I think I might have some PDA

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

What is PDA?


It’s only recognized in the UK and nowhere else in the world. ODD and PDA sound very much the same but for PDA it’s the damand in place that causes the person anxiety while for someone with ODD, it’s dislike of authority. But they still sound very much the same and even the behavior is very much the same but with PDA it seems to be more anxiety based.

  • resists and avoids the ordinary demands of life
  • appearing sociable, but lacking depth in understanding
  • excessive mood swings and impulsivity
  • comfortable in role play and pretend, sometimes to an extreme extent
  • language delay, often with good degree of catch-up
  • obsessive behaviour, often focussed on people.

I fit almost everything on the list. I didn’t demand ordinary demands on a day to day basis because I respected certain people better such as my own parents and I listened to certain people better than others and I did have a language delay but that was more likely due to hearing loss and it took me years to catch up in language. But no one really knows if I still would have had a language delay without any hearing loss because most kids catch up quickly after having tubes inserted in their ears. Then they hear again and catch up in their language development and I didn’t do that so I was given an early diagnoses of language disorder.

Because there isn’t a lot of information about it, I am not able to read into depth about it to understand the symptoms more and degree but I know I have always had issues with follow directions and listening to people and I will sometimes purposely not do things if it’s been a demand placed on me and I had an issue with listening to baby sitters growing up and being good with my grandparents when my parents would go out. I never understood why I had troubles with authority without my parents around. I have always gotten obsessed with people and attached to them and to this day it still happens but what i do about it is I will purposely avoid that person so I am not stalking them and making them uncomfortable and I have always gotten obsessed with characters from movies. I still get anxiety when I have to do things but it’s always been called anxiety. I will even put it off and not do it because it’s a demand in place. I don’t think I would have enough to qualify to actually have PDA but I have some of it I believe but not enough for it to hold me back but enough for it to annoy me but I can still get through it. I have gotten better though and my mom used to say I was impulsive when I was a kid and my therapist I saw in high school said I had some oppositional defiance but he didn’t say I had ODD. My mom admits I did have behavior but it was anxiety.

PDA comes off to me as having anxiety because of the demands so I wonder if anxiety pills would work with it. I have only read about extreme cases about this so it makes me look normal because I didn’t yell and scream at my parents or hit them or get in fights in school and suspended and I still functioned in school. But like I say there isn’t a lot of information about it so I can’t really read into depth about it to see how much it fits and how mild someone can have it to see if it fits or if I just have some of it but not enough to actually have it. But reading the whole list made me feel I was reading about my childhood. But when I am very calm, I am fine. It’s when I am anxious is when I start acting out and being defiant and avoident and I have behavior.

My school even tried to say I had a behavior disorder so the AS diagnoses saved me from being put in a behavior class.  My mother thinks they were trying to do that because their system they had for me wasn’t working for me so they wanted to just get rid of me and needed a reason for it so they looked for one. The diagnoses of anxiety disorder alone wouldn’t have given me the help I needed to the degree I needed. I am sure diagnosing these kids with anxiety disorders than PDA wouldn’t have given them the same amount of support they need if theirs was only be treated as having just anxiety.

And an interesting thing, I saw in my records from my preschool I attended that I manipulate kids and adults. I didn’t ask what that meant.  Also parents of PDA kids feel the autism and AS diagnoses doesn’t seem to fit and that is what my mom said about mine. I wonder what she would think if I showed her this article?





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