I love my new phone

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

This is my first time ever I have a phone that is up to date and modern instead of outdated. So I am able to do normal stuff on it. I am able to play Pokemon Go and it’s a lot easier to play and I can play other apps on it. I have downloaded several games already but deleted them because it was hard to play because of the touch screen and I couldn’t get it to respond to my fingers movement. I also downloaded Miitomo and it feels so great to have that app back and they did lot of changes to it. I also got a Google Play card for $15 from my brother so I got Castle of illusion only to end up deleting it because it was hard to play it. It was hard to get Mickey to jump left. Now I have $15 dollars again and I got Skopkins Chef Club (free app) and scanned all my Shopkins I got for Christmas but I still haven’t opened the other two packs yet. Plus this phone has larger space 16 GB. I also use google photos for back up so all my pictures go there. It’s too bad data doesn’t go onto the SD card but photos and movies. Plus I get internet on my phone and I can work Kindle on it. Kindle quit working on my old phone and the internet didn’t work well on it.

But I can enjoy all the free games now and uninstall them after I get done playing them. It’s too bad I can’t get the touch screen to respond to my finger movements well but yet the other touch games work fine like Pokemon Go and Chef’s Club and Kindle and other things. Just games where you have to play them like a video game like you do on TV and on your 3DS is where I have troubles playing. I don;t know what I am going to do with $15 and plus the extra $15 Google Play card my husband gave me he also got from my brother. I still wished it was an eshop card or a Gamestop card. I didn’t get any this year so I am going to have to use my own money to buy games because I have a discount coupon that is about to expire next month.


One comment on “I love my new phone

  1. Kira says:

    I hear ya. I got an iPhone 7 after using a flip phone for years and I love it so much. It was the best gift ever.

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