Hints Santa wasn’t real

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

There have always been hints in my childhood that Santa wasn’t real and I didn’t pick up on those hints. They were:

My parents used the same wrapping paper Santa had for our presents

I have found Christmas presents in the attic

I have found presents in our house and then got them from Santa

I want a Little Mermaid Aquarium and instead my best friend Stephanie got it, same thing happened to my brother, he wanted a Sonic doll but his best friend got it instead

I saw my grandfather and my dad making my dollhouse and I got it from Santa when in fact they made it in the garage and my parents brought it back from Montana on top of their mini van

Santa never got us everything we wanted for Christmas

My bullies still got presents

There were Santas at every mall


And I never figured out Santa wasn’t real until in 3rd grade when my best friend Ashia told me he wasn’t real and our parents were the Santas. I felt happy because that explained the mistakes he has made and why we never got everything for Christmas and why he used the same wrapping paper as my parents and why I would get toys from him that were already in my house my parents had away. That also explained why he had magic to go around the country and deliver the presents and why he could be at every mall at once and why each country had their own version of Santa. I also read online that parents will intentionally leave hints for their kids to figure out but mine always made excuses for the hints we saw like Santa needs help so they store the presents for him, Santa is too busy to wrap every present and so are the elves so they need their help too, Santa can’t give you everything you want or he will run out of toys and the other kids wouldn’t get any, Santa did make a mistake giving your friend that present you wanted or he felt your friend deserved it more because he only had one. And my reason for why my parents made the doll house and brought it out to our home is because it would be too big to fit it down the chimney so my parents had to bring it out for him. That was my 6 year old logic there.

But sadly after I figured it out, I got less presents every year so I thought that was because I didn’t believe in him so I was being punished. But it was just a coincidence because the Sears Outlet store had shut down so my mom wasn’t able to find presents at a very good price anymore and that was where she got most of our Santa presents. Plus my mom has said we never got that many presents but it seemed like a lot because I was little so it looked like a lot to me. I did get a lot of presents in 1995 but most of them were from my relatives and my parents, very few were from Santa so I thought at age ten that was my punishment for not believing in him even though my brothers got a little as I did but I thought they were being punished too because of me. So I tried to believe in him again and we didn’t get lot of presents again.




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