The pain about my family

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

I fucking hate life. Life would be a lot easier if other people didn’t mess with your mail, out it in the same spot for me to see it, if OHP didn’t make anyone have social security number for their kids, etc.

So I had to wait two hours to get my daughter;s social security card right before Christmas, then I had to go to the health clinic to get her record to prove she is alive, then I came back the next day before opening and had to wait about an hour with the forum filled out to hand it in along with the proof she is alive and they said it would be two weeks for the card to come. Well today comes and I never saw it came so I asked my dad about it only to find out the card did come and he gave it to my husband and  no one told me. That made me angry. Everyone knew I was waiting for that card because I needed her number so I could give to the state to keep her health insurance. My dad didn’t tell me because he thought my husband would tell me. Dad told me my husband said he put it in the safe so I looked and it wasn’t in there. I start to have anxiety so I am calling him frantically and decided I will keep on calling until he picks u because my anxiety was springing out of control. I worked hard getting that card and I felt I accomplished it for nothing and now I would have to do it all over again and it feels like I am having a mental breakdown now because I worked so hard to get it. All that effort. Now I am having crying spells and can’t be around anyone because I feel so ill now mentally. How could anyone do this to me? I have been checking the mail and never saw it. But I forgot to check yesterday but my dad said it came about couple days ago so it’s been here. Now I might have to go back and do it all over again and also call the state to tell them what happened so they can give me more time. I hope they will be more understanding because of my incompetent father and husband and this is not good for my mental health and no one seems to understand my anxiety and how important this is. now I feel like an incompetent parent because my own anxiety is isolating me from my children because I want to be alone. Who would take care of them if it weren’t for my parents? My husband isn’t here. Now I am working on that phone cal to tell the what happened to relieve my anxiety and after I get a hold of them I will go to the office again tomorrow and get the forum and fill it out again and then go get that letter again to bring to the office again and this time make a copy of it so I won’t have to go back and then do it all over again but this time it will be quicker and that is if my husband says he never got the card. I just called them and they aid they can’t help with personal problems. They just don’t care and all they care is they need it in by the due date. Now I am panicking again.

I decided I am going to get dressed and get the forums again and fill then out and go get the records again from the health clinic and make copies of it but first i will check my first first to see if I have it because I can’t remember if they took it and handed it back or not.

This is hell.

Edit: great my parents won’t let me leave so more panic and my dad doesn’t know where it is but says it’s in the house.



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