Had to make a tough decision

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Someone who I had been friends with for four years now I had to drop as a friend because he wouldn’t quit making racist comments. I had told him to stop and if he did it again, we’re through and he did it again so I guess I was not that important to him as a friend. I have tried to educate him telling him how stupid this all is and to judge people by their skin color or religion or nationality. I have even used analogies and he was still racist. I even put it in my story and he is still racist. He will keep on stereotyping and won’t stop. He is fine with singling out a group and it doesn’t matter if any of them are innocent, it doesn’t matter if you are a Mexican and a US citizen. He still thinks you should be lumped with the illegals and be thrown out of the US and that any of the newcomers from Mexico should not come into the US and become US Citizens. That bothered me. The last comment he made that pissed me off that I thought was racist was “My god Christina is a Muslim, I thought she was Natalie’s cousin.” And this was after I had my character say she didn’t practice that religion and no one in her immediate family does and no one in her family life has joined any terrorist groups or do Sharia. She was just a regular person like us and she got singled out for her skin color at work by a patient and my friend thought this was okay?

I couldn’t take it anymore so I have had enough of his bigotry and racism. You don’t need to be smart or have a high IQ to be stupid. He is so into stereotypes he will not learn. Instead of “Oh I didn’t know she had a Muslim background, I guess not all of them do terrorism and do family torture” it was that other comment he made.

The focus should be on illegal immigrants. Not on a group. The focus should be on trying to make it harder for people to enter our country who are non US citizens. But how to do it without tearing families apart and for those who were adopted by US parents but never gave them a US citizenship. They shouldn’t be kicked out of our country because of their adopters ignorance. Now anyone who was under 18 at the time when the law came into affect in 2001 who were adopted automatically became US citizens. Now anyone outside the country who gets adopted is an automatic US citizen but that only applies to those who are under 18.

But every time I lose a friend I always make a list of reasons why they sucked as a friend and reasons why they were a good friend and the con list has always been larger than the pro list.


Doesn’t answer all my questions

Is against that the Holocaust happened

Likes Trump

Likes Hitler

I don’t know anything personal about him

I don’t know his name

Is racist

Stereotypes too much

Likes to lump people in a group because of his stereotyping

Thinks anyone is stupid for having a learning disability or different learning style



Believes 9/11 happened

Does not believe in bullying

Likes stupid people unless they are too stupid

Loves my Natalie stories and he is someone for me to engage my interest with him


Yes I will miss him because of Natalie. But I had to make a tough decision because it’s not worth my mental health and I know what happens to me when I get very upset. I have a hard time functioning and it’s not fair to my kids.



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