Mom is starting to scare me

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

She keeps on doing it and it’s like gas lighting.

Today we were playing the game of Trouble the Minions version with her and my son and nephew. I overheard my mom say to my son to quit cheating and then after my nephew won in second place (I won first) and then I saw my son pushing on the dice popper over and over and I told him to play the game right and quit cheating. My mom accused me of being critical and I told her I was just telling the truth and he was popping it over and over until he got a one and my mom said it was a misunderstanding. I told her she was the one who said to him he was cheating.

Also during the game we were playing and my mom changed the rules to you don’t need to get out on a six because it would be too hard for the youngsters to play. But my mom also said you can’t send a person home if they are on your start space so you’re trapped and it’s in the rules. I figured it was only for that version. But after I won the game I read the rules and didn’t see that rule anywhere so my brother read it and said it didn’t say that either and the rule explicitly stated even if it’s on your start for bumping home an opponent. My mom said we were playing by my rules so I told her she said that not me and she is the one who made it up not me.

On ThanksgivingĀ  my mom and my brother were talking and he then says how he can’t afford to feed his kids if he had more and he doesn’t get foodstamps. I jump in saying he can apply for them and then he starts explaining why he can’t and he mentions his ex claimed their kids so she gets foodstamps and is unemployed. I start asking questions to try and understand and then my mom gets mad at me because she raises her voice. She also yelled at me to stop asking questions and to not ask any and she said this is not to talk about in front of the kids. His kids were here and in the room. I mentioned my brother brought it up but she said I brought it up and the custody stuff. I told her it was my brother who brought it up when he started talking about foodstamps and explaining why he couldn’t get any and my dad cut us off before our argument escalated before I could even say when my brother brought it up.

And there was another time when I was doing flashcards with my son so he can recognize numbers and any numbers he already knew I put in a pile and the rest he didn’t know I kept in my hand and my mom claimed I was telling him the numbers and I told her I was not and she claimed he didn’t know the other numbers either. I told him he does because I asked him what the numbers were and he said them an she said I kept say no and telling him the answer and said she was there when I was doing it and she heard it. I know I didn’t do that.

There are other times she has done this lately but I can’t think of any others right now but it’s starting to scare me. I wonder if something is going wrong with her brain like is she at the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s where she is starting to get confused but yet she can still function fine and live normal and still drive and do her work. If I think of this as her starting to get old her brain aging so her memory isn’t as good, I won’t take it personal.



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