“It’s not the same”

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

I have been obsessed with fat people lately so I have been reading about them online and watching youtube videos on them and people ranting about them and also reading about fatlogic and fat acceptance. My husband decided to be with me in my bedroom and I was watching a BBC documentary about obesity that was made in 1999. I saw it on TV in 7th grade. But anyway they were talking about the cause of it and talking about genetic defects that cause them to be hungry all the time or more often so that was why they were overweight. Overall, they eat too much is why.

My husband who was there said to me he didn’t like the shows I watched and I asked him what was wrong with this one and he said it was upsetting. I asked him how so because they were talking about science of obesity and he told me it brings him back bad memories because he was teased about his size as a child so hearing about obesity is a trigger to him. He felt fat shamed even though he doesn’t get offended if my kids call him fat or me or the time I told him he couldn’t sit in my aunt and uncle’s camping chair because he was above the weight limit or when I said I wasn’t attracted to fat people so he decide to lose weight. But anyway I told him I don’t understand why that show would offend him if they are talking about facts because it would be like autistic people getting offended by shows about autism and I don’t get offended by that stuff and he asked me if I was teased about being autistic and I said no but I was called retarded and slow and teased for that. He told me that was why, I was never teased for autism so that is why I wouldn’t find the shows about it upsetting. Then I tell him I don’t get upset about watching retarded people on TV and he told me I know I am not retarded so that was why those shows also wouldn’t upset me.

I can’t really relate to my husband about being upset about TV shows that talk about your condition because do smokers get upset about shows about smoking or cancer people getting upset when they see TV shows about cancer and he told me again the shows about obesity just bring him back bad memories is all. He knows they are not saying anything bad about them, just only the cause and the reason behind it. But another video I was watching where a young lady was talking about facts of obesity she pulled from the internet and talking about how it increased, he thought she was a bitch and then I was watching another video by her and she was talking about them smashing scales and then my husband put on another video because he couldn’t stand her and this time it was about fat people talking about clothes they bought and trying them on. He thought that video was a lot better but boring and he left my room because he said that one girl upset him too much because she was a bitch and it was her tone and how she said it and she wasn’t a doctor and had no right saying those things. He said if she wanted to help people with obesity, then be a specialist in it or be a nutritionist but ranting about it on video isn’t helping them, she isn’t a doctor. If obese people want help, that is what doctors are for, people go them. I also asked him if people are not allowed to talk about obesity and say facts about it, how else will anyone learn about it and he said “doctors.” I told him how will thin people learn about it if there were no shows about it, should we all be ignorant about it. Then that was when he told me it was her tone and how she said it.

These were the two videos my husband got really upset by by this lady:

This video I was watching that also brought back bad memories:

I told my husband no matter how you say it about obesity or what you say about it, some people will still get upset and feel fat shamed even if you tell them to lose 15 pounds to bring their high blood pressure down or cholesterol problems down because the doctor might want to see if weight loss will help with it. I told him a story about on a forum when some guy was looking for adult ABDL diapers that fit him in XL and I started to give him weight loss advice by talking about myself and saying he doesn’t need to join a gym and he can work out at home and youtube has workout videos and he can work out 25 minutes a day five days a week and that is what I do and I drink water instead of calorie drinks and I have smaller portions and eat less and he then deleted his comment saying he was called a lazy fat slob. I never called him lazy or a slob. My husband agreed that man was sensitive and told me how I should have responded when he reacted that way. Then I told him some people will always take it the wrong way no matter how you word it.

Of course when I watched the videos and the reason for over eating is due to not knowing when they are full or being hungry more often because of a genetic issue, I always think, so don’t eat on hunger and only eat on schedule and eat on portions. My husband told me you are starving all the time and it never turns off so you feel hungry all the time and always feel like you are starving. I told him I am sure there are pills for it.

My husband is also one of those people who would not want to pay for an extra seat so I told him he thinks it’s okay to put his body in another person’s seat, that is pretty selfish and he told me he would do anything he can to fit into that seat and not spill over. I told him i would be pissed if someone put part of their body in my seat and I probably wouldn’t be nice about it but there are assholes in every group so it would still be no excuse to hate on fat people because there are assholes in every group and he said “yes.” It would just mean I ended up sitting next to an asshole who was too selfish to buy another seat. Not because he is fat. People out there will use justification to hate fat people when in fact they only dealt with an asshole who just happened to be fat and sadly they probably stand out more so it will seem like they are jerks who are not considerate of other people and their things or their space while other fat people will be thinking about their bodies and making sure they are not in someone’s way or crowding someone with their body and making sure they do not spill over in a plane seat or just buying another ticket of they are not able to fit into one seat and also being cautious about sitting on other peoples furniture and making sure what weight it holds first before sitting.


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