Job offer scams

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Today my dad told me I had a job offer in his email. I found it strange they would email my dad instead of me about the job offer so he printed it off for me to see. I read it and it didn’t tell me what their job was about. Red flag #1. It also didn’t even have a company website. Red flag #2. There wasn’t even a phone number. Red Flag #3.

So I looked up the company Evec. Company and no such thing. I decide to look up is getting a job offer in your email a scam and I came to an article telling you how to spot job offer scams and it pointed out the red flags.

I never applied for such job

There is no interview set up

It was a work from home company

Outlook is a free email account

The salary was too high

It didn’t say what the job was about


I tossed the printed email job offer in the recycling. Yay for internet. I’m no fool.



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