Those idiots at work

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

I knew about the alarm testing they will do today but they never said anything about testing elevators and I didn’t think they would make them all out of service when us janitors have a job to do. I have to go on different floors for my task and they shut down all the elevators while I am heading to second floor so my cart gets stuck on second floor making it impossible for me to do my composting and recycling. I tell the elevator testers I have work to do and I need my cart and I need to do the daycares and I get off at nine and don’t have time to wait until eight. They are like “we are trying” and I decide aw screw it, I will just grab all the trash liners I need and bring them with me so I bring all three roles. I do the trashing and then I have to do multiple trips to the basement to dump the trash in the dumpster. Then the elevators are back in service again so i bring my vacuum up to the second floor to get my cart but they go out again so I carry the vacuum and the big trash bags to the first floor to the other daycare. I was fuming about all this because how could they be so stupid and not consider people are still working and leave one of the elevators open for us. So I do the other daycare and I carry the trash again to the basement doing multiple trips and then the elevators were back in service by the time I was done but I had no time to do the composting so I just clock out. Also worst of all, they decided to shut down elevator A and my cart was on there so I leave a note on the door telling them my cart is there and I have anxiety and will freak out if I don’t have my cart the next day because I need it to do my job and change is very hard for me to deal with. I also wrote to put the cart in the janitor closet on the 5th floor. I tell the security about it as I leave the building and told him I left a note on the door about it. All he said was he will see what they can do.

I hope my cart will be there when I get to work or otherwise my job will be nearly impossible to do correctly and it will sure take me a hell lot longer to get my work done if I have to do multiple trips to the basement and go around carrying the compost or bringing down recycling and then going back and putting the liners in the bins again.

If my boss tells me how I “forgot” to do the composting and recycling, I will tell him I did not forget, those dumb people decided to shut down all the elevators trapping my cart on the second floor and then in the elevator when I tried to bring it to the 5th floor when they were in service again and they decided to shut down elevator A while leaving the others working again after their testing. And I ran out of time when I could do the composting because it was time to clock out by the time I got done with the daycares and it took me multiple trips to bring the trash down there and that is how much time I lost doing it because of no working elevators and no cart.

Do people even think when they decide to do tests and stuff? Leave one working elevator so people can do their job and get it done. If I knew about all the elevators shutting down, I wouldn’t have brought my cart up and if I knew they were going to shut down elevator A, I wouldn’t have put my cart on there too leaving it.

That was one bad day I had at work so in protest I just didn’t do my whole job or else I would have had a meltdown and panic attacks because of the change and it was a lot of change in my routine. I haven’t felt that mad in a long time and I wanted to yell at everyone about it.

Edit: I went to work and my boss was there after his trip and he didn’t say anything to me about not doing the composting and recycling.



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