“All Lives matter.”

Monday, March 5th, 2018

This is something we often hear about the Black Lives Matter movement. People call it racist but I don’t think it’s racist but I think it just shows your ignorance. I will tell you why. It trivializes the problem black people face in life. Black people have been used as slaves, gotten less money in taxes for their schools, they have been segregated, they have to tip toe and what what they do. When you say “all lives matter” it’s great you see them as humans and think they matter as people and should be treated as such but you are showing how ignorant you are about black lives and their history or you wouldn’t be saying this. Of course all lives matter but that is missing he point of the movement.

You can walk into a store and be an asshole and scream and threaten the employees and everyone will just think you are an asshole. that is a privilege you have but when you are black, people then think black people are mean and rude and violent. They will just see it for your skin color, not because you are a jerk.

You can walk into a store and employees can watch you and follow you because you are doing something suspicious but for a black person it does’t matter what they are dong, they are always a suspect nonetheless. You have that privilege.

You can have a cop pull you over and you don’t need to worry about looking suspicious. You just follow their orders and not argue with them and everything goes well. Also if they pull you over, they actually had a reason, not because you looked suspicious. You have that privilege.

If a cop is pulling you over and making you get out of the car and even tasering you or jumping on you, it’s because you are fighting them and trying to get away because you had done a crime, that is a privilege. A black person is guilty no matter what. That is why they have to fear cops and it’s easy to say just do as you are told and nothing will go wrong. This is a white privilege.

Saying “All Lives Matter misses the point of what the movement is about. The movement is about black people being treated differently with cops and law force than whites.

When you say “All Lives Matter” god bless you for not ever witnessing racism nor knowing about what they go through in their daily lives and how awful people still are towards them. Ignorance is a bliss.

Even if you have known black people in your lives, maybe you have a black relative, maybe you have a neighbor who is black, maybe you have a black co worker or a black classmate, maybe you have talked to them before or served them as your customer and never once saw anyone treat them bad for their skin color. You are only seeing a small part of their lives and you have to be with them at the wrong time to see it.

I have a black relative. My uncle is gay so he is together with him. I have known him since I was six. He is a nice guy and as a child he would always give us cool presents. he has given me some of his TY bear beanies when he was clearing out his TY collection. he has given us cash for Christmas but he and my dad’s brother wrapped it all up in large boxes with packing peanuts and my brothers and I had to dig through all the peanuts to find a five dollar bill or a dollar bill and it would all add up to fifty bucks or twenty five bucks. Had I ever seen anyone treat him bad for his skin color? No. But my mom did tell me this story.

We were in California coming back to our condo from Disneyland. It was the middle of the night. Mu black uncle was driving. Then he saw a cop and started saying he is going to be pulled over now. My mom who was ignorant said he wasn’t doing anything wrong so he won’t pull him over. Sure enough the cop came out and pulled us over. The cop started to question him asking him questions about is personal life because for some reason it was suspicious to drive at two o clock in the morning. Then my little brother says something to him calling him uncle and the cop peeks inside the car and notices all these white humans. he had a look on his face and asked who these people were and my uncle tells him “That was my nephew who talked to me and this is my family, we are coming back from Disneyland to our condo in Palm Springs because that is where they decided to stay and invited me and my partner.” Right away the officer is apologizing and tells him he was doing his job and lets him go. My mom asked why he got pulled over and my dad’s brother said it was because he is black. That indicated this was not the first time it has happened and my mom was shocked. It was her first time she had ever witnessed racism. She grew up in Wisconsin and she knew about the riots that went on in the 1960’s but she never saw racism. She only heard about it.

I was sleeping when this happened so I missed it. My brother might have been too young to know what was going on and he might not even remember.

So saying “All Lives matter” to argue about black lives mattering is irrelevant because it misses the point. All lives already do matter but that is not what the movement is about so hence it misses the point and shows ignorance on your end. Because if you knew about black lives, then you wouldn’t be saying it.


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