I don’t remember yesterday

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Today my mom came home from work and I was in the middle of reading a intense book on my Kindle. I was so focused on the story I couldn’t switch gears from the story to my mother. My mom comes home and she starts talking and I just want to be left alone. I hate interruptions. She asked me if I had a better day today. Better day? What better day? I had a bad day yesterday? I tried to think of yesterday and what happened that day. I couldn’t remember anything bad happening yesterday. My son was in school, my daughter played all day, I was on my computer and she played hard and kept herself busy. I think my mom’s brain was at it again. But I was too focused on the story to even ask what happened yesterday and she goes “sorry I bothered you” as if she had gotten the hint I was trying to read.



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