A cold night

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

We got hit with an ice storm. It turned into freezing rain and everything was frozen and it said it would warm up to 40 degrees on Friday and it never did so I tried to go to work and none of the light rails were running. The cars were running smoothly on the roads and I realized I didn’t have my phone so I went home to get my phone. But everyone at home talked me out of driving to work and my mom said everything will freeze again and I will be stranded and also what if the power went out, I would be stranded if I took the light rail. She said they wouldn’t be getting me because she isn’t driving in this and neither is my father. So my husband called my boss and told him everything was all a ice cap here and the trains weren’t running and he doesn’t think I will make it to work. So I stayed home and I spent time with my son playing Monopoly with him. Then we had dinner and then we made cookies and then after the cookies were made and I had the dishwasher going, the power went out and this time it didn’t come back on. We were expecting a few minutes but a few minutes turned into a few hours.

We used fake candle lights and real candles and my husband decorated the cookies and gave me one and the kids. Mom told me a story about how the power went out when I was a baby and it was around Thanksgiving and not only that, the furnace also went out so they had a guy look at it and he condemned it because it was leaking carbon dioxide. So they had to get a new furnace and they couldn’t even afford one but they had to get one and put it on a payment plan. They didn’t pay it off until they sold the house so they used that money to pay it off. I wonder if that same furnace is in that house and my mom said it probably was because it was a 30 year warranty. It’s been about that long now.

So we all went to bed early because there was no power and me and the kids bundled under a bunch of blankets and we slept but I woke up around 11 PM because I cannot stay asleep all night. Power stayed out all night long. Our house was real cold but the blankets kept me warm and my husband was so bored because he had nothing to entertain himself with.

Then in the morning the power was still out but everything was melting and all night long I heard ice falling but it turned it it was the branches that broke and fell on the ground because we had broken trees here. I was lucky none fell on my car but it was all covered in ice I couldn’t even get the door open so my dad had to knock the ice off and I got the car started and ran it full blast on heat and charged my son’s 3DS in my car. He ran the battery down at night playing it.

The ice melted very fast because it was above freezing so I saw a bunch of ice falling down and water dripping and my husband and I decided to go out and do something because there was no electricity here. I took my computer with and the 3DS chargers so I could charge them. We didn’t get power back until around noon because I called my dad and he said it’s been on for about twenty minutes so they are still heating the place up. But the ice melted like crazy on my car from the heat because I saw it dripping water and it fell off the car easily when I opened the car doors.

My son thought this was all awesome so I told him it was not because we lost power and he was bored and I can’t even go to work then and it’s not safe to drive in the city when it’s so icy but my husband said “yeah it was because you didn’t go to school.”

Now it’s night again and most of the ice is melted and it’s in the 40’s and it’s raining again but it’s not freezing rain.

So first it was snow we got, then sleet, then freezing rain and then the ice storm and then the power out and everything is back to normal now. Both my son and I got a four day weekend and I finished my shopping for the secret Santa thing. I did my best looking for a gift based on the person’s interests and now I have to wrap them and find a way to ship them and it has to be done before the 16th. Plus I also did another gift exchange thing for the group I was going to but it got cancelled so if there will be no gift exchange next month, I will give the gift to my daughter or give it to toys for tots.



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