My mother’s strange language

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Last night I was taking a shower and I asked my mother if my brother took home his son’s presents my dad forgot to give him. My mom said he was leaving it here for his kids to play with because they can’t play it at their house (must be against the HOA rules) because he might not see it again if he left it at *Marlene’s, his ex.

I had no idea she would steal it and not let my brother ever take it home with him but my mom said she didn’t steal it because it was her present too because it was for her son. I said but she might not let my brother take it with him and my mom said no he might want to play it with his kids but it would be at Marlene’s because he forgot it. So I said but he might never get it back right because he would never see it again. My mom said that is not what she meant so I pointed out to her she said he might never see it again so that means she wouldn’t let him have it and would just keep it at her house and not ever give it back. My mom then said she can see how I got that wrong picture in my head and said what she meant. It still didn’t make sense why she would say my brother might never see it again.

What did she mean? She meant that he might not be able to play with it with his kids because it would be at Marlene’s house. I didn’t say again to my mother “But she might not give it back to him if he ever tries to get it from her to bring is home with the kids when he picks them up for his turn with them. But I didn’t want to get her upset and frustrated for saying the same thing over and over so I kept it to myself because she will keep saying that is not what she meant. She did say hew might never see it again. How can that not mean she won’t ever let him have it again if he tries to bring it back with him? She even said she meant it literally. No she did not. Just another example of my mom’s strange language.


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