I think someone tried to steal my car

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

I had something interesting happened this morning and boy was I lucky. I take my son to school and right when we get to my car, my car door is open and I say ‘What the, I thought I closed it.” So I thought I had it open all this time and now the car battery is dead but instead I find a mess in my car. Someone had been in my glove box and everything was out on the seat, the storage tray between the passenger seats is open and my ash tray and the coin tray and the thing is off where the wires are and it has not been messed with because there is no way to get to the wire. Also trash had been poured out of the bag in the back seat on the floor and they didn’t even clean up after themselves and close the door. I turn the car on and it still ran so nothing was busted and nothing was taken. I thought it was all very weird and my car was parked in the drive way in front of my house and my car is hard to steal it’s not on the list for car thieves. My mom thinks they were looking for cash and I think they were looking for a key and I don’t keep it in my car or any money but coins or anything valuable. Because the fact the battery wasn’t dead told me this didn’t happen too long ago when I went out to my car and something must have scared them off and they were in a  rush so they left it a mess and didn’t close the car door. At the end I just laughed about it because they couldn’t find anything to take and couldn’t hot wire my car. You would basically have to take the front apart to get to the wires. Take the cap off and all you see is a wall with outlets for the DEQ and car dealers and auto mechanics to plug something in to check for anything wrong with your car. And the fact they left my CDs and my game and my 3DS car charger and the cassette tapes and they didn’t take my coins or my Gamestop rewards card. So I think they were just looking for money and looking to take my car. If they couldn’t take it, see if there it a valet or spare key anywhere and see if I keep cash in there. But the fact they had the nerve to come onto our property is weird. That is unusual for car thieves because they don’t target drive ways or cars parked in front of homes.


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