They did something with those trees

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Remember when I wrote about the trees blocking the stop lights in the right lane. I voiced my concern to the city and this weekend I drove by there again and I could see the stoplights and I noticed the bottom of the trees had been trimmed and there were more cars in the right lane now. I felt proud of myself for making a change. I couldn’t see them full view but I knew they were there because I could see the arrow light and the other stoplight and there was enough time to notice them to stop when the light is red or yellow.


2 comments on “They did something with those trees

  1. Lexiealea says:

    Hi I’m Lexie, I saw your post on wrongplanet and I also have literally all of the same diagnoses as you. I was wondering if you wanted to maybe talk a bit and understand if you don’t, heres my email:

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