My dad got scammed

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

You know how someone will call you claiming to be calling from Microsoft and say your computer has been sending out viruses or they have gotten a report that your computer has a virus and they even ask for your name when they call. It’s like magic because your name appears when they look up random phone numbers to call. Now they are sending out emails with a toll free number. My dad got one of those so he spent a few hours on the phone with them and I got a feeling it was a scam because I wondered if they called hi or if he called them and the fact they wouldn’t let him hang up when he said his phone was dying so he would need to switch to the house phone. I thought about just grabbing the phone from him and hanging up but what if he was talking to the legitimate computer company? I also had a bunch of questions to ask him but because he gets snarly and testy and gets mad when you try talking to him, I didn’t bother. I told my mom instead about my worries because I thought this could affect her but she said he was using his business account so it won’t affect our income and her whole income pays for our house and bills and my dad’s income goes towards my brother to pay for his housing until he finishes school. I asked if it would affect my brother and she said my dad’s Social Security goes towards my brother’s income so my brother won’t be affected by my dad’s mistake, only his business will. She told me this will be a lesson for him to learn because she has kept telling him to not do youtube on his work computer and other things but he gets testy with her and she even told him to buy a new computer for personal use and he got testy too.

My dad had been having problems with his computer and finally he got an email from the “company” saying his computer has viruses and give them a call at their toll free number. Instead of just waiting to take it in on Monday, he tries to get this all done today so he can work and while they did fix the problem, he can’t open his files now. Also he said they were scamming him and I wondered why did he still talk to them and didn’t hang up and why did he still give them his card number?

Also when he went to see his friend who was checking out a condo nearby, he told him he thinks it’s a scam and my dad came home and called his bank to cancel his credit card to get a new one and to block the payments from that company.

I wish I still just hung up on him but then there would have been a big fight and an argument and dealing with my dad’s temper. But it wasn’t my problem and with an attitude he has, why would I want to tell him it was possibly a scam and Windows and Microsoft don’t go around calling people and he should look up to see if any email scams exist about computers?

At least I’m not married to someone like him. That would be too stressful. Someone who doesn’t listen and makes these mistakes when they’re avoidable. My mom has learned to walk away and she said it stresses her out too. I don’t know how she deals with it without having a breakdown or having anxiety impair her because of all the stress. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

Oh well just let it be a lesson for him.


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