The skit on The Amanda Show.

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

I watched The Amanda Show recently on Amazon Prime. I own one of the episodes and in one of the skits Amanda Bynes plays a student that is a witch. Drake Bell plays a student that knows that she is a witch and all the other students know she is one too. But the teacher is totally blind to her being a witch and doesn’t see the proof she is one even though it’s very obvious she is one.

When I was a teenager, I thought this was a very dumb skit because I couldn’t see the humor in it. All I saw was a student is a witch and the teacher refuses to believe it, how stupid is that?

Being a lot older now and having more experience in life and seeing online how people act and the fact how some people act about Trump still and all this fatlogic stuff about obesity. Some people still think he is a great person and don’t see how bad he is. They believe nothing he says. Some fat activists refuse to believe how excessive body fat can affect you and how much health problems it causes and shows out there like My 600 Lb Life and even BBC has made shows about obesity too and they have all showed health issues each of them had but yet they still refuse to believe it and call anyone fatphobic and call it fat shaming when you mention facts about it. I see this skit today on the show and I finally understood it. It seemed so accurate about humans in life. Something is so obvious and it’s right in front of you but some people still refuse to believe it’s true even though the truth is right there in front of them, it’s very obvious, what more proof would they need? So they made a skit about it making fun of those people. I saw the humor finally and thought it was very accurate. I just couldn’t believe they would put that humor on a teen show but that just shows it’s aimed at adults too.

At the end of the skit, the witch had turned everyone but Drake into lamps and the teacher still refused to buy that her student was a witch. Sadly people are this stupid in real life too you have probably wanted to scream and hit your head on the wall because of how much denial they are in. I am sure you have even been very tempted to call them an idiot because of how angry you are at their stupidity.


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