How do they know?

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

How does someone know they are asexual than knowing they haven’t met the right person yet or haven’t found a way to enjoy sex yet or because they are a late bloomer?

How does someone know they are gay/lesbian than because they are also a late bloomer and haven’t gotten into girls or boys yet?

How does someone know they are transgender than knowing they don’t want to follow the gender norms and because they just wish they were a man or a woman and want to have the same privilege of another gender?

How does someone know their brains or wired differently than thinking others struggle as much as they do?

How does someone know they are different than lot of people than knowing they only feel that way because they don’t have anything in common as their peers or the same interests?

Some people just know they are asexual or homosexual or transgender or bisexual or even know they have something like a disorder or a disability and some just know they function different and not like the others. Some even know they don’t want kids and knew that from a young age, not because they have no developed that interest yet and some just know they want to have kids because they want to, not because society tells them to and they are expected to have them. My uncle knew he liked boys when he was around eight years old. But he also knew it wasn’t “normal” so he kept it to himself and even tried being straight so he married a woman he loved and then she died from cancer and he decided to come out and started dating guys and met my uncle. Also how do some know being a man or woman have a feeling so they feel like so they know they are agender because they don’t feel either? Even some parents are naive to think if they can convince their children they are something, they will believe them and grow out of it and not live that way. Some even think they can keep their children from knowing they have something so they keep on telling them they’re normal and treat all their children the same so the child will never know they do have a disability and that they are different. My mom did that but yet they still know because I did. I still knew as a child and I guess my parents thought if they kept telling me I was normal, I will believe them and stop thinking I’m different. That didn’t work because I wasn’t dumb. Kids are smarter than adults realize. Kids know more than a parent realizes. I call that naive of what parents do. They think they can control what their kids can think but sometimes a child is smarter than that. A parent might try convincing their transgender child there is nothing wrong with them and they are a girl, not a boy but the son still knows he is not a girl despite what body he has. A parent might think if they let their “daughter” be a tomboy and do boy things and not not do gender norms and let their kids play with either boy or girl toys regardless of what gender they are, “she” might get over the fact that”she” is a boy and just accept “her” body. I have actually read that in articles about transgender and parents saying they thought if they could do this, their kid would get over it and they said they didn’t know because they thought it was a phase or thought their kid felt that way because of gender norms. Yes I call that naivety. It’s only transphobic if the parent was aware of the whole transgender thing and it appearing in young children but they ignore it and not consider it for their child so they stay in denial and just lie to themselves because they don’t want a transgender child. But for my parents I am sure they were only doing it to make me feel better than being abliest but I was too smart for it. Also my mother might have had her own definition of the word normal and a parent on youtube called her autistic child normal. She said he is normal but his brain just works different.


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