In 4th grade

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

When I was in 4th grade, my student teacher gave out an assignment. It was a picture of a jewelry store and it had footprints and a jewel case and the glass was broken. She explained to me I had to write about what I think happened. So I wrote and my mom just told me yesterday my student teacher didn’t give me credit for it and she criticized it because “it wasn’t the assignment.” I told my mother I remember she wrote a comment and I thought it was a compliment. My mom told me she didn’t think it was. I realized I took the teacher literal because she told me to write what I think happened so that is what I did. But she didn’t tell me the rules about it, she didn’t say how many pages it had to be and most kids only wrote about two pages and mine was the longest. I just had too many details and too much to say and I got writer’s cramp for it I couldn’t write anymore and it was due the next day. Also I was parroting because I was only using words the way they were used and copying how other authors write their books. It was still my own story and my own creativity but I was just copying how stories are always written in books. But my mom talked to my 4th grade teacher then and he didn’t read the story and only read about three kid’s assignments and that was it and my mom said she didn’t think I got credit for my work and he said he would pay better attention. So that was something new I had learned about myself. I don’t know what grade I got for it and I am not sure what happened to the story.


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