Refund hassle

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

It has been a while since my last post. Last month I bought 9 Shopkins Kinstruction sets from Toysrus on ebay. It said it had been shipped so I wait for them to come. Knowing toysrus, they are slow with shipping and I never hear a doorbell or knocking from delivery men. But around the 14th, I check the tracking and it says they have already been shipped and few of them said they went to a nonexistent location with a Vancouver, WA zipcode. The others say they were delivered to my home but I never saw any packages and I checked my front door every day when leaving for work. I think they got stolen with my gift exchange package. I only received two of my Shopkin sets from ebay. I did file a dispute on ebay for all seven items and I called them and they said they would reship the items. A week goes by and I call them again and they say the items were out of stock so a refund had been issued and it would take 5-10 business days.

So I wait and today comes and it’s been that long and still no refund. I am not paying 35 bucks for items I never received. It was 42 total. Not even. Plus when toysrus did respond to my open dispute they said they had issued a refund and I would received an email 2-3 business days for my refund, that never happened so why would I call them again to say I still haven’t received my refund? I was sick of their bullshit so I decided to have ebay step in thinking they handled it like paypal. So I have them step in and guess what, they closed the cases because all they did was looked at my item transactions and looked at the shipping and they closed it without even talking to me about it first.

So next step is paypal resolution. I go there to file a dispute there to get my refund but they make it so complicated because they changed it. I look up the paypal number and call them. I did try to call ebay first but but voice menu and I couldn’t get to a person. But I call paypal and give them some information and they transfer me to ebay and this time a real person picked up the phone than their robo. I give the lady some information and I felt like I was being gaslighted. She said my items were not showing up or my claims so I tell her some of the claim numbers and I told her I have talked to toysrus and they said they would reship the items. I call them a week later for tracking and they said a refund had been issued and it would be 5-10 business days. I waited that long and nothing.

Then she finally saw the items and told me they couldn’t be held responsible because it shows they have been shipped to my address and were delivered and told me I need to call the shipping company. I tried to tell her they shipped the items individually because that is what they always do. I also told her some of the tracking numbers say they went to a nonexistant location and told her the fictional town it said. I couldn’t find those items again on my ebay page but the ones I never opened a case with. Finally I find it but their layout and them changing their website made it all confusing.

She did tell me for a one time thing and for courtesy they are refunding me and I decided next time I will write down the tracking numbers and complain to them if it says it has been delivered and since this was the first time, this is just a courtesy.

Ebay told me it would be 24-48 hours for it to process and it it showing up on my paypal account but the balance is still showing on my paypal credit balance. Hopefully that balance will go down once the transaction completes and if not I decide I will call paypal and tell them and see if they will take it off because eve if I did pay that balance, I still am paying for the items I never got and that refund was nothing so it would be ebay basically paid for it for me and I still never got my money back.

I did leave negative feedback for one of the items and I was going to leave more later but the feedback got removed because it said I did receive item. I wonder how others were abale to leave negative feedback as well. They did say this was a rare thing for me when i talked to them and I said I am not someone who just makes bogus claims to get free stuff because look at my feedback, I have left positive feedback for others and never opened any claims. They said they reversed it but I am not going to bother with negative feedback since they say they are not reliable. I just won’t use online toysrus again. They are very unprofessional, poor communication, broken promises, and if this is what they do on ebay, I won’t trust their retail site either. With their stores, you just go in and buy your item and you have it.

Now I am kind of worried about using ebay again and having the same problem again with another seller. I know people have complained about it and never used it again because of a buyer who scammed them and ebay taking their side and this time ebay took toysrus side just because they had a tracking number for my items.

Actually this wasn’t the first time. I once bought a game and it was damaged and I contacted the seller and no response. I couldn’t figure out how to contact ebay so I filed a dispute with paypal and the seller responded but I didn’t know I had to have paypal step in so the case closed saying it couldn’t be resolved so I let it go and ten dollars I lost. It was only ten so I let it go and decided I won’t buy from sellers with 0 feedback. I also couldn’t leave negative feedback because I couldn’t find the item due to the seller deleting it.

Also maybe I shouldn’t purchase anything online during the holiday season and if I do, use a local fedex office or ups office and stuff and use amazon lockers or request a signature from the seller. So several lessons here I have learned. Ebay determined the items were stolen during delivery.

Good thing for my good feedback and buying stuff on it a lot when I was younger and my honesty.

My husband was scanned on it once and he also didn’t do anything but he had buyer protection and only got some money back and he saw it as better than nothing. I told him he should only buy from sellers with feedback. There are people out there that suck. Also perhaps ebay toysrus should offer store pick up on their items or do signature requests or put it to where you have to go to the post office and pick up your package to ensure you get it. I also put a note on my door saying to leave packages at the back door on the patio and to not leave any packages here.

I think if you have a good reputation and a good history, you should be given the benefit of the doubt. If you have bad luck, then it looks bad. Maybe people out there who complain about companies not refunding them when their packages are stolen and stuff, maybe they have a bad reputation or a history. I find it hard to believe Best Buy or other websites wouldn’t replace items or refund if stolen because they are professional. I have heard stories like someone had work told a story about her friend who bought a DVD for $5 at Wal Mart. It didn’t have a disc in it so she took it back and they wouldn’t believe her. Since it was only five bucks, I didn’t find it a big deal and it’s rare so her friend bought the same movie again for the same price and it did have a disc in it.

My dad once bought me a CD for my birthday and it had the wrong disc in it, he was able to exchange it for the same disc. We had a better experience and they believed us. Well ask for the manager if you are not happy with their service, call the corporation if the manager does nothing but I suspect this friend decided to let this all go because it was only $5. Sometimes you pick your battles and it was a hassle to get my money back and figuring this all out and being gaslighted and having to find proof to show I am being honest about my items by giving out case numbers. I knew I wasn’t crazy because I could see them on the screen and I know I bought those items. They were very sorry this all happened and this was rare.

But if my paypal credit doesn’t go down after my refund is processed, I will call paypal next and see if they will take it off and they had determined the items were stolen during delivery. If they want me to call Fed Ex and On Trac I will but I will tell them that balance will still be on my account even if the shipping companies did refund me also.

But I don’t want to get multiple refunds for the same items. I just don’t want to pay for something I never got. But put it this way, if I got multiple refunds because they wanted me to be happy with their service I would still have my money I was refunded and I would then let this all go and pay the bill just as long as I will still have my 35 bucks.


2 comments on “Refund hassle

  1. Hi Beth, I’m a new reader of your blog. I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t be discouraged by online purchasing as the hiccups are quite infrequent. Also, there’s a lock up container which you can mount outside for parcels. Australia Post keep a key to it and leave it there for you. I’m not sure but I think they can be costly, so if you’re interested in continuing to shop online, this might be another option for you, but in this case, it sounds like they simply weren’t delivered to you. I hope you get your money back soon.

    I’ve just moved into a share rooming house, so I’m wondering whether my Bluetooth headphones are going to reach me. I know the AusPost like to leave packages our the front of your house, so I may be writing a blog of complaint about that in the near future. Nice blog but the black and white is a little hard on my eyes.

    PS, I also have Asperger’s (maybe how I found your blog in the first place). Best wishes to you, your partner and your little ones.

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