything but he had buyer protection and only got some money back and he saw it as better than nothing. I told him he should only buy from sellers with feedback. There are people out there that suck. Also perhaps ebay toysrus should offer store pick up on their items or do signature requests or put it to where you have to go to the post office and pick up your package to ensure you get it. I also put a note on my door saying to leave packages at the back door on the patio and to not leave any packages here.

I think if you have a good reputation and a good history, you should be given the benefit of the doubt. If you have bad luck, then it looks bad. Maybe people out there who complain about companies not refunding them when their packages are stolen and stuff, maybe they have a bad reputation or a history. I find it hard to believe Best Buy or other websites wouldn’t replace items or refund if stolen because they are professional. I have heard stories like someone had work told a story about her friend who bought a DVD for $5 at Wal Mart. It didn’t have a disc in it so she took it back and they wouldn’t believe her. Since it was only five bucks, I didn’t find it a big deal and it’s rare so her friend bought the same movie again for the same price and it did have a disc in it.

My dad once bought me a CD for my birthday and it had the wrong disc in it, he was able to exchange it for the same disc. We had a better experience and they believed us. Well ask for the manager if you are not happy with their service, call the corporation if the manager does nothing but I suspect this friend decided to let this all go because it was only $5. Sometimes you pick your battles and it was a hassle to get my money back and figuring this all out and being gaslighted and having to find proof to show I am being honest about my items by giving out case numbers. I knew I wasn’t crazy because I could see them on the screen and I know I bought those items. They were very sorry this all happened and this was rare.

But if my paypal credit doesn’t go down after my refund is processed, I will call paypal next and see if they will take it off and they had determined the items were stolen during delivery. If they want me to call Fed Ex and On Trac I will but I will tell them that balance will still be on my account even if the shipping companies did refund me also.

But I don’t want to get multiple refunds for the same items. I just don’t want to pay for something I never got. But put it this way, if I got multiple refunds because they wanted me to be happy with their service I would still have my money I was refunded and I would then let this all go and pay the bill just as long as I will still have my 35 bucks.

My son said something intellectual

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

I picked my son up from school and we were listening to the Rugrats Christmas album. He asks me about what was it like when Tommy had no friends. I tell him there was never a time when he didn’t have any. He asks me about his age and when they first met and his birthday. I tell him Tommy turned one in the very first episode and all the other babies were there and Angelica and she always wore diapers over her pants. I never underdtood it but she doesn’t wear them anymore in the later seasons starting with the second one. She also has a birthday in the later seasons around season 3 and she turned three so that would have made her two and a half in the early seasons. But I never understoid diaper over her pants part and everyobe always said it was underwear. No it wasn’t because it was a diaper.

Now here is the good part, my son tells me diapers are a type of underwear. I play dumb and ask him “Who told you that?” And he said he just knows. I say I didn’t know that and he told me babies wear underwear but that is their underwear.

I thought I got another speeding ticket

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

I got the mail today and I saw one addressed to my dad’s retired business. I knew there was something coming in the mail for it because Dad told me. so I open it and it’s a speeding ticket. I thought “it looks like I got another ticket” and I look at it and wonder when was I going fast and I look at the location and the date and time and I told my husband about it. He asked me “Where were you going on October 19th at 12:44 PM?” and I had no idea. I then look at the ticket again and the cost and then look at the other paper and I see a photo and it’s a red car and another woman. I look at the ticket again at the car type and the year says 2015 so I knew it wasn’t my ticket. The car belonged to my brother and it’s under my dad’s business name so I figured it was his girlfriend in the photo and she had her face covered. There was no indication she had something in her hand and my husband said she was scared and was trying to hide. I look at the ticket again and see it’s a speeding ticket and she was going 45 instead of 30. I told my husband that road used to be 40 MPH but they lowered it to 30 MPH and I have seen cameras on that road and lighting flashes.

So I had to call my brother to let him know about the ticket and he said he would get it tomorrow when he drops off the white truck. I was relieved because it wasn’t my ticket and I didn’t have to worry about having another ticket and paying and it wasn’t me that did the speeding.

My husband was worried it was his sister but I told him the Saab is a ’97 and this car is a 2015. I bet he was relieved too because his sister is poor.

