For a moment I thought I was Crazy

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

I decided to mail off my Gamefly game so I drop it in our mailbox to find yesterday’s mail in there. I take it out and one of them is addressed to me from the city. I open it when i got inside and it was a traffic violation of speeding. What I don’t speed, I always go the speed limit. Maybe it’s possible I wasn’t paying attention to my speedometer or it’s possible I was going the wrong speed on the road and didn’t slow down soon enough or I thought a road was a certain speed but didn’t know it was the different speed. Mistakes happen. I start reading the paper and then trying to figure out how do I pay the fine. then I see a flyer about taking the photo safety class so I didn’t know if I had to take that class or pay the ticket, which is it. So I see the ticket finally and it said I sped through a school zone. Okay I do forget often to slow down at the school near me because you only go 20 when the lights flash and I am not used to driving through there during school hours and when i take my son to school, the lights are never flashing and they only do on Mondays because of late start. So I have a habit of going the speed limit and it’s other cars that remind me to slow down because they are going slow so I slow down. But sometimes there are no other cars so I am not reminded and then it’s too late. So I thought maybe that is what the ticket is for but wait it said it happened at noon. i don’t drive through the school zone at noon because I am always home and I go to my workout at that time and I don’t go that direction. This has to be a mistake but yet there is a photo of me driving so how is this possible?

I look at the date and it happened May 1st and that is the day I worked out on. But I didn’t go that way so how did I get the ticket and how is there a photo of me driving? Then I noticed the violation date was April 21st so I look at the calendar again and it was on a Friday. I worked out that day but I didn’t go through a school zone. But are there any school zones on the way to the workout center? It was filed 12:21 PM but I am always in the fitness center at that time so therefore I am not driving at that minute. My car is parked in the paring lot so how is this possible? Is it even possible I was out doing something and I don’t remember or didn’t realize it? What other things do I do I am not aware of and have no memory of? Uh oh this is scary, maybe I should call my doctor and tell them this concern so I can get tested and see what is going on. This is a problem and very scary. But I keep looking at the ticket and I am looking on Googlemaps to see if there are any school zones and then I look at the address again and decide to type it in on Googlemaps and it showed me the road and I noticed a church. I look at the road and I see the 35 MPH sigh. I did go to speed and did they not have up the school speed? I keep looking and I see 20 MPH sign but I was not going that direction because it was towards my house and I was going the opposite way. I decide to look further down the road towards my house and then look the other way to see and then I see the 20 speed sign. I never noticed it before. Now I know to go 20 in that section until I see the 35 sign again. that meant I also wasn’t crazy and I don’t do things I am not aware of.  Also i looked at my ticket again and it said the violation happened at 12:02 PM and I always leave the house at noon so I am in my car at that time. I did my detective work before calling to argue again making myself look stupid and a liar. I also did it before I started panicking about the possibility of having a mental issue of doing things of not being aware of. I did call the number to ask them questions about the classes and the ticket because I didn’t know which was it I had to do. I could do the class and not pay the ticket and it’s cheaper so I decided to do the class and I went to the website to sign up but couldn’t figure it out so I called the number and they helped me figure out how to sign up and I picked a date and signed up and used my savings card to pay. That is what our savings is for, emergencies.


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