Yay school is back in session

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

I am glad to say my son is finally back in school again and all the roads are clear but still some slush and ice but kids are back in school again and my son was happy and I was happy because I would hate for the kids to miss so many days of school because then they would have to make up those days in June and it would make their summer vacation shorter.

But we are having heavy rain and it’s raining so hard, I can’t even work outside to shovel but I got the storm drain uncovered last night so we wouldn’t have a big puddle in front of our house and so I could get out the next day and so our basement wouldn’t flood. It did drain and there are still big puddles because of the slush but it’s still draining and I can’t just keep shoveling to make it all drain out or I will get soaked.

And I got a surprise, a flat tire. My husband came in the house and called my name and told me to come here and he said I had a flat tire. I had just driven it this morning and the tire was already flat after I was home. I don’t know how that happened but it was pretty bad because it’s very flat and I have no way of changing it. But luckily we have a spare car. I can use my mother’s car until my parents get back and I have thought about calling All state Motor Club but they only do roadside assistance and I am not on the roadside. It’s on my driveway so it’s not really an emergency and the car isn’t blocking any other cars from getting in and out so I can still get out of the driveway with my mom’s car and then my dad will help me figure it out when they come home Monday. I don’t know what he did with the tire blower thing and I don’t have a jack or any spare tire parts because those got misplaced when we moved so that is why I have roadside assistance.

Ironically I saw a car with a flat tire this morning on the way to taking my son to school so they had two lights flashing and I figured they already had help on the way and I would have no way of helping them anyway. Their back tire was also pretty bad and now I have one too but it’s on the other side.

Also we have not been getting our mail because of the snow so I had to mail the Gamefly game at a post office because I know it wouldn’t be picked up from my mail box if the mail man is skipping it. I saw him skipping other mail boxes too yesterday while going to work and we were expecting freezing rain so I left early and got done early and there was no daycare to do so I was only there for less than two hours before going home and I was the last to leave and guess what, no ice. We had dodged it but the town where my son goes to school to had ice and there were all these commercial trucks parked on the side of the road because they closed the freeway because of the weather. It’s been closed for a week now.


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