A bullshit rule a work place had

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

About last week I was on Reddit reading a thread and there was a discussion about how people were still expected to show up to work  on time in bad weather. Okay you are probably thinking “leave early.” Yes leave early but even if you do leave early, you can still be late because you don’t know how much longer it will take you to get to work, you don’t know how bad traffic will be so you do your best. But someone told a story about how one plant expected all their employees to be at work on time and it was icy out and people got into accidents on the way for trying to make it to work on time and there were two deaths. The victims families sued the plant and won and now the whole plant shuts down when the roads are bad.

I thought that was stupid because just let people come into work late and not penalize them for it. I told my mother this story and how being rigid is a bad thing and so is being black and white and I think anyone who acts this way in bad weather is an asshole. They don’t seemed concerned for their employers safety. My mom told me since it’s a plant, they probably have an assembly line and if everyone isn’t there, then other people can’t work and they are being paid for just waiting. That makes sense so I can see why they would shut the whole thing down in bad weather but it’s sad how it took a couple lawsuits for them to do it. But I think they just do it because they don’t want to get sued again if someone dies or goes to the hospital. My mom agreed this was a bullshit rule so she understands what I am saying and that is why they lost because it was so bullshit and they threaten their workers to be at work on time so they are all driving unsafely because they are so afraid of getting fired or written up if they are late. I told her I wouldn’t even be working for that boss if I had a boss like that. “My boss is an asshole, I quit. Yay SSDI.”

I can’t even remember what thread this was in.


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