There seems to be so many bad drivers lately

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

First I have been hearing honking on the road and I never assume it’s directed at me because I am going the speed and I am not cutting anyone off and I always look before switching lanes.

Then one day I am going to pick my son up from school so I am driving through the neighborhood going about 15-20 mph (it’s 20 in school zones when children are present or when the lights are flashing or on school days from 7AM till 5 PM in my state, it all varies) and I hear shouting from a mother who is standing right outside her car and she had her back door open and then I notice she is waving but too late I drive by her and I look in the rear view mirror and she is looking my direction and it looked like she flipped me off. I thought it was all strange because I wasn’t speeding and I didn’t nearly hit her so what was the screaming about?

Then today I was going to McDonalds with my family and I was driving my car and I had a truck tailgating behind me and I just keep on driving the speed and then I turn on my signal and I slow down and then the truck behind me honks as I am going into the middle lane to turn and I am like “what’s his problem” and my husband told me he almost hit me and I said “he was tailgating me and I had my signal on” and he said he knows so that was why he got upset. Hopefully that driver learned a lesson. DO. NOT. TAILGATE.

I have just been hearing so many honkings lately and I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or a confirmation bias or if I have just gotten more aware of bad drivers out there. But sometimes I feel like a bad driver myself but everyone tells me I am a good driver. I sometimes forget to use my turn signal and I have nearly hitten pedestrians a couple times while leaving my own driveway because I don’t see them because of the bushes being in the way and one time I was turning and it was dark out and I saw a guy all of a sudden because I didn’t see him but luckily he got out of the way and I slammed on my breaks because it was really dark in that intersection because of no lights and I wondered if I was going too fast and that I maybe didn’t look hard enough when I was turning. I also wondered if I forgot to have my signal on but I wasn’t sure because it was off and it always turns itself off after I make the turn. And missing speed limit signs, I have done that before or not paying attention to my speedometer because I would forget to look at it to see how fast I am going and when I have looked at it, I would see I was going too slow or too fast so I slow down or speed up unless there is traffic in front of me or if it’s wet out, I stay below the speed. I will not tailgate. I sometimes wonder if I am one of those bad drivers but I have never honked my horn because I don’t react quick enough to even do it. But yet when I went to the class today for photo safety class, we were all told by the officer there we were all good drivers and we all make mistakes and even he makes mistakes. He also said if we were a bad driver, we wouldn’t be there. he also explained that lot of people think they do this all for money and the laws are out to get them but they are there to protect us and he told us the money we give them for the class goes towards the class and providing it, they don’t want our money, they just want everyone to be safe on the roads. The reason why they take our money is because that is how people listen and being told to not do that again, they don’t respond to it but they do with money being taken from them. They also go around doing photo radar to catch speeders when they have gotten complaints from residents and they have cameras at intersections where there have been lot of collisions so they can catch people running through a red light. We were also told about running a yellow light and some people will actually speed up or try and make the light before it turns red when it means to slow down because it’s turning and if anyone says they got a ticket for going through a yellow light tell them it’s not possible because the cameras go on when the light is red.

I have gotten a flash at an intersection when I went through a yellow light because by the time I would have done a complete stop, I would have been in the middle of the intersection and it would have been dangerous so I kept on going and I saw a flash and no ticket ever came in the mail. The officer did explain that they won’t issue a ticket if they see it would have been dangerous if you stopped, they view the footage to see if a ticket is warranted. I actually learned interesting things in that class like how when we focus on one thing, our eyes will not notice other details so they did a test with all of us by having us stare at a green dot on the screen and the yellow dots disappeared. We were told they were there the whole time but it’s just the way our brains work. We tune out the other details when focusing on one detail. Then we were told to look at the screen again but this time look at all the dots. We did and they all stayed and we were told it’s the same screen. I already knew driving is multitasking because not only do you need to watch the road, you need to watch the car in front of you for if they break and also look on the side of the road for signs and also when coming past a street, look for cars as you are driving up to it and if you see a car, make sure they are stopping and I already knew that when coming up to a light, watch the light and the cars in front of you.

Even as a pedestrian you gotta watch for traffic because you have to make sure people notice you so you won’t get hit by a car and to stay off the road and if you see a car leaving their driveway, make sure they are stopping because they might not even notice you. Even when crossing a crosswalk, you still have to make sure cars are stopping.

Driving can seem stressful and I got talked out of going down to Chicago when I went to Wisconsin a couple years ago because of too many people and people go fast on the roads and my mom said it would be too stressful. I heard officers there pull you over if you go the speed limit but yet here you get a ticket for going with the flow of traffic. I learned in class that if you got a ticket because you were going with the flow of traffic, then the whole flow will be getting a ticket. But yet I hear in California, you get pulled over for going the speed limit. It’s gets so confusing about when to go with the flow or when to follow the speed. At least in my area you are to go the speed, not with the flow.

I was in the car one time with my mother and we were leaving a Goodwill parking lot and this car in front of us pulls out onto the road but she stops and then goes and my mom is saying ‘Just go lady” and  I notice the side of her car had been rear ended and my mom says “she is a bad drive, no wonder the side of her car is smashed up” and I said in her defense “maybe she is just nervous because of so many cars and she doesn’t want to get in a wreck” and my mom said “She apparently already has.” But I have done the same thing that lady has done because where there are a lot of cars and it’s backed up and the light is red, it’s hard for me to see incoming traffic on the other side of the road because of all the cars blocking it that are going the opposite direction. That is why I use the center lane but how do I know there is a car coming in the center lane? I do feel like a bad driver when I am trying to be a safe driver like today I was waiting to pull into McDonalds and the incoming car stopped and I start to move slowly and my husband told me to just go but I saw other cars coming so I stopped and pulled back into the center lane an my husband told me I could have just gone. I told him I couldn’t see cars coming and no way am I getting into a car wreck. If a incoming car had stopped in the other lane too, then I would have gone. Sometimes I think being a safe driver makes one a bad driver which is ironic.



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