We got hit with snow again

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

We are getting hit with snow again because we just had it this weekend and it only lasted a day and then the next day it was just all covered in ice because we got freezing rain and everything became ice and then lot of it melted yesterday and now today it was cold again and it started to snow when I picked my son up and it got worse around 7 and then it got so bad we all left early except for one person and I made it home without getting stuck.Snow will delay the trains and buses here so that is why we took off. I didn’t want to be stuck and stranded and it’s nearly impossible to drive in the city because of gridlocks and they don’t plow the roads because they don’t have very many of them since snow is rare where we live and they don’t sand them either or put gravel down like they do in Montana. Plus lots of collisions and people abandoning their vehicles and they will leave them in the middle of the road because they get stuck on ice. I will not drive in this city because it’s just too dangerous when there is snow. It would be nice if the city required everyone to put snow chains on their tires. That would make the city a hell lot safer to drive in and I would feel safe on the roads. Our snow is very deep so far. I can tel by looking at the tables outside. So my son didn’t have school yesterday due to ice but he had school today but he won’t have it again tomorrow. He will be so disappointed. But at least he will have homework so school is still in session. This is the 6th time they have had to close school since the middle of December.


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