My first audition

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

On January 27th I went to my first audition. I was nervous and the main person of the theater talked like MichaelAngelo. Other actors showed up and their ages were all over. I overheard a young guy say he was on a short film. I then knew he was an actor and has more training than me. There were lot of auditions and it was a cold read.I watched others auditions and I did too and had lot of fun. I did as many auditions as I could and we heard from the directors we are all good. I asked if I was good and they said I was. That is a comment I want to hear.

Then at the end they all got together and looked at our forms we filled out and they spent all evening picking roles and I got an email and was told I didn’t fit any if the roles but told me I was very friendly and looked easy to work with. That is something I want to hear and I got told theory next audition will be in May. I may not have gotten a part but I still got to experience an audition and practice and watch other actors and see their crafts so I get an idea what else I can do for acting. And I also got good feedback. You would not want to hear you are unfriendly, hard to work with, can’t accept critcism, think you know more than the casting directors and other actors when you are new to the business. No one likes know it all and arrogants. You certainly don’t want to be told you are temperamental or defensive or arguementative.


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