Abuse enablers due to mental illness

Monday, November 28th, 2016

I was on reddit and I found an interesting thread talking about an article about making BPD out to be empaths who don’t mean to be manipulative and evil because the OP was sick of those articles. I do think it’s great seeing things from a different perspective and knowing what is going on in their minds when they do their behaviors but it doesn’t mean their behavior is okay. It doesn’t mean we all have to sit back and accept their abuse and I know not all of them are that way because there are some out there who do go to therapy and really to work hard to change to be better people and to improve their relationships and I do see people posting online who say they have BPD but they act no different, there are even some on Wrongplanet who have that diagnoses too and they don’t act toxic and I am not going to judge them based on the label. I would rather judge them by their behavior they show and if it’s abusive or if they are rude or just a jerk or if they write about how toxic they are, I won’t like them. I will often hear bad things about them on the Reddit forum because it’s a place for people who have been hurt by them. It’s very similar to what I read about narcissism. Sometimes I will go to the BPD subreddit to see their stories and their perspectives and it also helps defeat the stereotypes of borderlines being all mean and evil and abusers and manipulators because not all of them are that way.

I did find this article which I found infuriating:


This would be a trigger to anyone who has been hurt by them. No one likes to be told to be more understanding and just accept the abuse because “oh they can’t help it.”



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