A distraction

Monday, March 13th, 2017

I took my kids to The Art of the Brick and they had all these Lego artwork displays by Nathan Sawaya and my children loved all the displays. That helped kept my mind off my former “friend” and my stories. They also had an area where the exit is for kids to build with Legos and they had a little store there selling Lego books and Lego building set and selling postcards for The Art of the Brick and t shirts. Then we went to the cafeteria and had lunch and then we went to the exhibit hall upstairs and their theme this time was recycling and saving the environment and they had their oldest display there which was the lit up body that was at the Chicago’s World’s Fair in 1933 and then our local museum purchased it in 1958 and it’s been their oldest display at the museum. I honestly didn’t remember seeing it there ever when I would go there as a kid. They still had their display there about pregnancies and the baby growing inside the mother and showing the stages. My son thought they looked like aliens but I told him that is what babies look like when they are growing inside the mother and forming and he and his sister looked like that too. Then we went to the Science Playground that is for kids six and under and they all play in there and it’s like The Children’s Museum. They played hard and they had animal life in there, water works where you play with water and they had a fake kitchen and supermarket and balls to play with and they had a room where kids played with building stuff and they had this putty stuff kids played with and they had an area for infants who are not yet walking but some moms still had their little ones in there who were walking.

My daughter got soaking wet from playing with water and we stayed until closing time and we left and my brother was still here so my son got to see his cousins and they played together. My dad changed my daughter out of her wet clothes and I changed her pull up and put a clean one on her.

But I feel happy despite not talking to my “friend” anymore and one of my other online friends gave me advice for story writing to write for myself not for others because I enjoy it and it helps me. I still would love to share them and talk about my characters but I can’t if it’s going to stress me out because my “friend” would rather be a politician and thought that was more important and I am thinking maybe he didn’t want to talk to me anymore but yet acted like he still wanted to and was acting like a true friend so that is very confusing. Why would someone act like a true friend but still throw it all away by still making racist comments?

I turned off notifications so I wouldn’t see any new messages from him. I don’t really delete conversations even though I have thought about doing it several times with him over the last couple of years whenever he would upset me.

But happiness is better than being stressed out because of my stories. I had to make a decision between my own interest and my mental health.


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