Today was the day

Friday, May 18th, 2018

I finally figured out I am a bad driver. Because I am a defensive driver and follow traffic laws and I am cautious.

When you are a good driver, none of this applies to you. You are above the rules, you can go faster than the speed and start tailgating others and honk your horn at them when they turn their blinker on and when they slow down when they turn, you can be a moron and honk at the car in front of you who cannot even move due to another car stopped in front of them or due to a pedestrian who is deciding to cross out in the middle of the intersection than using the fricken crosswalk. If a car dares to not stop on the tracks, honk your horn at them for not filling in that gap. If someone doesn’t turn within five seconds even though there are cars coming, honk your horn. This is what being a good driver is all about. You are above the law and you don’t need to do defensive driving when you have very good insurance and you are so wealthy you can just get another car if it gets totaled because of some idiotic driver on the road. Anyone who does defensive driving is a wuss and defensive driving is for wussies who can’t handle the road. Traffic laws are for people who are bad drivers. You are a good driver, none of this stuff will apply to you so ignore traffic safety and forget defensive driving, forget assuming everyone is a bad driver. Fuck traffic laws, those are for people who can’t handle the road, you are above the law. It took me this long to figure it out.


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