I got a Kirby

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

I learned that Kirby got its name after the person who invented the vacuum. I always thought it was called Kirby because it sucks in a lot of dirt. The person who was selling it to me said he thought the same too and I mentioned that Nintendo character and no wonder it got its name because he sucks in enemies and other things.

They had a special going on about the vacuum and today it was Kirby’s anniversary the day it was invented so they did a extra special so I got an extra discount. The whole thing took us two hours to do because they came 40 minutes before I had to leave to get my son and I thought they were only going to clean a room because that is what they said but instead it was the whole Kirby demonstration thing and I had to watch it first. then I had my husband take over when I got my son from school and I took over again and then my husband took over when I had to leave for work. Then they came back today and finished the rest of their demonstration and it took us about three hours and the seller said I was a very good listener because I was learning fast and lot of people don’t learn that quickly because they don’t listen. It’s too much to take in because of lot of talking. My kids enjoyed the vacuum so they are going to be excited to see it when they get home. I plan on doing the stairs tomorrow.

They didn’t keep their promise of cleaning our couches in the living room because they were too dirty they said and they told me to watch the DVD and vacuum the couches thoroughly and then shampoo them. So I did that and they look cleaner.

I had fun with my new toy so I vacuumed the couches and cleaned the seat cushions and the arms. Then I vacuumed my son’s room and cleaned our bedroom and vacuumed the rug and moved the couch and chair and vacuumed. Then I went outside and cut the grass but I had my husband help me start it and then I put the broken branches in the white truck and the small ones in the compost bin and I mowed the front lawn and then picked up some garbage on our patio and threw it away and put some stuff up in the attic and my own stuff and. I also got the house organized by cleaning out our drawers in the living room and dining room and I organized everything and I put all the pens and pencils in a baggy and I found a bunch of batteries and put them in one baggy. I did what my grandma Doe used to do. I also found my mom’s Costco membership card. I also found my son’s library book that was over do so I stuck it on the kitchen counter for him to take to school the following day. Now we don’t have to pay to replace it. I also found my husband’s medical bill and put it on his computer chair and I found our credit card bill for June so I put it down there too on his chair. I hate it when my father opens our mail and doesn’t tell us about it and he just tosses it into a pile with other junk. Then we don’t know about it so we never see the bills come or anything else important. My parents don’t want to go all the way to the basement to drop mail off down there like I do and I put it where my husband can see it. I put my parents mail on the kitchen counter because I know they will look when they see it there.  But yet they won’t do the same for us, they won’t leave it at my computer. I also tossed out a bunch of papers that were junk and I put all the photos in the bottom drawer and tossed out the empty CD cases and my dad wasn’t here to save stuff he thinks it’s worth keeping so it was my chance to get rid of stuff without him prying in. He is out of town with Mom for a few days because my brother is graduating.

I also found my dad’s medals and put them in his room and I put all the scissors and scotch tape and glue sticks together in the top drawer with the pens and pencils and batteries and stuff I tossed in a sack for Goodwill. I also found a flashlight, my son’s pencil sharpener, stapler, staples, bunch of screws so I stuck them in one baggy. I also found old camera film, ear buds that never been opened. you find interesting things when cleaning.

Boy I love cleaning but getting started is the hardest because it takes motivation but once I start, I can’t stop so I basically cleaned all day.


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