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My Mario Maker 3DS review

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

My opinion about this game:

I think it sucks you can’t use the same game cartridge on multiple 3DS systems because it makes you erase the current memory to create the new memory for your SD card. What is the freaking point in cartridges if you can only use it on one game system and lock the save data to that game system than in the card only like it’s always been? So i can only play it on my son’s system

Also the levels you get from other users are all from 2015 and you can’t view profiles on it and you don’t even ahve your own. Also you can only exchange levels you made through streetpasses. Also the game doesn’t mark the levels you played you complete or played. Also you can’t even star a level. It’s not like the WiiU version. You can’t even search courses either.

So is it worth getting this game? It’s up for you to decide after reading this review. My son still likes it. He only cares about playing levels and creating them.


102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue

Monday, November 14th, 2016

I played this game a lot in high school when I got a Dreamcast right after they stopped making games for it. I remember I bought the system along with two games and one of them was 102 Dalmatians. But apparently the music for the PSOne and Dreamcast are different. I was playing the game again last night for the first time in six years.

Now here is the Game Boy Color version and this was the first 102 Dalmatians game I played and I beat it so many times.

These two games are totally different from each other.