Did Karen Brewer have anxiety?

Monday, May 15th, 2017

I remember when I was a kid, I always read Baby Sitters Little Sister books and the first book I read was Karen’s School Bus and I felt I related to it because she would get bullied on the bus like I did. I sometimes related to her because like me she was also bossy and she was also loud so she had to be reminded to use a inside voice. Plus she didn’t have many friends, only two. The rest were just acquaintances.

But it dawned on me that Karen might also have anxiety because she was always saying in the books she got butterflies in her stomach. Did she have social anxiety? I don’t know but she always got nervous she would get sick to her stomach. I always took Butterflies in her stomach literal thinking she had actual butterflies in there.

Ann M Martin had always put some interesting characters in her story. Claudia had dyslexia possibly, it was obvious she had a learning disability because she wasn’t good with spelling. Jackie Rodowsky possibly had dyspraxia because he was always bumping into things and tripping and Ann M Martin once had another client child Kristy and her friends baby sat being recently diagnosed with dyslexia so he was putting himself down saying he was stupid. Plus there was another character I forget his name but he was profoundly deaf so everyone spoke sign language and the other kids were learning it too. Ann M Martin once even put an autistic character in one of her books and her name was Susan but she only appeared in one book and so did Whitney who had Down syndrome but she has been mentioned in the other Baby Siters Club book series and she did appear once in one of the Baby Sitter Club special books. Ann M Martin had never put any socially awkward characters in her book series making them nerdy with strong interests and being socially retarded where they don’t get hints and understand social cues. if she did, then we would all be speculating that character had Asperger’s. Karen Brewer was obviously gifted because she skipped a grade so she was very bright so her IQ might be above average. But she was a good reader and speller too. Now I am thinking she probably had anxiety since she was always anxious but it didn’t affect her and her functioning. It wouldn’t mean she had an anxiety disorder. Some people can be more anxious than others but it wouldn’t mean they have an anxiety disorder unless it’s impacting their life and giving them road blocks like it keeps them from making appointments or doing well on a test or studying or they can’t even order their own food or even go to a restaurant and eat out or even go to places because of people they would have to deal with and they need everyone to do it for them. That was not Karen. She would get butterflies but she still dealt with it and carried on. But yet there are people out there who still take pills for their anxiety even though it doesn’t stop them but it helps with their psychical symptoms so they won’t have to deal with it all the time like heart burns or nausea or feeling like they are having a heart attack or short of breath, etc. Does it mean they have an anxiety disorder, I don’t know since it doesn’t stop them from doing anything because they just deal with those psychical symptoms. But now there is medicine for it so they can just take that. I only view anxiety as a disability if it stops you from living a normal life and it makes it hard for you to function because it affects your thinking and behavior and your functioning and your learning rather than just having psychical symptoms.


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