What snow does in my area

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

We got hit with snow this week when we were expecting freezing rain and the forecast changed the day before but everyone went on with their day despite the warning. Now the school districts regret not cancelling that day because students were stranded at school and buses had a hard time getting to the schools and bringing home the students. Because it doesn’t snow often here, our town isn’t equipped for snow and because they don’t do anything to the roads to make them safe to drive on, it’s unsafe to drive and our area is full of hills. Luckily where I live there are no hills but I had to drive up a hill the other day when I took another route to avoid traffic and I did get stuck a few times but was able to keep moving and no one slid down the hill close my my house. but it took me nearly 45 minutes to get home when in fact it takes me twenty minutes. Traffic had just gotten bad around 3:30 when I was coming back. So that day I decided to take the train to work and left early and got there in time for work and I was so glad I didn’t drive because the freeway was all backed up and I heard about a bunch of collisions happening and people leaving their cars because they got stuck on ice. It took my brother three hours to get home from his work. Now it’s snowing again and we are supposed to have our employee Christmas party but I see it’s melting now because the ground had warmed up and the new snow is melting. But here are some videos.


2 comments on “What snow does in my area

  1. I don’t consider it a nightmare at all when it snows here in Portland. We have a great public transportation system for people to use if they want to during times of inclement weather, and in all honesty it’s so incredibly rare that we get snow that ruining our natural habitats by using rock salt ( it’s toxic to fish, pets, other wildlife life and our groundwater) for temporary convenience is just silly. If you choose to live in a hilly area in Portland, you take the risk if you choose to drive. The big problem in this town is too many people refuse to change their habits when we do have these rare moments of icy weather.


    • Momof2 says:

      The light rails also get delayed because the switches freeze which is why I left early and got there in time. Plus the buses get delayed too. I know everyone should be using snow chains and I bet that would make the roads safer and for everyone else if they made it a law and I bet people wouldn’t get stuck in the snow. I have snow chains but the reason why I feel unsafe to drive is because of collisions due to ice and I don’t want a car sliding into me.


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