So glad to have my own room again

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

It’s like I got my old room back. I remember when my mom moved my husband to the basement and have it meant to be a family area too for our kids and she moved me into my husband’s old bedroom and they moved into my old room from the basement. I realized the bedroom was bigger than the room down in the basement because they could fit all their clothes in there and their stuff than having half of it in the laundry room.  Then when my son turned five, I got moved to the basement and my son got his own room. He moved into my new old bedroom. that was once my husband’s. But for the past year I had been sleeping on the couch in the living room because my husband snores and it was like I didn’t have a bedroom. I got used to not having one because I didn’t need one. I only needed a place to sleep. All my clothes were in the laundry room and my stuff was in the basement too and some of it was in the living room. My mom felt so bad I had to be on the couch but I told her I didn’t get kicked out of my room, my husband just snores. So now I am back in my room and my parents are still moving out of there. All my clothes are up there and my dresser and the TV and my Amiibos and ROB and I have my WiiU in there and the game chair and my Wii and WiiU games and the Wii Fit board and the yoga mat and the Wii controllers and accessories and my Shopkins and keychains. but I won’t get both closets back because my parents will be using one of them for their clothes because they have so many they can’t fit them all out there in their dresser and RV and storage bins. Plus I think they will leave their chest in there and they left their big bed in there. They also left two of their dressers in there so I was able to fit my clothes in there and blankets but I had to put my jeans on the floor in my closet and some shirts because my mom still has her clothes in the bottom drawer and she doesn’t want me touching it. She is someone who likes her things to stay where she has them and not have them moved to another spot for her to go through while my Dad doesn’t mind tossing things into boxes just to get them out of there and go through later. I am the same way. I also got rid of some of my clothes too while moving them all upstairs. I also have too many of them but my mom has more than me. I also got rid of my nursing bras because they got too big for me. I mostly wear sport bras now and I have C cup bras. Nursing shrunk my boobs. Now they are deflated and saggy and when I lay on my back, I look flat chested and they feel like skin when I touch them and squeeze them.

My husband is thinking of moving his computer upstairs to the living room and I told him he better not bring his mess up here. We could move the computer desk up here too and the basement could be his bedroom now and a game room for the old games but I might move the little TV up to my room and maybe one of the IKEA shelves. I am still moving in my new bedroom.



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