How do you know?

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

How do you know if your kid has dyslexia or if they are just getting their letters and numbers backwards like all children do when they are first learning?

How do you know if your kid has a very good imagination or if they are having hallucinations and delusions? Lot of kids will say things like they have something in their closet and have you check it for them or they have an imaginary friend and claim they did it, not them.

How do you know if your kid has food texture issues or is just a picky eater?

How do you know if your kid has autism or is just very smart and gifted when they know a lot of stuff and talk good facts about their interest and how do you know if they just have poor social skills and just need catching up than having autism and how do you know if your kid is just willful?

This is something I struggle with as a parent. My son is picky, he gets his letters and numbers turned around and is having a hard time learning them. My mom says this is all normal. How do I know if she is right or if my son is having true issues?

Sometimes parents know their kids have something but everyone keeps telling them this is all normal but the parent is smart enough to know their kid is having deeper issues and sometimes parents think their kid has something and everyone says their kid is normal and the parent turns out to be wrong because their kid was “normal.” so how do you know?

I would hate to be hard on my son for something he cannot help but how do I know if he has a disability? I have thought about should I get him tested for a learning disability but if I am being told this is normal, I will look like one of those crazy parents who takes their kids in to be tested thinking their kid has something only be told the same thing so they don’t bother with the testing. Then what if few years later it did turn out he had dyslexia, then I would feel stupid and guilty because I would feel I had abused him and I was stupid enough to listen to my mother and doctor.

This is one of the examples of how kids with disabilities are more likely to be abused. If they look normal and seem normal, their parents are told they’re normal and they believe the doctors. Plus if the kid looks normal and seems normal, the parent might not even bat an eye to even think their kid could have something so they never bother getting them tested for anything or taking them to a psychologist. Sometimes the children forgive their parents and sometimes the kids don’t forgive their parents so they hardly ever see them as an adult or they disown them. I have seen it all online within the autism community.

I’d say if the kid has severe disabilities or obvious ones, then it’s a lot easier because people then taker your concerns more seriously and don’t tell you this is all normal and that all kids do this. It’s even easier as a parent because you at least know.



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