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Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness coach nor a nutritionist, I am just someone who reads.

I often hear from HAES and fat activists that dieting doesn’t work and they cause eating disorders.

I diet but I don’t use diet pills or use slim fast or use fitness bars, I don’t use any fad diet stuff. I am no fool, those have calories too so I know eating those is not going to help you lose weight or help maintain it. Eat too much of them, you will put it on. I also don’t fall for the “lose 20 pounds in a week” because I know that is bullshit and not healthy to lose weight that quickly. Companies like to pray on people who want to lose weight so they scam them and even food companies will mislead people too who also are trying to lose weight so they mark it as healthy or call it a fitness bar. Also don’t forget those TV dinners that claim to be lean or healthy. Calories people, and TV dinners are always unhealthy because they ate processed. Of course they would be labeled weight loss or fitness or lean or healthy because they are trying to trick you, they want to make money. I don’t bother with TV dinners or any fitness bars, or Slim Fast. All I did was eat less and had smaller portions, I didn’t start going on a diet. Well I did but you know what I mean right, I didn’t go vegan or go variegation or cut out foods from my diet. But I did cut out calorie drinks and only had it sometimes. I drank water instead.

When I lost 14 lbs, I lost weight very slowly, I let my self still eat and didn’t eat less everyday to drop the weight. I took it slowly and let it happen on its own. As of July, I weighed 127 and by October, I was down to 120. In March last year I was 134.

What exactly is dieting?

To me dieting is eating healthy, watching what you eat, eating food in moderation, eating sweets and junk food in moderation. It is also paying attention to calories so you can figure out how much you can eat or if you should pass. It is also watching what you drink and you drink calorie liquids in moderation.

Why do people gain it all back?

Diets are a permanent change in your lifestyle. It is not a temporary fix to your weight and then you go back to your old eating habits when you are satisfied at the weight you are at. It will all come piling on again when you go back to your old ways. When you lose the weight, you are eating less and watching what you eat and then the next step is to maintain the weight when you are happy at the weight you are now. You now have to add more to your diet and then once you see your weight is staying consistent, you keep that diet.

Another reason why people gain it all back, people can’t keep the change and they slip back to their old habits so their weight comes piling on again. It’s hard to keep that fitness attitude so people lose interest and they gain their weight back.

Do diets really not work?

My opinion why they don’t work, people try to eat healthy so they fall for all those weight loss scams about losing weight quickly and they buy “healthy” food and eat it not even realizing it has a lot of calories and they wonder why they are not losing any. They do not know about calorie count and lot of people underestimate how much they have. Most people do not pay attention to what they eat. Can you remember what you have had today, from morning to bedtime? What did you eat on Friday? It’s all about calories in and calories out. All you need to do is consume less calories than your body uses. It doesn’t matter how much healthy food you eat, it’s all about calories in and calories out.

Also same as my last question, people think diets are a temporary fix to weight loss. It’s not, it’s a lifestyle change. If a man stopped lifting weights, he would eventually lose his muscle mass. If I stopped working out, I would lose mine and my figure and eventually my weight would also pile back on gradually as my muscle mass decreases. Muscle uses more energy so the more you build, you higher your metabolism is. That would explain why I was losing weight while exercising and eating more food and still losing weight but very slowly. If I stopped working out, I would lose my muscle mass and I gain weight again and then the work outs have failed and how I eat.

Do diets cause eating disorders?

I looked it up online and couldn’t find any clear answers to support the claim but found these:

Dieting may not be the actual cause of eating disorders, but it’s clearly the number one cause of the onset of an eating disorder.

Claiming to be “on a diet” is a popular excuse given to cover up the presence of an eating disorder.

So do people with eating disorders call their unhealthy eating habits a diet? Do people with eating disorders create unhealthy eating habits and follow it?

The second link describes the difference between dieting and an eating disorder.

When I had an eating disorder, I did not get it from a diet. I developed unhealthy eating habits and it started out with my low self body image and not liking how it looked. The legs were too big, my butt was too big, I looked fat in the photos, my tummy is too big, my arms are too big, my thighs are huge. I did not like those at all so I tried to change it with weight loss than trying to find the right work outs to tone my body so I look good. My mom thinks I used food for control because I felt I didn’t have control over my life so I used food and it wasn’t about my body and weight. But that is her opinion. Did a diet cause me to have body image issues?

There was one autistic person who once wrote on Wrongplanet how she decided to eat healthy so she started to restrict food and do fad diets like cutting out certain foods and then only eating certain foods and before she knew it, she had become an anorexic and hadn’t realized it. It was her autism interest in health she started eating differently and instead it got her anorexia because she lost too much weight. Does that mean Autism causes eating disorders? Does OCD cause eating disorders too? Does body dysmorphia cause it too?

I don’t think rather dieting causing eating disorders or not should be an excuse to over eat or eat unhealthy but that is their business how they want to eat and how much they want to consume or what eating habits they have. My family doesn’t have the best eating habits either and I have days where I just eat lot of sugar and then it brings my weight back up to 120 again and I maintain it there with sugar. Without it, the weight just drops and I just eat more food again to keep my weight maintained in the 117-120 range. I have kept it in the 118-120 range lately since the holiday because of being around too much sweets and candy and I have a sweet tooth. But that is my own business too how I am eating. But we still make sure our kids eat healthy so we buy fruits and yogurt. The rest is just processed or meat products or bread products or pasta or fruit snacks or some sweets and chips. My mom buys healthier because she cooks it while my husband buys things he can cook quickly because of his feet and I don’t know how to cook. I say I try to eat healthy and I don’t like to buy sweets often or else I will just eat it and it will be the first thing I eat when hungry or when it’s breakfast or lunch time. I call that my diet. I know I have a sweet tooth and know how tempting it would be so I just don’t buy it because I know my limits. My husband will buy it and hide it and I don’t know about it. He doesn’t want to not buy it because of my lack of willpower so he hides it because he is being supportive about my weight and diet.

This girl explains why diets fail and it’s fad diets that don’t work:

Jump to 9:31.


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