Those idiots at work

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

I knew about the alarm testing they will do today but they never said anything about testing elevators and I didn’t think they would make them all out of service when us janitors have a job to do. I have to go on different floors for my task and they shut down all the elevators while I am heading to second floor so my cart gets stuck on second floor making it impossible for me to do my composting and recycling. I tell the elevator testers I have work to do and I need my cart and I need to do the daycares and I get off at nine and don’t have time to wait until eight. They are like “we are trying” and I decide aw screw it, I will just grab all the trash liners I need and bring them with me so I bring all three roles. I do the trashing and then I have to do multiple trips to the basement to dump the trash in the dumpster. Then the elevators are back in service again so i bring my vacuum up to the second floor to get my cart but they go out again so I carry the vacuum and the big trash bags to the first floor to the other daycare. I was fuming about all this because how could they be so stupid and not consider people are still working and leave one of the elevators open for us. So I do the other daycare and I carry the trash again to the basement doing multiple trips and then the elevators were back in service by the time I was done but I had no time to do the composting so I just clock out. Also worst of all, they decided to shut down elevator A and my cart was on there so I leave a note on the door telling them my cart is there and I have anxiety and will freak out if I don’t have my cart the next day because I need it to do my job and change is very hard for me to deal with. I also wrote to put the cart in the janitor closet on the 5th floor. I tell the security about it as I leave the building and told him I left a note on the door about it. All he said was he will see what they can do.

I hope my cart will be there when I get to work or otherwise my job will be nearly impossible to do correctly and it will sure take me a hell lot longer to get my work done if I have to do multiple trips to the basement and go around carrying the compost or bringing down recycling and then going back and putting the liners in the bins again.

If my boss tells me how I “forgot” to do the composting and recycling, I will tell him I did not forget, those dumb people decided to shut down all the elevators trapping my cart on the second floor and then in the elevator when I tried to bring it to the 5th floor when they were in service again and they decided to shut down elevator A while leaving the others working again after their testing. And I ran out of time when I could do the composting because it was time to clock out by the time I got done with the daycares and it took me multiple trips to bring the trash down there and that is how much time I lost doing it because of no working elevators and no cart.

Do people even think when they decide to do tests and stuff? Leave one working elevator so people can do their job and get it done. If I knew about all the elevators shutting down, I wouldn’t have brought my cart up and if I knew they were going to shut down elevator A, I wouldn’t have put my cart on there too leaving it.

That was one bad day I had at work so in protest I just didn’t do my whole job or else I would have had a meltdown and panic attacks because of the change and it was a lot of change in my routine. I haven’t felt that mad in a long time and I wanted to yell at everyone about it.

Edit: I went to work and my boss was there after his trip and he didn’t say anything to me about not doing the composting and recycling.


They did something with those trees

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Remember when I wrote about the trees blocking the stop lights in the right lane. I voiced my concern to the city and this weekend I drove by there again and I could see the stoplights and I noticed the bottom of the trees had been trimmed and there were more cars in the right lane now. I felt proud of myself for making a change. I couldn’t see them full view but I knew they were there because I could see the arrow light and the other stoplight and there was enough time to notice them to stop when the light is red or yellow.

Never go to Goodwill

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

This year I decided to save on Halloween costumes by not going to Spirit Halloween and spending 50 bucks on a kid’s costume or even going on Amazon and spending that much so I went to Goodwill. I had my daughter pick out a costume and it was a Frozen costume and my son already had a costume he picked out few a month back and we bought him the hat for it at Spirit Halloween which was only 15 bucks.

I went to Goodwill today with my kids and ended up buying other things because it’s so hard to resist not looking at other stuff and buying it. I got Wii Fit Plus for ten bucks and I got a unopened building set of Shopkins and found a Barbie set never been opened, and found a Disney Princess Leappad 2 and got it for my daughter and it included the carry case for it, I also found shoes in my size with rollers on it and a dumbell I needed for work outs so I wouldn’t have to go to the gym for it anymore and I got spider webs and it was two for 99 cents. I also got a Halloween decoration for two bucks and three Ty Beanies. I ended up spending 75 bucks. I also got a leapad game too and I am not sure what happened with it but it was only two bucks and it’s probably still in the bag.

Never go to Goodwill if you don’t want to spend more money than you are there for. And the good thing about it is when they have unopened items because stores sometimes get over inventory and they donate the rest of it to Goodwills here, and you also sometimes find vintage things or old unopened items and when buying used items, you’ve got to be careful. I saw a Wii remote with corroded batteries in it and I won’t buy any electronic devices that has corrosion in it. I also check board games for missing pieces if I am intending on buying it.  I also open games or DVD cases to check for scratches and missing discs or game cartridges. I love Goodwill because I can look for things I need and save money but I always end up buying more than I intended because of what I can find there. It takes will power. But I do not like the outlet stores.