My stubborn dad

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

My dad has been stubborn lately. Yesterday he needed toilet paper because he realized he didn’t have any in the bathroom with him so I ripped off a paper towel off the roll and gave it to my daughter to give to him. He said he needed toilet paper so I told him he can use that and he said it was a paper towel and he wanted toilet paper so I send my children upstairs to the bathroom to get a roll of toilet paper.

Then that same day he was going to meet his friend so he has me look up the directions online for how to get there with public transportation. I go on the website and type in our address and the place and I show him the map but he didn’t want to walk the eight blocks to get there. So he tried to figure out what other train to take to get there so I told him it’s probably quicker to walk there than taking the extra train. My mom made him walk those extra eight blocks anyway when they left after I went to work.

Then tonight he wanted our dishwasher fixed that hadn’t been working for the past few days because the lock button wouldn’t turn off. He talks about hiring someone and getting rid of our dishwasher and Mom tells him it’s a good dishwasher and still new. I over hear her say to go look it up online and he goes he will just hire someone and also have my brother fix it. I decided to just go online and look it up while my parents were talking about it. I ask in google how to turn off the lock button on the steam dishwasher and I find the directions and somehow “fix it.” I don’t remember what I did but I fixed it. Now it’s running and it’s running well.

My mom says he has gotten worse and I have noticed too. Now he is being stubborn.


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