I thought I got another speeding ticket

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

I got the mail today and I saw one addressed to my dad’s retired business. I knew there was something coming in the mail for it because Dad told me. so I open it and it’s a speeding ticket. I thought “it looks like I got another ticket” and I look at it and wonder when was I going fast and I look at the location and the date and time and I told my husband about it. He asked me “Where were you going on October 19th at 12:44 PM?” and I had no idea. I then look at the ticket again and the cost and then look at the other paper and I see a photo and it’s a red car and another woman. I look at the ticket again at the car type and the year says 2015 so I knew it wasn’t my ticket. The car belonged to my brother and it’s under my dad’s business name so I figured it was his girlfriend in the photo and she had her face covered. There was no indication she had something in her hand and my husband said she was scared and was trying to hide. I look at the ticket again and see it’s a speeding ticket and she was going 45 instead of 30. I told my husband that road used to be 40 MPH but they lowered it to 30 MPH and I have seen cameras on that road and lighting flashes.

So I had to call my brother to let him know about the ticket and he said he would get it tomorrow when he drops off the white truck. I was relieved because it wasn’t my ticket and I didn’t have to worry about having another ticket and paying and it wasn’t me that did the speeding.

My husband was worried it was his sister but I told him the Saab is a ’97 and this car is a 2015. I bet he was relieved too because his sister is poor.


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